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  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 05, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Warner Home Video)

- 41 differences, among them 13 with alternate footage
- Length difference: 443.3 sec (= 7:23 min)

In 2011, the all-star cast comedy Horrible Bosses became a huge succes at the box office. Consequently, the sequel was released 3 years later. With Christoph Waltz replacing Colin Farrell, a further star was on board. Quite scary though that, considering the circumstances and the quite entertaining first installment, the result was unfunny, plain vanilla crap. But then again, it was the same with Hangover plus reviewing the movie is not our priority here.

The reason for the following comparison is of course the common course of action: releasing a longer version on Blu-ray and DVD. In this particular case, the Extended Version is more than 7 minutes longer. As often when it comes to R-Rated comedies, the new footage is rather unspectacular. It was either cut for time reasons or it is an alternate take that reveals some minor differences in detail. Who had fun with the Theatrical Version will probably like the Extended Version as well but it is not really worth mentioning.

In the US, the Extended Version was released 02/24/2015 on Blu-ray and DVD.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version / Extended Version
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01:45-01:48 / 01:45-02:05

In the Extended Version, the discussion before the TV interview is longer. Kurt defends the color pink plus Dale is excited.

Dale: "They wear pink!"
Nick: "Calm him down."
Kurt: "A lot of guys wear pink. I have a pink polo shirt that I love."
Nick: "Can we get a roll of paper towels?"
Dale: "Can I get paper towels?!"
Kurt: "Why are you barking at people? He's saying please, you're just barking. Bad manners."
Nick: "Buddy, dry your face."

In the Theatrical Version, the following shot of Nick in profile starts insignificantly earlier instead (no screenshots).

Extended Version 16.4 sec longer

01:51-02:01 / 02:07-02:30

The further course of events during the conversation is slightly alternate / a bit longer in the Extended Version.

In the Theatrical Version, Kurt says: "Calm down! Hey, you're making him more nervous. Look, Dale, it's gonna be real easy, ok? You just gotta talk about you and Stacy having triplets. ..."

In the Extended Version on the other hand, Kurt says: "Stop, this is gonna be easy. You have to calm down. Look, Nick's gonna hit them with facts and figures, because he's the brains, right? You talk about how you and your wife fucked and made three potatoes with arms. You're the heart. Me, I'll do my thing, get in where I fit in."
Nick: "You're the soul?"
Kurt: "No, I'm the dick and balls."
Nick: "Got it."
Kurt: "Why would I wanna be the soul?"
Nick: "Just don't pass out. Just keep breathing."
Kurt: "See? This will be easy."

Extended Version 13 sec longer

02:06-02:09 / 02:35-02:56

The Extended Version contains an alternate take at the end of the scene, then the host approaches.
Aufnahmeleiter: "All right, we're back in 20 seconds."
Unit manager: "Hey, fellas, thanks for coming."
Kurt shakes his hand (he is overdoing it): "Hey, my man. There's trouble."
Nick: "Too much..."
Kurt: "Well, he went with it."
Dale: "Dale Arbus."
Host: "Pleasure to meet you, man. Thanks for coming on. This will be fun."
Kurt: "Does that zip all the way down?"

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot is longer plus the following one starts insignificantly earlier (no screenshots).

Extended Version 18.4 sec longer

03:12-03:13 / 04:00-04:10

The conversation between Kurt and Dale is longer in the Extended Version, the hosts are confused.
Dale: "That's a blessing."
Kurt: "Yeah, well, he has triplets."
Dale: "In all honesty, it's too many. I'm pretty overwhelmed."
Nick: "Well, he's got them on his mind, clearly."

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot is slightly instead (no screenshots).

Extended Version 9.4 sec longer

07:46-07:50 / 08:43-08:51

Slightly longer dialog after the guys met Rex. The Theatrical Version contains a shot of Rex as transition instead.

Dale: "To be clear, we're not racist."
Rex: "Well, that's good. We can use that."

Extended Version 3.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

08:34-08:35 / 09:35-09:38

Rex keeps naming some more "cool shit": "Black fucking samurais?"
The guys shrug.

In the Theatrical Version, the following shot begins a bit earlier (no screenshots).

Extended Version 2.1 sec longer

14:27 / 15:30-15:36

Kurt says to the applicant: "Can you start on Saturday evening?"
Applicant: "Absolutely."
Kurt: "Okay, great, I'll get ahold of you."

6.3 sec

15:27-15:28 / 16:36-16:56

In the Extended Version, the guys are discussing the dress code with their new workers.
Kurt: "All right, let's talk dress code."
He scrunches up the piece of paper, Nick says: "Forget it."
Kurt: "There is no dress code. You can dress however you want. Whatever makes you feel comfortable..."
The huge black guy took off his shirt, Kurt keeps talking: "Well, there goes a shirt. All right. It's a choice."
Dale: "Well... That's the wrong choice, though. Gotta wear a shirt, Ray. That's the one... He's walking away from me. He might have been a bad hire."

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot is slightly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 18.7 sec longer

15:34 / 17:02-17:36

Between the shots of the production, there are scenes of a small work party. The kids of the employed immigrant already make themselves useful.

Nick: "Who's having fun, huh? Hey, guys. Everybody seems very happy. This was a great idea."
Dale: "Yeah, I know. This could be an issue, though."
Shot of the working kids.
Nick: "It is Bring Your Kids to Work Day, not Put Your Kids to Work Day."
Kurt: "They're not working. They consider this playing. I tried to tell them to stop, and they started crying."
Dale: "They have boxed 1200 units already."
Nick: "Unethical... 1200? Well, that's productive, though. And they seem happy."
Dale: "Let them play another ten minutes, maybe."
Kurt: "I say we let them play through lunch."
Nick: "Yeah. Legally I think I'll change the sign."

33.9 sec

19:39-19:43 / 21:40-22:05

Before Nick calms them down, the versions differ: in the Extended Version, Kurt and Dale are upset for a longer period plus they mention crazy murder fantasies.

- "We open up their brains and shove them...
- "Then we fuck the skulls!"
- "I'm getting that taste, Nick."
- "They're fucking dead!"
- "We're fucking doing it again!"
- "That's the Chicago way!"
- "Chicago way! Cut them open. I want his family dead. I want his house burned down, and I'll get a baseball bat."
- "Fuck their skulls!"
- "We'll fucking kill them."

The Theatrical Version contains an alternate shot of them, then Nick distinctly earlier. He is making the stop sign.

Extended Version 20.7 sec longer

20:57 / 23:19-23:27

Kurt and Dale state a few more reasons for their plan.

Dale: "No one has to die."
Kurt: "Nobody gets hurt."
Dale: "He is the kid of Bert."
Kurt: "Right, but he's not super young. So it's not super douchey and shit."
Dale: "It's not all molesty and shit."

8.2 sec

21:36 / 24:06-24:10

More dialog at the end of the shot.

Kurt: "You're in charge of marker distribution."
Dale: "I know I'm the marker guy."

3.2 sec

23:47-23:51 / 26:21-26:24

When Harken comments the guy's chances with a condescending "Jack fucking shit!", a different take has been used. In the Extended Version, he screams more maniacally.

Theatrical Version 1.8 sec longer

Theatrical Version Extended Version

25:52-25:53 / 28:25-28:40

In the Extended Version, Jones talks longer to the guys.
Jones: "You like Pinkberry?"
Dale: "I'm lactose intolerant."
Jones: "You got an African-American belly? Because black people suffer from lactose."
Dale: "Oh, okay, good, well..."
Jones: "We got some kind of kinship."
Dale: "Yeah, cool, man."
Jones: "Stool soft?"
Dale: "It can be."
Jones: "Bottom tender?"
Dale: "Yeah, bottom's fine."

In the Theatrical Version, the shots before and after are insignificantly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 14.6 sec longer

26:29-26:30 / 29:16-29:40

More trash talk in the Extended Version before Jones intervenes.
Dale: "Why are you here if you're not gonna participate?"
Nick: "First of all, if anyone, I'm the smart one. I'm Lily Tomlin. But I won't have this conversation."
Kurt: "Please, I'm Lily Tomlin, if anybody is. Sitting in the big chair, giving David O. Russell shit."
Dale: "Yeah, he's got the 'tude. You're Fonda, man."
Kurt: "You're Jane Fonda."
Nick: "That makes you Dolly Parton."
Dale: "Great. Woman's got her own theme park. She's a national treasure."
Kurt: "Two national treasures."

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot is trivially longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 22.4 sec longer

26:46-26:48 / 29:56-29:59

The Extended Version lets the guys guess a little longer before Jones offers his service.
Dale: "How do you...?"
Kurt: "Voodoo. Voodoo?"

In the Theatrical Version, the shots before and after and slightly longer again (no screenshots).

Extended Version 1.6 sec longer

27:38 / 30:49-30:52

The shot starts earlier, Nick says: "It's not a crazy idea, but it's not worth a Swiss watch."

2.8 sec

34:20-34:22 / 37:34-37:42

Kurt and Nick also make a comment about Dale's name for the therapy group. Julia's subsequent comment about fresh meat is also in the Theatrical Version but the Extended Version contains an alternate take.

Kurt: "For a guy not into code names..."
Dale: "Big swing."
Kurt: "Bold choice. And I love it."
Dale: "Yeah."

Extended Version 5.7 sec longer

Theatrical Version Extended Version

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