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  • R-Rated
  • Uncut German VHS
Release: Aug 02, 2019 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Jan-Michael Vincent, who died in 2019, shot this mixture of a crime thriller and occult horror film in the Philippines a year after the end of his popular TV series Airwolf, which earned him a certain star status. As a sidekick, none other than R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) keeps him company. Vincent, who ruined a bigger career with his alcoholism and at some point disappeared into insignificance, can't really prove in Demonstone that he is capable of showing a special acting range. Oftentimes, his whole behavior seems wooden, so the movie is lucky that Ermey (as a good guy!) and other characters bring in a little more color. The movie, which tries to balance thriller and horror elements, is rather half-baked in both facets, but is able to entertain on average until the end.

This case was a bit complicated to solve, so thanks to our users for the hints. German label UFA's FSK 18-VHS is shortened, but so are the US DVD and US Laserdisc, both of which carry the R rating. They are even slightly more censored than the German VHS. Therefore, we initially assumed that this is a special case and that the German VHS could be something like an unrated version. But as the new German DVD by Mr. Banker Film proves, this is not the case. It contains the complete uncut version of Demonstone.

We compared the cut US-R-Rated DVD (by Platinum) with the uncut German FSK 18 DVD (by Mr. Banker Film).

4 relevant cuts = 5.16 seconds

0:59:36: For Sharon's next attack, the FSK 18 version shows even more. One time, blood splashes into the face in close-up. This is probably from the severing of the forearm, the hand still holds the gun and fires it as well. We see Andy in the car while two of these random shots hit the car.
2.64 sec.

1:09:26: Four frames longer the spear is stuck in the body.
0.16 sec.

1:09:28: The shot of the standing, impaled Prof. Olmeda is also longer in the FSK 18 version.
0.52 sec.

1:21:58: One shot runs one frame longer in German version, the next one starts a few frames earlier.
0.28 sec.

1:21:59: The second henchman opens fire and hits mainly his colleague. who we see in a rear view. Several bullets hit him bloodily. During the shootout, we see the shooting gun barrel, which Sharon stabbed through the unlucky gangster. This gets quite bloody.
1.56 sec.