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New York Ripper, The

original title: Squartatore di New York, Lo


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • German DVD
Release: May 16, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened UK DVD by Shameless (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD by XT Video.

There are 5 differences with a length of 3.5 seconds.

1 cut = 8 seconds.
3 alternate scenes = Cut: +18 sec / Uncut: 13.5 sec = +4.5 seconds.
1 alternate scene without any difference.

Several versions of Lucio Fulci's slasher movie were released in the UK. Though it's always the same scene that got modified, the modifications themselves are different. Sometimes the cut is a bit longer, sometimes shorter. Despite the cuts, the shortened VHS by Vipco has been put on the list of the infamous video nasties. An uncut version hasn't been released so far.
70 Min
The killer holds the razor at the bound woman's stomach and starts slicing her up. The woman screams with pain.
8 sec

70 Min
The killer keeps slicing her up. The UK Version contains alternate more harmless footage.
BBFC 18: +9 sec
Uncut: 5 sec

BBFC 18Uncut

71 Min
Now the killer slices up her breast. The UK contains an alternate shot of the bloody razor in the killer's hand.
BBFC 18: +2 sec
Uncut: 7 sec

BBFC 18Uncut

71 Min
The woman's breats keep getting mutilated. The UK Version contains alternate more harmless footage again.
BBFC 18: +7 sec
Uncut: 1.5 sec

BBFC 18Uncut

71 Min
Now a close-up. The breast and and nipple keep getting sliced up while the UK Version contains alternate footage one more time.
no difference

BBFC 18Uncut