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Uncensored BBFC 18 DVD from


So I Married An Axe Murderer

The War of the Worlds


Evil Dead Rise

To Live and Die in L.A

Deep Red

original title: Profondo Rosso


  • BBFC 18 VHS (Redemption)
  • German DVD
Release: Jun 07, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened UK VHS released by Redemption (BBFC 18) and the uncensored German DVD released by Dragon.

There are 2 missing scenes with an overall runtime of 11 seconds.

In the UK, "Deep Red" was released in a slightly shortened version (both the Redemption VHS and the DVD released by Platinum Media Corparation are censored). The VHS released by Techno Film / Fletcher Video is censored as well and misses out on a few plot scenes. However, the DVD and Blu-Ray released by Arrow Video both are uncensored.
70 min
Two dogs are fighting each other.
4 sec.

76 min
The camera pans down from the man's face. You see a a lizard who was shot by a small arrow twisting and turning on the floor.
7 sec.