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Release: Jan 31, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Last year, when Lionsgate announced a Special Edition of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, right on time with the release date of the remake, the enthusiasm was rather restrained. As soon as the first details were leaked that the for a long time considered to be lost deleted scenes would be on the disk, yet the first ghosts apparated. On inquiry if they could be inserted the answer was always that therefore the quality is to bad. The closer the day of release got, the more exited the following became. Lionsgate exerting themselves for restoration and…it looks good. The hearts of the fans beated faster…can that really happen after nearly 30 years of waiting ?

YEAHHH ! It has happened. A round applause for Lionsgate please! They really managed to fix up, the for the rated R version removed scenes which apparently have fallen down on the floor of the cutting room and seemed to be burried there, that it was possible to insert them into the known movie. And they did it per Seamless Branching Method. The result exceeds all expectations! The loss of quality is insignificant, the branching works without jerking and by the way they also adapted sound and frames digitally. There are more deleted scenes and a comprehensive documentation of the slasher movie genre and the significance of MY BLOODY VALENTINE for it additional available on the special edition. For the collectors and fans a MUST BUY, no question about !

The movie itself is not wrongly considered as classic of the slasher genre. Almost at the same time originated with the grand old man of slashers (FRIDAY 13th), MY BLOODY VALENTINE distinguishes with a history – not only the mere stringing together of much as possible bloody murders, interrupted from stupid couples making it out – but with a credible cast and a solid ratching up of suspense. The clichés are avoided, the characters are not only designed for victims, here and there one can sympathize with the personalities. The grahic effects do the rest to push the movie far upon average. Now it’s a fact that in 1981 the MPAA demanded rough cuts for a rating. Practically all creative murders must eased to receive the important release. Although the normal known theatrical version is still rather tough, but … the again inserted scenes are essential for the gorehounds. For the then circumstances rough bloody and this very day still on the top! Responsible for that was F/X-Guru Tom Burman, who gave his debut in FROGS in 1972. Otherwise rather busy in the thriller and action genre he also enriched HALLOWEEN III and the TALES OF THE CRYPT serial with bloody make-up effects. Today he is almost only busy for the TV sector! Director George Mihalka probably had his greatest success with this movie and the fan wonders why he didn’t continue in this genre furthermore. Screenwriter John Beaird had only scripted two more movies, the also as classic conducted movie HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and the backwood horror TRAPPED. After this, except of some TV work, it came to an end for him. The way I see it, this was also a shame. The actors all made their money on TV and weren’t noticed on screen so far, whereas Neil Affleck interestingly put on screen some episodes of SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY. All in all you can establish, that MY BLOODY VALENTINE was not the expected jump forward for all parties concerned. What a shame, honest!

Just to finalize it: compared was the US unrated special edition from Lionsgate/Paramount with the rated R theatrical version on hand as the german DVD (SPIO/JK) for the purpose of a better comparison. Indeed there are both versions available on the special edition. The cutting times are in PAL format but the cutting details in NTSC running time. The frames were not edited to gain better insight of the quality. However the NTSC frames are naturally not so rich in contrast like the PAL processing!

Open the champagne bottles, let the corks pop: Mission accomplished!
At the first murder the close-up of the thorn pressing against the skin of the chest from inside is already missing.
( 1 sec. )

2:51 Min.
And also the close-up is missing where the thorn pierced through the skin.
( 2 sec. )

12:21 Min.
Alternative frame material: The cut-back, where the last surviving mine worker is found, the scene of the arm is filmed in different ways. While he just holds the separated arm in hands in the theatrical version he nibbles at it in the unrated version. The unrated version thereby runs a little longer.
Unrated: ( 88 SF )
Rated: ( 74 SF )
Total difference: ( 14 SF )
Alternative frame material


12:36 Min.
Also another cut-back and as well alternative frame material. While in both versions the supervisor gets the pickax in his chest, only in the unrated you can see when the killer slides into the open chest of the victim. The previous close-up of the mask is different in both versions. Only in the rated version the mask is blood-spattered and the removal of the heart happens in the Off.
Unrated: ( 117 SF )
Rated: ( 95 SF )
Total difference: ( 22 SF )
Alternative frame material


26:10 Min.
When Mabel is detected, there are much more and much radical shots in the unrated version. A close-up of the scalded face and then the dead body starts turning inside the washing drum. This is interrupted by counter cuts onto the horrified cop who starts choking while watching. In the rated version only one alternative shot onto the cop has left.
Unrated: ( 17 sec. )
Rated: ( 3 sec. )
Total difference: ( 14 sec. )
Alternative frame material


37:32 Min.
The murder of the innkeeper also features some gory details and is as well filmed different in both versions. While there is only a knee-shot in the rated version where it seems as if the innkeeper gets the pickax rammed into his chest, in the rated version there are close-ups of the pickax rammed into the chin and then comes out of the eye with additional counter cuts onto the killer.
Unrated: ( 10 sec. )
Rated: ( 2 sec. )
Reine Differenz: ( 8 Sek. )
Alternative frame material


41:59 Min.
Dave gets drowned in the pot. This murder was also radical shortened. Close-ups of the head in the water and of the guy’s longer death struggle are missing. With all the inserts and one forgotten frame, which even doesn’t belong there, in the rated version there is a total loss of
( 14 sec. )

50:10 Min.
There is an additional close-up of the dead hooked innkeeper.
( 1 sec. )

50:19 Min.
Sophia is pushed along at her head a little longer.
( 4 sec. )

50:24 Min.
This setting ends in the rated version also only with an indication of Sophia skewered on a pipe. As soon as she gets raised the cut begins. On the other hand in the unrated version her head gets pierced from the pipe, blood bubbles out of her mouth and the struggling takes more time. Finally she languishes, blood splatters onto the killers shoes and he yet opens the facet.
( 17 sec. )

51:04 Min.
Johnny detects Sophia. After dumping down the beer cans, there is another shot of his face as well as a close camera move starting from Sophia’s chest up to her face in the unrated version.
( 7 sec. )

64:47 Min.
When Hollister detects the dead bodies of Michael and Harriet, a close-up of Harriet’s bloody face and a counter cut on Hollister is missing in the rated version.
( 5 sec. )

64:53 Min.
After the in both versions included tracking shot away from the dead bodies, the following setting of Hollister is differs in both versions. Also at this point the unrated runs much longer.
Unrated: ( 13 sec. )
Rated: ( 3 sec. )
Total difference: ( 10 sec .)
Alternative frame material


65:19 Min.
The murder of Hollister with the nail gun takes much longer time in the unrated version. After the first shot when the nail gets visible, the rated version stops down. In the unrated version Hollister still slumping down, sits up dizzy sheepishly looking. The nail gun gets reloaded and again a close-up onto Hollister’s face. The start of the scene where the killer hold the nail gun for a second time happens a little later in the rated version.
( 16 sec. )

65:20 Min.
The killer fires off and then there is something missing again: On screen the second shot right in the middle of the forehead, close-up onto Hollister’s head turning back then swinging back up front and enables the view onto the nail.
( 4 sec. )

65:22 Min.
The glare close-up is again equal in both versions but the following shot of Hollister’s bloody face starts a little later when this cannot longer be clearly recognized!
( 3 sec. )

72:58 Min.
Only in the unrated version there is an ultra short close-up in which one can see how the Howard’s head is cutting off by a rope when Howard is falling down.
( 12 SF )

73:13 Min.
Also available in the unrated version only is the head dangling at the rope when the group is stepping down the ladder.
( 2 sec. )

76:58 Min.
When Patty gets the pickax rammed into her chest it was filmed in different ways. The setting of the strike is the same in both versions, but the following shot has been edited. In the rated version there is a close-up of Patty’s face, however there is a knee-shot of the pickax in the body in the unrated version.
Unrated: ( 36 SF )
Rated: (22 SF )
Total difference: ( 14 SF )
Alternative frame material


77:00 Min.
After the close-up of Sarah further settings of Patty’s death struggle with inserts are missing.
( 20 sec. )

81:49 Min.
The cut-back at the end: Again the removal of the heart is missing plus the shot of the child’s face gets blood spattered.
( 2,5 sec. )

83:35 Min.
The end of the movie runs much longer, is tougher – a fine thing. In the rated version the cut starts at the end of the shot where Sarah is kneeling down at the men. Only available in the unrated version: She is looking at the arm, starts crying asking “Axel…WHY ?” and then tries to stroke it. He grips at her then cut onto the inside of the boulders where Axel has just finished sawing his arm. Again Sarah who is trying to free herself then a shot of Axel with his arm cut. Sarah is pulling in panic and holds the sawn off arm in her hand. After she let drop it down, the rated version starts again.
( 34 sec. )