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  • Unrated
  • Workprint
Release: May 10, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the R-rated version (Paramount Blu-ray) and the workprint version.

Jason returns to Crystal Lake but is already expected there by an FBI task force who blast his body into several pieces. When a coroner examines the bloody remains of Jason, his heart develops a sinister attraction on him. Deprived of his senses, the coroner eats the heart of Jason, who now takes possession of his body. Bounty hunter Creighton Duke suspects that Jason is still alive and knows that he can only be reborn or killed by a direct relative. The waitress Diana Kimble, her daughter Jessica or her little baby come into question here. Duke makes his way to Diana, however Jason is ahead of him.

For the ninth part of the franchise, Sean S. Cunningham revived the Friday the 13th series again. He directed the first part but was no longer involved in the sequels. Jason doesn't kill anymore through hordes of more or less stupid teenagers, but changes bodies several times to be reborn by a blood relative, similar to The Hiddenmovie, until finally the title promise comes true and he goes to hell. Due to the self-ironic staging, the bloody SFX scenes and various references, be it to the Evil Dead or Nightmare on Elm Street series, various content-related inconsistencies are not tragically significant.
In an interview with director Adam Marcus, he revealed some facts about the Evil Dead reference. Thus, Pamela Voorhees is said to have brought her dead son Jason back to life with the Necronomicon through a pact with evil, which explains its fast aging and constant return. Freddy's glove at the end alludes to a crossover between Freddy and Jason that has been planned for a long time but wasn't realized until 2003.

The workprint is an early edited version of the film that resembles the unrated version over large parts but contains some exclusive scenes. Some of the interesting additions are:
  • More dialogue between Campbell and Duke. This is a different scene from the TV version.

  • In the workprint, Diana calls the sheriff and not her daughter Jessica, while Josh approaches from behind.

  • Randy cuffs Steven. This scene was also included in the TV version.

  • Jessica introduces her new friend Campbell to the Sheriff. The Sheriff hears on the phone that there is trouble.

  • The sheriff approches Duke as he is taken to his cell. He wants to know what happened to Diana's body.

  • Vicki looks after the baby at home. Her boyfriend comes along. This scene was also in the TV version.

  • Vicki's boyfriend is killed by Josh.

  • Vicki notices the note at the diner that it is closed due to a bereavement. Steven tries to steal her car but runs to the diner when he realizes it's locked.

  • There's more dialogue between Ward and Steven as he is supporting him in his escape.

  • When Campbell calls, he talks about Jessica's family and doesn't mention that he stole Diana's body.

  • Steven and Jessica talk longer in the car. Jessica made Steven believe that she had a miscarriage.

  • The workprint shows a different shot of Diana's corpse without the box in the background. Thus the reference to "The Crate" from Creepshow is missing. Then a big creature appears, which Duke pushes into the basement. In the unrated version there is only the small creature to be seen.

  • Steven tries to get to safety from Jason.

  • Steven pushes the dagger into Jason. The dagger is mainly dragged into the ground by a big hand, while in the unrated version there are mainly small hands.

In the workprint the complete scene with the teenage campers murdered by the coroner at Crystal Lake is missing. This is interesting because apparently the scene was shot afterwards in order to have at least one episode in the movie in which a group of teenagers is murdered by Jason. The scene is irrelevant for the plot.

Diana's on the phone with the sheriff in the workprint. It becomes clear that this scene was changed for the unrated version, so that she now calls Jessica. Probably the figure of Jessica should have been introduced earlier.

When Steven and Duke talk in the cell, the unrated explicitly points out that Jessica is the key to killing Jason. In the workprint Duke only says that Steven should go to the Voorhee's house because he will find the answers to his questions there. Jessica's role was made clear once again in the unrated version.

Only in the unrated version Campbell admit he stole Diana's body. In the workprint it is unclear how her body got there.

In the final there are some differences between the workprint and the theatrical version. In the unrated version, Jason is killed by Jessica's final stab with the dagger, in the workprint it is Steven who stabs him. It seems that Jessica's scene have been re-recorded. As an alleged key figure, as Duke emphasizes several times, it probably didn't fit well when Steven gives Jason the final deathblow.

All digital effects are missing in the workprint, be it the flashes of light as Jason penetrates the body of the coroner or as Jessica takes the dagger in her hand. Furthermore, various light effects are missing in the finale of the film. This is illustrated by the following three comparative screenshots:

Image comparison:




Workprint version: 82:56 min. (WP)
Unrated version: 90:42 min. (UR)
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The workprint is missing two credit fade-ins and afterwards a shot of the lake.

UR: 16 sec.


The workprint cuts towards Jason after the lights come on.

In the unrated version you can see an alternative shot of Jason.

WP: 2 sec.
UR: 1 sec.


The movie title is missing in the workprint.

UR: 18 sec.


The credits are missing.

UR: 22 sec.


The workprint shows a shot in which the coroner takes something out of the refrigerator.

The unrated version continues with the opening credits.

WP: 14 sec.
UR: 13 sec.


The workprint version has a longer black screen. The unrated continues with the opening credits.

WP: 4 sec.
KF: 13 sec.


In the workprint version the scene follows in which Jason is declared dead by the coroner.

The unrated version shows the opening credits again.

WP: 25 sec.
UR: 16 sec.


The unrated version again shows the opening credits, in between the scene in which Jason is declared dead.

UR: 44 sec.


Again the unrated version shows a part of the opening credits.

UR: 8 sec.


In the workprint version you can see the coroner a bit longer before the flashes of light hit him.

Instead, the next shot in the unnrated version starts a bit earlier.

WP:2 sec.
KF: 1 sec.


Phil can be seen in the workprint version a bit earlier as he leaves the room.

WP: 1 sec.


In the WP you can see the two security men earlier.

In the unrated version instead a longer shot of Phil.

WP: 0.5 sec.
UR: 1 sec.


In the workprint version, the scene with Duke starts a bit earlier.

UR: 1 sec.


Campbell asks Duke how many mercenaries he's trained. Duke told him that he had to kill him after he told him that. Next he asks when he last accepted a job. Duke tells him that this happened three years ago and no one has dared to hire him since.

WP: 21 sec.


Duke mentions that you can't kill him by destroying his body and he will return like he did several times before.

In the unrated version you see Duke a bit earlier than he says "What you think of Jason is..." instead.

WP: 12 sec.
UR: 3 sec.


The workprint version shows an exterior view of the diner.

The Unrated instead shows Diana watching Campbell's show.

WP: 4 sec.
UR: 8 sec.


In the workprint version Duke says "I need to talk to you." Diana answers him with "Well, I'm very busy right now."

WP: 3 sec.


Diana's a lbit earlier to be seen before she says Jason's dead.

WP: 2 sec.


In the workprint version the complete scene in which Steven takes three hitchhikers and lets them out at Camp Crystal Lake because they want to camp there is missing. The coroner kills the girl and then impales the other girl who is having sex with her boyfriend.

Then you can see an exterior shot of the diner.

UR: 9:34 min.


In the workprint version you see Diana a bit longer as she walks back to the diner.

The unrated version shows a camera cut towards the coroner who is watching her.

WP: 2 sec.
UR: 3 sec.


Before Josh get into the car, the unrated version shows another camera cut towards the coroner.

UR: 1 sec.


When Diana is on the phone, the workprint version is arranged differently. Diana ignites the fire. She calls the sheriff, who tells her on the phone that he loves her, while Josh approaches from behind.

In the unrated version Diana runs into the apartment when the phone rings. Jessica is on the phone and tells her that she has a new boyfriend and that they are coming to visit on the weekend. Outside Josh approaches while Diana ignites the chimney. She continues to talk on the phone to Jessica, who inquires about Steven.

WP: 24 sec.
UR: 1:05 min.


Th unrated version cuts short on Jessica, who is surprised that Diana has hung up so suddenly.

UR: 2 sec.


In the unrated version you can see Jessica trying to reach the Sheriff.

UR: 9 sec.


The workprint version shows the dying Diana for longer. She calls Stevens name. The sheriff enters the house.

The unrated version subdivides the scene somewhat. Cut towards the Sheriff, then Diana dies, finally again a cut towards the Sheriff.

WP: 18 sec.
UR: 5 sec.


Before Steven is led out of the room by Randy, the workprint version shows an additional scene in which Randy handcuffs him.

WP: 13 sec.


Robert, Jessica and Vicki walk down the aisle for a bit longer. Robert takes the baby off Jessica's hands.

In a new scene, Jessica is hugged by the Sheriff. Jessica introduces him to her new boyfriend.

A policewoman calls the sheriff and tells him there's a problem. She puts the phone in his hand.

After that, you can see Randy unlocking the barred door a bit earlier.

WP: 48 sec.


The workprint has a new scene in which Duke is led into the cell by a policeman. The sheriff stops him and wants to know where Diana's body is. Duke thinks he wants to know that too. The policeman says that the body disappeared from the morgue and they picked up Duke there. Duke accuses the policemen of having caught the wrong one. The sheriff pushes him against the wall. Duke says that they will be faced with something bad if the event he fears will happen. The sheriff insists on finding Diana's body while Duke is taken away.

WP: 41 sec.
UR: 7 sec.


In the unrated version Steven is to be seen a bit earlier.

UR: 2 sec.
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