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The House That Screamed

original title: La Residencia


  • US theatrical version
  • Uncut export version
Release: Apr 20, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
The US theatrical version was compared with the uncut export version (both avaible on the Blu-ray by Arrow Video).
In 19th century France, Teresa arrives at the strict boarding school for girls run by Mrs. Fourneau, who keeps a tight rein on her students and sometimes uses violence. Teresa quickly makes friends and learns that several of the girls have disappeared recently. Teresa falls in love with Fourneau's son Luis, who secretly watches the girls. Soon Teresa learns that the boarding school is hiding a terrible secret....
The House That Screamed (original title: La residencia) is a fabulous psychological thriller that congenially mixes different elements. The setting of the girls' institute, with its sometimes worn interior and antiquated furnishings, is reminiscent of gothic horror. This is mixed with a boarding school drama with sexual undertones that turns into a murder mystery with Giallo borrowings. In this oppressive environment, the students are defenselessly at the mercy of Fourneau, who uses Irene, a student devoted to her, to consolidate her power. Fourneau has a strange relationship with her son, who is forced to live in the boarding school due to an illness. Through the character of Teresa, the viewer learns about the workings of the boarding school and also the multi-layered abysses, be it voyeurism, sadism or sexual exploitation. The film offers some clever and unexpected twists and is incredibly beautifully filmed. Director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador shot Who Can Kill a Child? seven years later, which is also well worth seeing.

Two versions on UK Blu-ray of Arrow.

There are different versions of The House That Screamed. The three main ones are the Spanish version, the export version and the US version. On the UK Blu-ray of Arrow, in addition to the US version, there is now also (apparently) for the first time the complete export version. All previous releases (German Blu-ray by Colosseo Film or the US Blu-ray by Shout! Factory) were a kind of hybrid version, based on the US version and adding most of the missing scenes from the Spanish version.
The Spanish version is based on the export version in principle but has been cut in some scenes of nudity and has a handful of alternate takes. The alternate footage from the Spanish version can be found in the bonus material on the Arrow Blu-ray. Without question, the Arrow Blu-ray currently represents the best release of the film.
Running Times:
US version: 95:24 min.
Export version: 105:10 min.

The US starts with the American International logo.

The original version shows at the beginning how the carriage arrives in Reposete. Pedro Baldié gets out with Teresa. He tells the coachman to unload the luggage. Pedro says goodbye to a fellow passenger. The following shot starts earlier.

US: 11 sec
EX: 59 sec


In both versions, the opening credits are in English, yet the inserts differ. The US version has the title "The House that Screamed", while the original version has "The Finishing School (La Residencia)".

No runtime difference


The coachman tells the man at the gate that he has a new girl with him for school. The man begins to open the lock.

EX: 7 sec


Fourneau continues to guide Pedro and Teresa through the greenhouse. She explains that her students were to become specialists in the field of horticulture and one of her students became an authority in the field. Many of her publications are on display in the library. Fourneau hears a noise and looks around. She sees a broken flower pot lying on the floor and someone sneaking away. She explains to Pedro and Teresa that the wind probably knocked over a flowerpot. The three continue their walk.

EX: 44 sec


As Fourneau leaves the kitchen with Pedro and Teresa, she explains that the students are between 15 and 21 years old. She is sure that Teresa will find new friends among the students.

EX: 10 sec


Pedro tells Fourneau that Teresa's mother is named Violet and is a good friend of his.

EX: 6 sec


Pedro is seen earlier in the export version. He explains to Fourneau that his friend Morrow recommended the boarding school to him.

EX: 5 sec


As the girls run upstairs, the export version shows another shot in which Fourneau is seen at the end.

EX: 8 sec


You can see Cathrine being pushed onto the bed by her fellow students. Her shirt is ripped open to expose her back.

EX: 6 sec


The camera moves along the praying girls.

Fourneau watches as Cathrine is whipped.

EX: 19 sec


It is seen earlier how Cathrine is whipped by Irene.

EX: 4 sec


Fourneau locks the door, then walks down the hall.

EX: 7 sec


After Susanne explains the process about the meeting with Henry, she goes on to say that all the women who ran away wanted to meet their friends again. The only one who doesn't mind being here is Isabelle. Teresa asks who this is. Susanne describes it to her and shows where she sleeps before explaining that Isabelle is in love with Fourneau's son who lives on the second floor. Susanne thinks he's stupid and that he's also a peeping tom that they're always being watched by. Isabelle, on the other hand, finds him very intelligent. Teresa asks if the two are dating. Isabelle confirms this.

EX: 37 sec


In the greenhouse, Isabelle is stabbed several more times before the killer drops her to the ground.

EX: 11 sec


Lucie comes into the bathroom and opens a shower, but no water comes. She runs to the window to tell Brechard to turn on the water. Brechard opens a valve. Lucie checks the water temperature and turns the shower off again.

EX: 55 sec


The girls are seen earlier getting their towels from the next room.

EX: 4 sec


Brechard can be seen earlier. He is standing by the steam boiler before walking to the lantern.

EX: 4 sec


Luis crawls back down the aisle. Then there is a cut to Fourneau walking past the showering girls.

Luis crawls on and knocks against a metal flap. Fourneau watches the girls shower. Luis crawls back again. Finally, Fourneau is seen earlier.

EX: 50 sec


Luis taps his feet against the metal grille. Then you see Fourneau earlier as she walks past the girls.

EX: 7 sec


After Fourneau has looked up, we zoom in on the ventilation. Luis kicks the grille with his feet, then Fourneau is seen again.

EX: 14 sec


Brechard opens the lock and the gate so that Henry can drive in with his wagon. He closes the gate again and joins Henry on the wagon.

EX: 37 sec


Fourneau and the girls leave the sewing room.

EX: 11 sec


Irene goes on to tell Teresa that she can certainly remember songs from her mother.

EX: 4 sec


Teresa is seen earlier when she is forced by Irene to sing the song.

EX: 3 sec


Irene urges Teresa to smile even more. Teresa and the other two girls are shown.

EX: 15 sec


After Luis turns off the light, you can see him running out of the room.

EX: 2 sec


After the freeze frame, we see Teresa's throat being cut. She falls to the ground.

Irene stands by the tree and walks in the rain back to the front door of the boarding school. The door is locked, so she walks around the building.

EX: 41 sec


After Irene announces that it is best to escape today, the girls are seen having sewing lessons. Fourneau checks the work. When she comes to Irene, she gives her a nasty look and Fourneau moves on.

Desprez rings the bell for the girls to gather for dinner together. Fourneau says an evening prayer and the soup is passed around. Irene looks at Teresa's empty seat.

Together with Desprez, the girls pray before going to bed. Desprez turns out the light. In the next shot, she can be seen earlier.

EX: 1:57 min


Irene can be seen earlier before she runs down the steps.

EX: 3 sec


The staircase is seen, then another cut to Fourneau looking up.

EX: 3 sec


The credits differ in the two versions. In the US, the names have been adapted, and the American International logo can be seen after the credits. In both versions, the music continues to play over black screen.

No time difference (2:22 min each)