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Dracula A.D. 1972


  • US TV Version
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 09, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Dracula chasing mini-girls

In 1872, Count Dracula and Lawrence Van Helsing engage in a fierce battle in Hyde Park in the course of which Dracula is defeated and reduced to ashes. These ashes are collected by a mysterious stranger together with Dracula's ring. 100 years later, Johnny Alucard suggests to his bored friends to celebrate a black mass in an abandoned church. But what Johnny is really after is the resurrection of Dracula. The ritual succeeds and by mixing the ashes of Dracula with his blood, he comes back to life. Dracula wants to avenge his defeat on the descendants of Van Helsing. This concerns Professor Lorrimer Van Helsing and his granddaughter Jess.

After the commercial failure of Scars of Dracula, the Hammer Studios tried to modernize the Dracula series with Dracula A.D. 1972. Although the plot was moved to London in 1972, the film follows a rather well-trodden path, as once again the Count duels with his arch-enemy Van Helsing and his descendants. Christopher Lee as Dracula is only a minor character in the film, but the unsympathetic Johnny Alucard becomes the center of attention.

Cut in the 80's on US TV

On April 25, 1981 the film was shown on CBS as The CBS Late Movie in a shortened version. Curse words were removed, as were some sex and violence scenes. The one or other longer action scene was also removed. Unlike e.g. Frankenstein's Monster, the US TV version does not contain any new or alternative scenes. The broadcast was at least in full screen open matte.

In the imdb, you can read that the film was announced on CBS on August 28, 1981 under the title Dracula Today. However, the announcement and broadcast of 25.04.1981 ran under the original title.

Amusing are the numerous commercials with which the film was packed into a two hour slot.

Picture comparison:



The US TV broadcast of April 25, 1981 on CBS was compared to the US DVD by Warner.


The party guest bends down to look under the tablecloth. There he sees a couple that is making love.

DVD: 9 sec.


The woman under the table bites at an apple. Afterwards, the party guest gets a glass of water poured into his face when he says to the hostess that she reminds him of his father.

DVD: 5 sec.


Another cut on the couple under the table is missing.

DVD: 3 sec.


In the TV version, the arrival of the police, who only find the couple under the table, is missing.

Afterwards you can see the young people walking into a bar.

The scene in the bar starts a little earlier. The group thinks about what could happen.

DVD: 1:03 min.


Shortened because of an advertising break.

Van Helsing can be seen for a longer time, followed by an outdoor shot of the house.

DVD: 5 sec.


Shortened because of an advertising break.

Laura can be seen longer with the chalice on the altar.

DVD: 2 sec.


There is no shot of Johnny as his blood drips into the goblet.

DVD: 2 sec.


Johnny can be seen for a longer time, then another shot in which the blood drips into the goblet. Cut on the grave, then again on the goblet.

DVD: 12 sec.


A further cut is made on the blood in the goblet.

DVD: 4 sec.


The complete goblet with blood and ashes is poured on Laura.

DVD: 3 sec.


The bloodied Laura can be seen before she turns to the side.

DVD: 3 sec.


After an advertising break, a cut is missing on the dead Laura, who was discovered by two children.

In the bar, the boys set off for a drink. Johnny apologizes once again to Jess. Johnny wants to invite her to a jazz festival, but Jess refuses, because she already goes to the movies with her boyfriend. Instead of her, he now takes Angel with him.

DVD: 1:15 min.


Murray gets a call, but says he has to take care of something else. He tells the sergeant that he wants to visit Van Helsing. The scene was probably shortened because of the word "bastard".

DVD: 26 sec.


Shortened because of an advertising break.

Johnny is visible longer, after that Jess earlier.

DVD: 5 sec.


There is a complete scene missing after the policemen left.

The sergeant says he is hungry, but Murray says there is no time for that. He wants to question the other teenagers.

DVD: 30 sec.


Cut after an advertising break.

Jess is overwhelmed by Paul. Johnny holds him back and says that she is not meant for them.

DVD: 18 sec.


Van Helsing wants to know where Jess is. Johnny just answers with "Bastard!".

DVD: 6 sec.


Following the commercial break, the sergeant goes into the bathroom to turn off the water. The dead Johnny can be seen.

DVD: 11 sec.


Dracula tries to pull the dagger from his body. Jess runs to him.

DVD: 13 sec.


Van Helsing continues to push Dracula onto the poles with his shovel.

DVD: 2 sec.


Blood spurts from one of Dracula's wounds.

DVD: 2 sec.