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  • Original Version
  • 2012 Restored Uncut Version
Release: May 26, 2013 - Author: Magiccop - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the restored version from 2007 and the restored version from 2012.

There's no need for many words about one of the greatest classics of British horror cinema. So let's immediately go on with some details about the versions:

The BBFC demanded some cuts for the theatrical release of the movie in 1958. This version, known as "Horror of Dracula" in the USA, was for many centuries thought to be the longest version and was restored in 2007. So it was a real surprise when in September 2011 some old film reels containing unknown scenes were found in Tokyo. They didn't include the whole movie (just the last 36 minutes), nevertheless the buzz among the fans was huge and they naturally wanted to see these scenes.
And the impossible happened at the beginning of 2013, when Lions Gate and the British Hammer Films announced the release of a new longer version of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray. Although the picture quality of the new scenes is a little bit worse than the rest and the movie's also only a few seconds longer, it is nevertheless the ultimate version for fans of this classic. It's unclear if further scenes were cut back then, because they couldn't recover all of the reels, as already mentioned.
00:00The 2007 version includes the UNIVERSAL logo, which is missing in the 2012 version.
12 sec.

66:29 The scene in which Dracula's seducing Mina differs in the two versions. It's a little bit shorter in the old version, while the new version shows him laying her down onto the bed and getting closer to her neck with his fangs.
Old version = 9 sec.
New version = 16 sec.

Old Version

New Version

76:13 The scene of Dracula's leg being burned by the sunlight is longer in the new version.
3.5 sec.

76:37 The scene in which Dracula's sleeve slides back and unveils his burned hand/arm is also longer. Moreover, there's missing the beginning of the following shot of Van Helsing walking towards Dracula.
1.5 sec.

76:46 Dracula rips off the skin of his face; Van Helsing looks disgusted.
4 sec.

78:21 After the end credits, the Universal logo is displayed again in the old version. The new version has two references to the restoration instead.
Old version = 9 sec.
New version = 13 sec.

Old version

New version