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Paranormal Activity 3


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 15, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Paranormal Activity 3 is a so-called "Found Footage" horror movie from 2001 and is a prequel. The story takes place 18 years before the scary events of the first two movies.

1988, young Katie lives with little sister Kristi, her mom Julie and her boyfriend Dennis in a new house. Soon after they moved in, Kristi starts talking to her invisible friend Toby.

Dennis could Julie talk into making a sex video but they're gona be surprised by an earthquake. While searching the kids, the camera keeps rolling. Dust falls off the ceiling and ends up on an invisible character. The dust doesn't hit the ground until the character moves.

When Dennis watches the video footage the next day, he registers the incident and shows the footage to Randy. He advises Dennis to install video cameras in the entire house. If they were lucky, they could tape the mysterious 'visiter' again. From now on, the number of supernatural events increases.

Paramount released the Theatrical Version on DVD and the Unrated Director's Cut exclusively on Blu-ray. Although it contains approx 10 minutes of new footage, the Director's Cut doesn't containy anything really new. A bit creepiness here and a new shock effect there doesn't make the movie better at all. Lots of things, especially the style, is already known from the prequels.

Compared are the US-DVD (R-Rated) and the US Blu-ray (Unrated).

Running time:
R-Rated Theatrical Version: 78:39 min. NTSC (plus end credits)
Unrated Director's Cut: 88:29 min. NTSC (plus end credits)

Difference: 6 scenes with a total length of 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

- 5 additional scenes: 9 minutes and 32 seconds
- 1 extended scene: 18 seconds
Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Dennis is waiting for his friend Randy, who's supposed to help him move in, in the garage. Randy is late again. So Dennis decides to play a prank on him with a little from his new girlfriend's daughters.

2 min and 2 sec

Dennis: "My assistant Randy is currently 43 minutes late. And this isn't the first time, he's always late. So today we're gonna play a little prank and see if we can teach him a lesson."

Dennis: "Come on around the front door."
Randy: "Come on, just open the garage."
Dennis: "Randy, I need your help, man. Come around the front door."
Randy: "Okay, okay."
Randy: "Hey."
Dennis: "Hey, man. Where were you? What happened?"
Randy: "Sorry I'm late. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry."
Dennis: "Hey."
Randy: "I got blocked in. I'm really sorry."
Dennis: "That's all right, man. I had a leak in the house. I was hoping you'd get here sooner. I had a leak in the ceiling here."
Randy: "Really?"
Dennis: "Yeah. Here, push this up here."
Randy: "It didn't rain last night."
Dennis: "Hold this for a second. I need your help. It's been going like crazy. And I don't know what to do, so I got that pole there"
Randy: "Why is it white?"
Dennis: "What?"
Randy: "Why is it white?"
Dennis: "I don't know. I think it's maybe something with the paint of this. Anyway, I gotta get some spackle. I'll be back."
Randy: "Wait, you just want me to..."
Dennis: "Hold on."
Randy: "You want me to wait and hold it?"
Dennis: "Thanks, Randy."
Randy: "Wait, Dennis. I'm just supposed to wait here? Dennis. Hey."
Dennis: "Okay, girls, that's far enough."
Randy: "Hey. No. Why dont't you come on in and hand me that ladder?"
Kristi: "No."
Randy: "Are you serious?"
Kristi: "I'm serious."
Randy: "You know you don't have to listen to him. He's not even your real dad."
Dennis: "Who wants to go jump on the trampoline?"
Katie : "I do!"
Randy: "Oh, come on."
Katie : "I have a new trick to show you."
Dennis : "Okay."
Randy: "Guys, come on."
Katie: "Hurry, hurry, hurry."
Dennis: "Ready for a surprise?"
Randy: "It better be a ladder."
Dennis: "We were playing outside. What did we find, guys?"
Katie: "A spider."
Randy: "Dennnis."
Dennis: "We've got a cute little spider."
Randy: "Dennis! Come on man."
Dennis: "Okay. Yeah?"
Katie und Kristi im Chor: "Do it, do it, do it, do it!"
Dennis: "All right. RUN!"
Katie: "It wasn't even a spider."
Randy: "That really hurt. That really hurt."

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Dennis and Randy are watching the wedding videos. Dennis notices a tipsy woman talking straight to the camera. They make fun of her.

30 sec

Frau : "No, no, no. Seriously, like..."
Dennis: "Randy?"
Randy: "Yeah."
Dennis: "Where did you find this girl?"
Randy: "I don't know. I didn't see her at all throughout any of the wedding..."
That's because I'm so happy...: ""
Dennis: "So happy for you. I love my job man."
Randy: "I should've got her number."
Dennis: "Probably could've. Randy, this is great suff. I can't use any of this, but it's great."

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
The Theatrical Version lacks the entire night #7.
There's complete and utter silence in the house. Suddenly a noise that wakes Dennis up. He gets up and starts looking around, the camera is with him. Everathing seems normal. After looking out the kitchen window, he turns away. But when he hears the noise of the blinds, he's startled and turns back. He ckecks the blinds. Everything seems normal.

2 min and 25 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Katie and Kristi, Julie's daughters, are playing inside the house. To do so, they have to reposition one of the video cameras.

1 min and 36 sec

Katie : "Hey, Kristy. Kristi!"
Kristi : "Yeah?"
Katie : "Wanna play a game?"
Kristi : "Sure"
Katie : "Here. What are you doing?"
Kristi : "Playing with my soccer ball?"
Katie : "Yeah. Kristi, that's mine. Kristi! Kristi, come on. Kristi, come help me."
Kristi : "What are we doing?"
Katie : "We're gonna play Bloody Mary."
Kristi : "Why?"
Katie : "Because I wanna try to catch the ghost. Okay. I think it's on. So, how you play is you say 'Bloody Mary' three times into the mirror and then her dead body's supposed to appear in the mirror and try to kill you."
Kristi : "Stop! Stop! Stop Katie. So, now what do we do?"
Katie : "We have to say 'Bloody Mary'."
Katie und Kristi singen im Chor: "Blood Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary."
Katie : "Kristi, I said three times, not four."
Kristi : "Sorry. I'm scared, Katie."
Katie : "We have to be quiet."
Julie: "Guys..."
Katie: "My gosh, Mom! You scared me."
Julie: "What are you doing?"
Katie: "Nothing. We're just playing a game."
Julie: "Okay. Grandma just got here. Go say hi. You moved his camera?"
Katie: "Yeah."
Julie: "Is it taping?"
Katie: "I'll pick it up, I promise."
Julie: "Yeah. We gotta move it before he comes home 'cause he's gonna be mad. You guys wanna go to the pool?"
Katie: "Yeah."
Julie: "You wanna go to the pool, Grandma?"

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
After Katie and Kristi left the room because they were done playing, the camera keeps rolling. It's directed at the teddy bear. In the background, the storeroom door closes by itself.

18 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Night #12 has also been removed from the R-Rated Theatrical Version.
Several shots show the bedroom, living room and, kitchen and the children's room. Kristi's bed is empty. A pan shot shows Kristi standing countertop in the kitchen. Back in the bedroom, she balances on the banister while whispering something to her imaginary friend Toby. Subsequently, she jumps from the second to first floow. Katie, who got woken up by that, confronts her.

2 min and 59 sec

Kristi: "It's so high. Promise? Okay."
Katie : "Kristi? What are you doing?"
Kristi: "Nothing."
Katie : "Why are you up?"
Kristi: "Hmmm?"
Katie : "Why are you up?"
Kristi: "Nothing."
Katie : "Kristi, go to bed. It's late."