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Mondo cane 2

original title: Mondo cane n. 2


  • US-DVD
  • Uncut Version
Release: Mar 04, 2019 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: hardcore1982 - external link: IMDB
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61 minutes
Some african children, who had been victims of slave traders and forced to beg for money, are sitting in a room. To incur a greater amount of pity, and to be more successful in begging, the slave traders misshaped the kids legs with torture devices. The culprits are brought into the same room and locked in a cell. In the subsequent scene the mutilated limbs of the kids get examined and the torture devices are re-attached to the crippled legs. The kids have to drag themselfes across the floor in sight of the locked up slave traders in order to show them the harm they have brought to these children.
3 minutes 34 seconds

71 minutes
Fanatic religious preachers have grouped in London's Hyde Park to spread their message. Several people have gathered around to listen to the preachers.
193 seconds

83 minutes
Longer runtime, a horde of men tearing off a woman's the clothes.
30 seconds

87 Min
Men and women have a try at acting, presenting text to a audience while cameras are rolling. They look amateurish and some of them seem anxious, due to that the director has to intervene and give stage direction constantly.
236 seconds

98 minutes
Following the applauding audience of the concluded face-slap concert the poor participating men are shown. Some of these men who had provided their cheeks can be seen with bloody noses starting to cry.
43 Sec

US-DVD: 74 minutes
Several earlier cut out scenes were re-attached at the end in the US-Version. This includes the following scenes: The violent confrontation between protestants and soldiers in Saigon, a monk set himself on fire out of protest, flamingos dying in the wast water lake, cage bird fight, fish fight, man wrestles shark, indigenous people dismember and eat crocodile, a kaiser-carp is captured as well as the introduction of the only boy of the declining tribe.
+13 minutes
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