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The Legend 2 (aka Fong Sai Yuk II)

original title: Fang Shi Yu xu ji


  • Original Version
  • Taiwanese Extended Version
Release: Aug 10, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the uncut theatrical version (represented by the Hong Kong DVD from Universe) and the extended version on the Taiwanese DVD from Best Friend Films Limited.

Minor insignificant deviations under 1 second are not listed in the edit summary for clarity.

Similar to Last Hero in China, there is also a roughly 2.5-minute longer version available on a rare DVD from Taiwan for this second appearance of Jet Li as the folk hero Fong Sai-Yuk. While the differences in Last Hero in China were unremarkable but at least deepened the plot somewhat, here one encounters quite a disappointment.

Almost every discrepancy arises (much like in Hard Boiled) solely due to numerous utterly inconsequential frame variations, which would otherwise be classified as template errors in older films. If one were to be extremely precise, it would definitely reach the triple-digit range. However, even with the generous minimum length of 1 second, there are nearly 50 such instances documented here. For this reason, precise information about editing duration/quantity has been omitted. What remains clear, though, is that there is virtually NOTHING spectacular to discover.

Indeed, at least 3 scenes offer some alternative footage, and a few additional seconds. However, they are still absolutely insignificant in terms of content. Equally nonsensical are a few action/violence differences. When there is more visible in Taiwan, it certainly wasn't removed from the theatrical version due to censorship reasons; if anything, the extended version is suspicious in this regard. Moreover, it's worth noting that the scene featuring Mi's lover's naked bottom has been completely removed from this version. Incidentally, this scene was also a victim of censorship in the US version, as seen in the corresponding report.

In summary: Be content with the theatrical version; in this case, it's definitely not worth hunting down the DVD from Taiwan.

Running times are arranged according to the schema
Hong Kong DVD in NTSC / Taiwanese DVD in NTSC

Logos / Credits
00:00-01:23 / 00:00-01:01

Additional logo on the HK DVD, followed by different credits: Only in Taiwan, on a white background and without English translation.

Theatrical version 21.9 sec longer

Theatrical versionExtended version

02:04 / 01:42-01:43

An earlier shot of Fong on horseback.

1.1 sec

02:09-02:20 / 01:48-02:15

The flashback to Part 1 is slightly more detailed, and there's no color filter.

Extended version 16.3 sec longer

Theatrical versionExtended version

The flashback sequences interspersed later are also without color filter - not further illustrated since the scenes are otherwise 1:1 identical or not expanded.

03:25 / 03:20-03:26

Fong rides for about 4 seconds longer, and his father turns to him in an additional shot.

5.7 sec

04:41 / 04:43-04:44

The waiter is seen a bit longer.

1 sec

20:44 / 20:53-20:55

After several small frame deviations or template errors, here's a slightly longer flawed moment as Fong speaks with his master.

1.8 sec

21:13 / 21:24-21:26

Also, when Ting-Ting approaches Fong.

1.6 sec

21:40 / 21:53-21:56

A slightly later fade to black.

2.8 sec

22:33 / 22:51-22:52

Another slightly longer flawed moment (during the poetry contest, anyway, there are particularly many more mini-deviations under 0.5 sec here).

1.1 sec

22:55 / 23:16-23:17

The master is seen a bit longer.

1.1 sec

24:26 / 24:48-24:50

The character appears a bit earlier.

2.6 sec

26:08 / 26:37-26:38

After numerous minor deviations during the assignment distribution (see accumulated additional runtime difference of 5 sec between this and the previously listed section), here's another slightly longer flawed moment: Ting-Ting follows Fong a moment earlier.

1 sec

26:30 / 27:00-27:02

People in the alley watch Fong as he rides away, a bit longer.

1.9 sec

28:25 / 28:57-28:58

Short additional shot of fighters jumping around.

0.8 sec

28:39 / 29:12-29:13

The man with the box is seen a bit longer after dropping his opponent into the water.

1.3 sec

30:17 / 30:51-30:53

The opponents pause for a moment before attacking Fong.

1.6 sec

36:24 / 37:04-37:05

Fong and Miu hold their pose a bit longer.

1 sec

37:32 / 38:18-38:19

Miu rears up a bit longer in front of Lee.

1.5 sec

38:26 / 39:14-39:16

Miu makes a short grimace, and Lee a bit earlier.

1.8 sec

39:28 / 40:19-40:20

Lee exits the frame normally in the Taiwan version, while in the theatrical version, he suddenly disappears (possibly intentionally) from one frame to another.

1.1 sec

Theatrical version longer
42:54-42:59 / 43:46

In the Taiwan version, some scuffle over the water container has been removed – perhaps due to Lee's naked buttocks.

+ 5.2 sec

Theatrical version longer
43:50-43:53 / 44:37

Correspondingly, the end of the scene is missing in Taiwan, leaving Lee naked in the room.

+ 3.4 sec

45:03 / 45:47-45:48

A long shot of the conversation starts a bit earlier.

1.1 sec

Theatrical version longer
47:33-47:36 / 48:22

The letter is visible a bit earlier in the theatrical version.

+ 2.7 sec

50:46 / 51:33-51:34

Fong and Miu a bit longer.

1 sec

51:46 / 52:34-52:35

The fighters stand in amazement a moment earlier.

1.1 sec

52:11 / 53:01-53:03

The fighters a bit longer, then the announcer enters a bit earlier from the left.

2.2 sec

54:07-54:38 / 55:00-55:27

As Fong heroically enters in slow motion, this is slightly different in both versions. Only in the extended version is there a more distant shot, while the theatrical version has more frontal shots in time-lapse.

Theatrical version 3.4 sec longer

Theatrical versionExtended version

63:15 / 64:11-64:13

Ting-Ting on the bed a bit longer, then singing Miu enters a bit earlier.

2 sec

63:25 / 64:23-64:25

Fong a bit longer after taking a sip.

2.2 sec

65:45 / 66:49-66:51

The general a bit earlier.

1.5 sec

66:13 / 67:21-67:23

Same before he gives the order for the arrest.

1.8 sec

68:25 / 69:36-69:40

As unspectacular as the numerous tiny deviations in small lettering, but illustrated due to the duration: Ting-Ting watches Fong for a bit longer.

3.8 sec

68:35 / 69:51-69:54

But one screenshot should suffice. Shortly after, she is seen a bit longer again.

3.2 sec

69:19 / 70:38-70:39

A shot of the riders a bit longer.

1.2 sec

68:37 / 70:58-70:59

Another shot is slightly longer.

1.4 sec

68:47 / 71:09-71:11

Riders again.

1.4 sec

70:50 / 72:15-72:18

Yu speaks a bit earlier to Fong.

3.4 sec

70:57 / 72:25-72:27

Fong speaks a bit longer to the students.

1.7 sec

76:12 / 77:53-77:55

In the last 5 minutes of the film, the difference has increased by 10 seconds, spread over countless mini-deviations under 1 second. Here's something slightly longer: Miu speaks earlier to the dying Lee.

2.1 sec

Theatrical version longer
77:02-77:04 / 78:46

Only in the theatrical version, Miu screams theatrically at the end of the overhead shot.

+ 2.1 sec

78:28 / 80:13-80:14

The text panel appears earlier before Yu emerges from it.

1.3 sec

Theatrical version longer
82:03-82:10 / 83:52

Could be interpreted as censorship cut in Taiwan: The theatrical version shows Miu hanging from the noose significantly longer.
However, there are still many comparable shots afterwards that are identical in both versions.

+ 7.5 sec

82:47 / 84:30-84:32

Fong a bit earlier.

1.9 sec

90:15 / 92:02-92:05

A shot of Fong and Yu each.

3.7 sec

90:16-90:21 / 92:06-92:20

More shots of Fong underfoot and the spitting insults of Yu, with some variations in sequence for the side shot and one of Fong in the theatrical version.

Extended version 8.1 sec longer

Theatrical versionExtended version

93:01 / 95:01-95:03

Fong goes to the girls a bit earlier.

2.1 sec

93:38 / 95:40-95:42

Fong's father a bit earlier...

1.8 sec

93:42 / 95:46-95:47

...and longer.

1.1 sec

94:02 / 96:07-96:09

A bit longer shot of the riders.

1.4 sec

94:21 / 96:28-96:30

Ting-Ting and On-yee argue a bit longer, then Fong and his father a bit earlier.

2.5 sec

94:49 / 96:59-97:06

First, the shot of Miu is a bit longer as usual, followed by two additional shots: Ting-Ting and On-yee again, then a wide shot showing more armlets being distributed.

6.7 sec

95:02 / 97:20-97:24

Miu shouts more at the beginning.

4 sec

95:04 / 97:26-97:28

She rides off in a short additional shot.

2.5 sec

95:07 / 97:31-97:32

Fong a bit longer.

1.2 sec