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original title: Fang Shi Yu xu ji


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 03, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US version on the British DVD by Buena Vista and the uncut original version on the HK DVD by Universe.

- 16 cuts + 2 zoomed parts
- Cut length: 107 sec (= 1:47 min)

Differing credits not included. Smaller master errors below 0.5 sec are not mentioned in the report.

This Jet Li classic was also edited a little for the US release. Contrary to many other examples, though (except for the horrible new credits), the alterations are really bearable, the same goes for the new soundtrack. Only a couple rather insignificant short shots and two slightly longer comedy scenes with Fong's mother were cut out. Furthermore, a short nude scene with the character portrayed by director Corey Yuen was zoomed in such a way that his exposed rear is off-screen - whether this was actually necessary in order to get the received R-rating may very well be doubted.
This cut version was then also released in Great Britain, the corresponding DVD was used for comparison.

The old HK DVD by Universe is uncut and contains English subtitles, unfortunately the image quality is not that good and the film was not scanned anamorphically. A version that fulfills those two requirements and uncut version was released in France - unfortunately, as usual, only with local language subtitles and therefore only suitable for people who are capable of creating a custom disc with the preferred languages.

Runtime designations are ordered as follows:
British DVD in PAL / HK DVD in NTSC

Annotation: The HK-DVD was used as comparative example as it is probably the version most demanded on the international market due to the English subtitles. For the screenshots however, the French DVD was used because of its far superior image quality.
Logos / Credits

Aside from differing company logos, the US audience is once more spoiled with supposedly stylish, but ultimately tasteless opening credits.

US version 12.1 sec longer than the HK DVD

US VersionOriginal Version

01:58 / 01:50-01:55

A first shot of Fon Sai-Yuk's mother (Miu Tsui Fa), she is singing.

4.6 sec

14:51 / 15:21-15:22

Fong is shown insignificantly longer, another shot of the sceptically looking traitor (Yu Chun-hoi) is missing completely.

1.4 sec

21:37 / 22:25-22:53

After he was denied the fight against Fong Sai-Yuk, the travelling master at least demands a poetry slam. Miu is, after part 1, of course prepared by now and so she happily agrees. Whereas Miu now relaxedly continues fixing her soup, she counters the man's verses and throws him off like that. He makes her tumble shortly with an utterance (which is, according to the HK DVD's subtitles, a phone number whereas the German dubbing, for example, made this a question about the meaning of life) but she knows the correct rebuttal to that, too (the HK-DVD's subtitles have her finish the number, in the German dubbing she says that the meaning of life was to stay alive.)
One of the followers then demands to switch to physical combat and the following shot of Miu then also starts a little earlier.

26.9 sec

25:46 / 27:13-27:18

Fong and his colleague are shown in an additional, closer shot, they are looking upwards.

4.2 sec

39:45 / 41:52-42:02

Within two shots Ting Ting speaks longer about all the bad things to do with a woman who commited adultery.

10.1 sec

39:50 / 42:07-42:14

Ditto - Miu grimaces as she breaks out in cold sweat.

6.7 sec

40:28-40:29 / 42:54-42:55

The shot of Lee Kwok-Bong jumping up in the bathtub was zoomed in such a way that his butt is off-screen now.

US VersionOriginal Version

40:32-40:33 / 42:58-42:59

Shortly after that another measure with censorship aftertaste.

US VersionOriginal Version

41:22 / 43:50-43:53

A regular cut at the end: Lee remains standing in the room with a dropped wood-hoola hoop.

3.2 sec

53:30 / 56:32-56:34

Fong makes a remark before the next attacker approaches from below.

2.3 sec

54:46 / 57:54-57:55

Ting Ting keeps talking a little longer to Fong in the same shot.

1.1 sec

57:37 / 60:54-60:55


1 sec

58:20 / 61:39-61:41

Another shot of Miu in the air.

1.9 sec

60:24 / 63:50-64:21

Miu goes to Ting Ting and consoles her with wisdoms about men (a comparison with a stew that has to be cooked to the best taste - when it's overcooked you try again with a new one.)

29.8 sec

61:50 / 65:51-65:56

Another shot of Fong, Ting-Ting and Miu. The two girls say that they can't be talked to like that and Fong says that they actually share interests.

5.4 sec

62:03 / 66:10-66:15

Astoundingly inconspicuous cut: in the middle of the general's speech, there is actually an intercut to a close-up shot of Fong. It shows that Fong repeatedly answers that he preferred the case to Suen On-Yee, when asked.

In the US version, this actually looks like a continuous shot because after the cut in the original version, this is exactly where the second half of the shot picks up.

5.1 sec

65:59 / 70:22-70:23

Just as relatively in the beginning, the US audience is denied a cut to moody Yu here again.

1.2 sec

74:05 / 78:49-78:52

Yu is shown again before Miu is being let down.

2.5 sec


The ending credets were, of course, also remade. In the original version, though, they already begin over the final shot's freeze frame.

US Version 37.6 sec longer than the HK DVD

US VersionOriginal Version

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