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original title: Wong Fei-hung tsi titgai dau nggung


  • Normal Version
  • Long Version
Release: Mar 24, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Normal Version, taken from the German Blu-ray by Splendid, and the Long Version, taken from the Taiwanese DVD by Best Friend Films Ltd.

- Ten differences, including two with alternative footage and two with additional footage in the Normal Version
- Difference in running time: 144,5 sec (= 2:25 min)

Small mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec will not be listed here. The mastering mistakes that are mentioned here and which include additional footage in the Normal Version are not counted as differences.

This is a rather average movie from Jet Li's pre-Hollywood era, which contains a lot of stupid humor and was directed by Wong Jing. Luckily, the director also made some excellent fighting scenes and the rather confusing plot at least is never boring.

As is the case with many old HK action movies, a slightly extended version was released in Taiwan. Being about 2,5 minutes longer, this version mainly adds a rather long plot scene in the middle of the movie and rather insignificant alternative shots during a singing scene. There is also a bit more of the dragon dance and and even a bit more violence although this shot clearly was not censored. On the other hand, the Taiwan Version even lacks some frames during a very violen shot. All in all, the longer version is certainly interesting for fans but not a must have.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Normal Version / Long Version
00:00-01:00 / 00:00

Additional company logos at the beginning of the German BD, the Taiwanese DVD directly starts with the movie.

+ 60,2 sec

09:40-09:41 / 08:40

A shot at the harbor starts insignificantly earlier in the Normal Version.

+ 1 sec

20:18-20:19 / 19:18

The two can also be seen a bit earlier before the fireworks start.

+ 1 sec

Alternative Footage
22:47-23:15 / 21:46-22:14

Every cut to the women is an alternative take, sometimes from a different perspective; Some of the identical shots inbetween are shown here as well for orientation purposes. The shot of the students at the end is also is different in the two versions.

No difference in running time

Normal VersionLong Version

32:33-32:34 / 31:33

The Normal Version starts a few frames earlier during the chat inside.

+ 0,9 sec

40:26 / 39:24-39:44

Wong and his employee are sitting in the tea house longer. There is a completely unnecessary dialog about having to talk to each other at the table.

19,8 sec

41:27 / 40:45-40:49

The shot starts earlier, the man says something to Ti.

3,8 sec

45:23 / 44:46-44:54

After Ti went outside, only the Taiwanese cut shows her father being hit on the head and then briefly her again.

8,2 sec

48:13-48:14 / 47:44

A few frames at the beginning of a shot are missing in the Long Version again.

+ 0,8 sec

51:42 / 51:12-52:36

Wong and Ti talk a bit longer, the viewer receives a bit of interesting background information. Then Wong talks a bit to uncle Cheung inside.

83,8 sec

66:53 / 67:47-67:58

A few additional shots of the lion dance.

10,5 sec

67:43 / 68:48-69:12

Ditto. Wong notices that he lost his hearing. He looks down to the drummers but cannot hear them.

24,6 sec

Alternative Footage
72:16-72:18 / 73:46-73:48

The Long Version does not fade out of the shot of Zong and therefore shows him a bit longer.

No difference in running time

Normal Version Longer
75:01-75:06 / 76:31

Wong puts his hand on Ah Fu's shoulder and says that he should take over the responsibility while he's gone.

+ 5,5 sec

Normal Version Longer
85:14 / 86:39

This could even be a hint to some very mild censorship in the Taiwanese version. The first frames of the shot, the kick in the stomach and splattering blood, were removed.

+ 0,6 sec

99:00-99:01 / 100:25

Wong can be seen insignificantly longer, the same applies to his opponent, who at first can be seen without the cockroach mask on his head.

+ 1,2 sec