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1.06 Over the Hill


  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Sep 09, 2015 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Removed Scene

No recap in the International Version. (no screenshots)

46 sec

Removed Scene

After Gene yelled at Chris ("Some people get 'Pick Of The Pops'. Not me, I get 'Pick Of The Twats'. In the car, now! Move!"), the International Version continues with leaving the station.
In the UK Version, the end of the shot of Gene yelling at Chris is longer. Then Alex, she grabs her jacket and leaves with Gene and Ray. Chris follows them but he gets delayed by Shaz. She stops in front of him, they smile at each other, but before they can kiss, Ray comes back and yells "He said now!". Then Chris leaves as well. Now the shot of all of them leaving the station in the UK Version.

11.84 sec

Alternate Footage

Only the German DVD contains the additional titel "Zurück in die 80er" ("Back to the 80s). For obvious reasons, the UK DVD only contains the original show title. Furthermore, the German title of the episode follows after the opening. In the UK Version, the title does not appear.

Please note: I am well aware that this is irrelevant for international audiences, but I would not be surprised if this alteration had been made in other (non-English speaking) countries as well.

no difference
International VersionUK Version

Extended Scene

The conversation with the store owner, Mr. Chatterjee, who was robbed, is longer in the UK Version.
Alex: "And how much money did they take?"
Chatterjee: "In excess of £ 4,000. Oh, and in case it helps, may I tell you that I personally give a little rip to each note that passes through here."
Alex: "A little rip."
Chatterjee: "Yes, by its metal strip. A little tear. There have been so many forgeries lately."
Alex: "Right."

Chatterjee: "But also, when they're grabbing the money, they take my Krishna, my Krishna statue, which my father gave me and his father gave him and his father gave him."
Gene: "Mr. Chatterjee, they were wearing masks, yeah?"
Chatterjee: "Yes, indeed."
Gene: "So how would you know if one was old and one was young?"
Chatterjee: "How do I know that you're old and he's young? (at the same time, he points at Chris) By the way you move. By the timbre of your voice."
Alex: "You're very perceptive, Mr. Chatterjee."
Chatterjee: "Thank you."

Alex: "And so the one that said 'Give me the money', did he have an accent?"
Chatterjee: "Ah, my ear is not attuned yet but definately not Welsh. Well, all Welsh people sound like they come from Calcutta."
Gene: You got enough for a profile yet?"
Chatterjee: "The young one in the red helmet though, he's American."
Gene: "American. How'd you know he was American?"
Chatterjee: "Well, because my wife, unfortunately, is a fan of 'Hill Street Blues', and as I'm putting the money in their bag, this young one, you know the one who took the Krishna, he keeps asking me am I talking to him, which I most sincerly am not because his tone is not encouraging. But he keeps asking, pointing his gun."
Chris (does his De Niro / Travix Bickle impression from Taxi Driver while pointing his wallet like a gun at Mr. Chatterjee): "You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?"
Chatterjee: "It was him?"
Then they leave the store.

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

18.4 sec

Removed Scene

The conversation in the Quattro continues.
Gene: "Looks as if they're about to stop for a smoke."
Ray: "Oh, good idea."
Chris: "Just what I wanted."
Alex moans and opens the window because she is not keen on inhaling all the smoke.
Ray: "Leave it out."
Chris: "It's cold."
Alex: "Passive smoking kills, alright."
Ray: "Well, we'll jiggle about a little bit, OK? Just wind the window up."
Gene blows out the smoke in Alex's direction. She turns around to Ray and Chris again and with the beginning of the following shot, the versions are back in sync.

17.36 sec

Extended Scene

The now following scene is also longer in the UK Version. Moreover, the International Version contains alternate footage.
The International Version contains an exterior shot of the Quattro. Of the right front wheel, to be more specific. Gene says: "Chas Cale is something of a legend. With shotguns as his trademark. Hence the Mexican."
The UK Version contains that exterior shot as well but before the dialog starts, the UK Version switches to the interior of the Quattro. Only in the UK Version, Alex also asks "So what exactly do we know about this man?".
The rest of the conversation is the same. Gene also answers "Chas Cale is something of a legend. With shotguns as his trademark. Hence the Mexican." but contrary to the International Version, where Gene makes his first comment ("Chas Cale is something of a legend.") from the off because we see the shot of the right front wheel, we see Gene permanently. The versions are back in sync with Gene's following comment ("With shotguns as his trademark. Hence the Mexican.").

3.92 sec

Extended Scene

The interrogation of Chas Cale is longer in the UK Version.
Alex enters the interrogation room.
Cale's Wife: "This is ridiculous."
Gene: "Yeah."
Cale's Wife: "We have told you."
Cale: "Babe, save it. Wait for the solicitor to get here."
Gene: "Said the robber to his moll."
Cale (while his finger at Gene): "I'm losin' it with you."
Gene: "Come on, then, Chasser, lose it with me. Give us your best shot because this time, I'm gonna put you down so fast you'll think you're a bloody horse in 'All Creatures Great And Small'."
Cale's Wife: "Stop this! Stop it!
Show 'em your dog tag. Go on, get your wallet out."
Cale: "No. No."
Cale's Wife: "Show them. Look at you!"
Cale: "Babe."
Cale's Wife: "Show them before there's no need."
The rest of the interrogation is identical.

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

11.28 sec

Removed Scene

After Gene pushed Cale's stuff in his direction, the International Version lacks a small scene.
Gene gets up and leaves the room and so does Alex.
After that, the versions are back in sync.

8.6 sec

Removed Scene

After Gene's fight with Alex, he rushes out. In the UK Version, the scene is not over yet.
When Gene has left, the camera pans to Alex. She leaves the room in the opposite direction, then Chri and Shaz.
Chris: "This restaurant, Chas Cale's place, it was really swanky, beautiful. You know the first thing I thought when I went in there was 'I'd love to take Shazzer somewhere like this'."
Shaz: Oh, that's nice."
Chris: "No, let's do it. Let's go somewhere upmarket, you know. Somewhere special. This Saturday maybe?"
Now, Ray intervenes.
Ray: "What about me and you?"
Chris: "Oh no, I think it's a place for couples, mate."
Ray: "You've become such a poof."
Shaz: "A poof?"
Ray: "Yeah. Only likes girls now."
Shaz: "Well, I'm sure you know how to play with yourself, Ray."
A little pause, then Shaz to Chris: "Though I come to think of it, I might be busy on Saturday. I'm at me mum's, so… Another time. Sorry."
Ray: "Pity you did'’t remember that earlier, isn't it?"
With the noe following shot of Alex, the versions are back in sync.

48.48 sec