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Release: Mar 17, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the unedited theatrical version and the edited DVD/tape release of 'The Devil's Advocate'.

When the movie was released in cinema in 1997 the sculptor Frederick Hart sued the Warner Brothers studios because of a sculpture in the apartment of Al Pacino which looks like one of his work called 'Ex Nihilo'. The litigation ended with the result that Warner was allowed to release 475.000 copies whereas the rest (in fact every current DVD/tape) had to be digitally edited.

Afflicted to this fact are three sequences in which the figures are digitally blurred. Because of the importance of these sculptures in the final scene they had been alternatively reinserted in the movie where they transform back.

The theatrical version was print on the DVD/tape Pre-release for the rental agencies but had to be confiscated by Warner. It seems to be impossible to get a release of the copy by now.
The first meeting of Miltion, Lomax, Barzoon and Heath in the apartment. They are discussing who should advocate Alex Cullen.





Conversation about Eddie Barzoon lead by Kevin and Milton.



The final



The tracking shot to the chimney is about 0,5-1 second shorter in the edited version than in the theatrical version.


Alternative scene of Kevin.


Alternative scene of Kevin.


  • The sculpture transforms.

    6 sec.

    Theatrical version:

  • Kevin in front of the sculpture.

    3 sec.



  • The sculpture transforms itself in the known form in the theatrical version.

  • Cut to Kevin.

    4 sec.

    Theatrical version:

  • One can still see Milton and Kevin.

  • Milton can be seen earlier (in comparison to the DVD version)when he is walking towards his desk.

    4 sec.
    No dialogue is being missed.