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Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus


C64 Version

Amiga Version

Release: Sep 29, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Tony Montana
Elvira II is an action adventure from 1991. The eponymous Elvira is an important character. After the prequel contained some bloody and violent stuff, it is also in here but combined with some black humor this time. The graphics was pretty good at its time and music sounds still awesome, even today.

Elivra was abducted by the demniac hordes of Cerebus in her own film studio and now it's up to her boyfriend to save her from the film set that has come alive and to defeat Cerebus. Can he make it through the admin section, Dr. Frankenstein's horror house, the cemetary and catacombs and the den of the monster insects?

The C64 Version was released 2 years after the original. Due to the limited hardware, Flair Software was forced to compromise in the form of removing one of the three film studios (the den of the monster insects) which is why the procedure of solution is slighty different in the C64 Version. Nevertheless, no violence has been censored.

Which is why two alterations at the beginning of the game appear even more weird.

Compared are the Amiga Version and the C64 Version.

Amiga VersionC64 Version

Alteration in the Entrance Hall

There's a pin-up girl calendar on the wall in the guard house, just at the beginning of the game. This seemed to bother for some ineffable reasons. Furthermore, the second calendar shows a heavily muscled wannabe Arnie. The second comparison shows a zoom of the bulletin board.

This alteration is incrdibly pointless because there are still lots of photos that emphasize Elvira's big boobs in the game.

Amiga VersionC64 Version

Elvira's license plate is also different. It says "Kick Ass" in the Amiga Version but simply "Jaz" in the C64 Version.

Amiga VersionC64 Version