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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut - Part 2
Release: Dec 12, 2013 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison - Part 2

The intro with a lot of information regarding the development process of Cyborg can be found in the first part of this comparison.

Comparison between the German DVD by MGM (FSK "Keine Jugendfreigabe" / 18) (82:34 min. PAL) and the US DVD by Curnan Pictures (82:05 min. NTSC).


Comparison: Part 1

The fight in the industrial plant up until the crucifixion
Theatrical Cut: 19:44 minutes / Director's Cut: 22:08 minutes

Before the fight against Fender's troops gets going, Nady is a little more persistent in the TC and wants to make sure that Gibson doesn't concentrate on Fender alone but thinks of Pearl, as well. He promises to be cautious and Nady stays hidden for the moment.

After a few fights with others, Gibson finally faces Fender and the DC is considerably extended here. Fender talks a lot more. He asks himself (and it sounds like an off-commentary) what Gibson wants from him and he explains why the world doesn't need heroes. Furthermore, Gibson's walk towards Fender is much longer and this is accompanied by several short flashbacks that show him and his new wife in the well. Before he stands before Fender, Gibson cuts an opponent's throat. While the TC doesn't show that explicitly because the knife is too far away and there's also a shot missing, the DC is clearer. The knife can be seen at the throat.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

As Gibson recognizes Haley among Fender's pirates, the TC shows the flashback to the scene in which he gives her the amulet. The DC had that much earlier and as a whole piece what means that it's only small pieces in the flashback. However, everything else is somewhat longer. More pirates posing and more Fender talking about Satan.

The escape through the sewer system is roughly identical. The noticeable difference is that the DC has Nady complaining longer about the smell.

The hunt and the fight out in the open are basically the same and just a little longer. The severed hand of the female pirate hasn't changed but how Nady proceeds to stick the knife in the pirate's gut is longer in the TC.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

It's all a little longer in the DC and shortly before the crucifixion, Fender tells Gibson: "You, my friend, are screwed".

On the cross
Theatrical Cut: 8:59 minutes / Director's Cut: 5:45 minutes

The beginning of the crucifixion scene is similar in both versions. Gibson hangs, Haley, his "adopted" daughter from the amulet flashbacks is saddened but then goes away with Fender. Gibson stays behind alone.

In the TC, the sun goes down and the big flashback to the fateful day follows, where Gibson's new wife and her son die in the well because Haley can't pull up their combined weight. The memory of that makes Gibson so angry that he decides after waking up the next day that he want's to continue living and bring down his cross. The flashbacks between Gibson on the cross change a little more frequently.

The DC doesn't wait until the next day and has no flachback to the well. Instead, it seems that Gibson begins rather quickly to bring down his cross after Fender left.

That means that the TC is much longer than the DC because only the TC shows how Gibson is the lone survivor climbing out of the well.

In both versions, Nady joins. All is set for the final in Atlanta.

Theatrical Cut  
Theatrical Cut: 15:34 minutes / Director's Cut: 14:30 minutes

At the beginning, Fender and Pearl walk through the forest and he asks what he has to expect in Atlanta. As always, the TC deals with the plague, the DC with technology.

The final fight against all the pirates is quite a mess and the structure just as different as it was with all the other scenes before. Contentwise, there are no differences. It's just fighting. Still, there are some alterations in some of the action scenes.

The scene in which Nady decapitates the black opponent is longer in the TC because it offers at least 3 frames of details. The DC doesn't do that at all, even though the scene seems tamed either way.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

The DC has one enemy struggling on the floor while having the knife stuck in his gut. In turn, the TC has a shot of the knife in the stomach.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

And another guy who jumps over Gibson gets his neck broken because Gibson kicks him while he's in the air. Only the DC has a close-up of that.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

The burning opponent has more close-ups in the DC.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

Nady can be a little rougher in the DC. As she stabs her opponent, a little more blood splashes around and the enemy falls to the ground.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

When Fender hits Gibson's head with the car door, the TC shows that more often than the DC. Especially in close-ups.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

As Fender and Gibson finally face off, Fender screams longer in the DC. Probably in order to step up his courage. He proceeds doing that later on during the fight, too, with a lot of "arrrrrr" or "argggggg" growls.

When Gibson stabs the knife into Fender's arm and stomach, the TC shows that more explicitly with two close-ups. The DC has an alternate shot of the knife sticking in the arm.

Concerning action scenes, the biggest difference can be found here. Starting off from the scene in which Gibson stabbed the knife into Fender's stomach, the DC ends quickly and the TC doesn't.

DC: Gibson pulls the knife up from the stomach towards the chest and through Fender's face. Fender doesn't survive that and falls to the ground. Gibson is exhausted and goes to Haley and hugs her. After a short off-commentary that finally gives Gibson's life a sense again, the DC cuts to the next scene in which Pearl meets one of the scientists.

TC: In contrast, the TC has the knife being stuck in the stomach and shows how Fender falls to the ground. Seemingly dead.

Theatrical Cut Director's Cut

TC: Gibson is relieved, goes to Haley and hugs her. But Fender is not dead yet. He jumps at Gibson from behind and they continue fighting. The confrontation shifts into a house where Gibson finally manages to kill Fender by impaling him on a hook. Then, the TC moves on to Pearl and the scientist.

Theatrical Cut  

The last scene with Pearl and the scientist is very different, as well.

TC: Pearl tells the scientist that Gibson helped her and asks him (and Haley) whether they want to stay. However, they decline since they feel that they're needed in the outside world and so they move on. Pearl thinks that maybe Gibson is exactly what the world needs in order to heal. The cure for the plague is only secondary but can finally be developed.

DC: Pearl is received by the scientist and both of them are confident that technology will soon find its way back into this world. However, her colleague is also sad because Strat had to die for it. Gibson doesn't get thanked or asked to stay. Instead, he has to promise that he doesn't say a word about this place or the scientists. Gibson gladly does that and asks in return that the scientists notify the world once the technology can be used again. After Gibson and Haley are gone, the scientist wonders whether there might be others that could hinder them in their search for the technology but Pearl assures him that there's no one left who could stop them.