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Fifty Shades Freed


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jun 21, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the German by Blu-ray by Universal Pictures)

- 26 differences, incl. 12x alternate footage
- Length difference: 299.3 sec (= 4:59 min)

On Valentine's Day 2018, Fifty Shades Freed was released. After an acceptable first one, the sequel basically focussed on superficial housewife dreams and the final one does pretty much the same thing, accompanied by some standard pop songs. At least, the movie grossed $380 million which is once again a lot less than the original made but still enough to call it a success. While author E. L. James has written a few more books, time will tell whether or not further screen adaptions are an option.

As usual, the home theater releases contain a longer version. The Unrated Version of the first installment is approx. 3 minutes longer (comparison) and most of the footage are a few (rather harmless) sex scenes. In the Unrated Version of the second installment (comparison) are a few of these as well but most of the additional 13.5 minutes consist of new scenes for some minor characters. The final installment of the trilogy is approx. 5 minutes longer. And as before, there are a few longer sex scenes - but once again, the new footage is not really worth mentioning. If anything, Christian's strict directive during the first sex scene is somewhat interesting. Other than that, Christian and Ana in particular get more scenes. Contentwise, these scenes are incredibly mediocre though. The only thing worth pointing out is that there are two scenes with Grey's ex-girlfriend Elena "Mrs. Robinson" Lincoln, played by Kim Basinger, in the Unrated Version because she does not appear in the Theatrical Version at all. Her husband is in two scenes as well.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Extended Version Blu-ray
02:40 / 02:40-02:54

The shot is longer & a little conversation with Kate. She likes Ana's look and Ana wants to know who Elliot is speaking with.
Kate watches her adversary with scepticism and says: "I don't know but she's about to lose that hand."

13.6 sec

02:51-02:53 / 03:05-03:13

Christian slightly longer in the Extended Version, followed by an alternate shot of Ana saying she had to change. A few more kisses follow, then she gets ready.

The Theatrical Version simply contains a different take of Ana and Christian.

Extended Version 6.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

05:21-05:25 / 05:41-06:05

In the Extended Version, some boy shows up and offers Christian a gift. Since the gift is a stone, Christian kind of refuses but Ana pushes him to take it. The dad appears, apologizes and leaves.

When Ana then asks him to apply some sun lotion, the Extended Version contains an alternate take: Christian puts away the stone.

Extended Version 20.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

09:53-09:56 / 10:34-10:37

In the Extended Version, Christian says in the very same shot: "I am going to fuck you until you scream."
The Theatrical Version contains an alternate take in which he also comes closer to her.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

12:03 / 12:43-13:26

Christian and Ana arrive at the airport and bump into some mysterious stranger. He introduces himself as Linc congratulates Christian when he introduces Ana as his wife. He wishes Ana the best and leaves. Ana wants to know more and Christian explains it was Elena's (Mr. Robinson's) ex and he probably did not like him. Ana agrees with a smile on her face.

42.6 sec

17:00 / 18:23-18:24

Ana says to Hannah: "Amazing."

0.9 sec

17:03-17:07 / 18:28-18:45

In the Extended Version, Ana stops Hannah in order to give her a souvenir she got for her in Paris. Hannah says it was good to have her back. Ana agrees.

The Theatrical Version contains a different shot of Ana.

Extended Version 13.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

17:27 / 19:04-19:13

Only in the Extended Version, Ana's conversation with Boyce contains an intercut to Christian coming in and asking for Ana at the reception.

8.5 sec

21:37 / 23:23-23:25

After Christian introduces Gia, Ana realizes she was at the wedding as well.

2.4 sec

24:10 / 25:59-26:31

The scene at the house is longer: Christian takes Ana upstairs from where they admire the view for a moment. Ana then kisses Christian.

32 sec

48:33 / 50:53-50:58

The couple longer on their way to the house.

4.3 sec

49:26-49:35 / 51:51-52:18

The scene with Christian playing the piano ends differently.

The Theatrical Version shows Ana melting away twice and Christian in between.
In the Extended Version, Kate appears and Ana says she wished she could speak with Elliot. Kate replies she would feel better at some point and adds they should go look for some wine.

Extended Version 18.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

53:33 / 56:16-56:18

The shot of Christian's butt starts a little earlier. In other words, he gets to enjoy the oral sex a little longer.

1.8 sec

53:59-54:05 / 56:44-56:49

When Christian kneels in front of Ana, the Extended Version contains a rather long distance shot while the Theatrical Version contains two alternate, more harmless close-ups.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

54:35-54:40 / 57:19-57:25

And again, the Theatrical Version contains rather harmless footage when Christian gets to it.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

54:42 / 57:26-57:30

Only the Extended Version contains an intercut of Ana grabbing Christian's butt.

3.7 sec

60:13 / 63:01

After Elliot's successful proposal, the subsequent shot of the dance floor starts slightly earlier in the Theatrical Version.

+ 0.6 sec

60:19-60:26 / 63:07-63:29

Until Ana and Christian are kissing, the versions differ.

The Theatrical Version contains four harmless dancing shots, followed by a shot of Ana and Christian.
The Extended Version contains alternate shots of Ana dancing. Some huge guy shows up and grabs Ana's hip. Ana slaps him in the face and Christian appears. The guy tries to punch him but Christian is faster and knocks him out. Ana runs into his arms resp. the distance shot starts a little earlier as well.

Extended Version 15.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

60:29-60:31 / 63:32-63:34

Then an alternate close-up of them.

Theatrical Version 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

64:09-64:12 / 67:12-67:16

Alternate take of Ana standing up in court.

Extended Version 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

64:45 / 67:48-68:13

Ana longer when she takes a breath in front of the mirror. Then Dr. Greene calls. After Ana apologizes, he mentions that she had missed her last two appointments.

25 sec

66:28-66:36 / 69:57-70:06

A few shots of Ana and Christian are insignificantly longer. The reason is Christian's longer statement: "I wanted to give you the world, not diapers and vomit and shit."

Extended Version 1 sec longer

67:39 / 71:09-71:23

After Ana lies down to think, Christian goes to his ex Elena Lincoln resp. after hesitating briefly, she opens the door but she can't look Christian in the eyes.

13.9 sec

81:33-81:36 / 85:17-85:50

In the Extended Version, Ana arrives at the building earlier resp. she shily goes to the counter. She stutters when she asks for cash and she is being taken to the senior manager.

In the Theatrical Version, the scene at the bank starts with the senior manager right away. For context reasons, one gets to see a shot of Ana waiting at first.

Extended Version 30.9 sec longer

93:16-93:17 / 97:30-97:57

After Ana cheers Christian up, the Extended Version shows Elena. She watches a report about Grey buying her husband's company which is why she turns off the TV.

In the Theatrical Version, the subsequent night shot starts slightly earlier (no screenshots).

Extended Version 25.9 sec longer

99:05-99:08 / 103:45-104:07

After the first few credits, Christian plays earlier with the kids in the Extended Version.

In the Theatrical Version, the subsequent shot starts slightly earlier due to fading in (no screenshots).

Extended Version 18.9 sec longer