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Carlos the Jackal

original title: Carlos


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jul 21, 2011 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
At the end of the 20. century, Venezuelan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez aka Carlos the Jackal was one of the most wanted terrorist worldwide. But who was that man and did he really exist or was he just a phantom?

Even though not much is known about the actual Carlos, director Olivier Assayas got down to work in 2009 to shot about movie about Carlos. Due to the lack of historic identifiable facts, this movie should be considered fictional.

For this comparison, the Theatrical Version has been compared with the Director's Cut, both available on the German release from NFP / Warner (FSK 16).

Running times:
Theatrical Version: 02:55:54 (plus credits)
Director's Cut: 05:10:36 (plus credits)

There are 161 differences with a total running time of 2 hrs. 14 min. 42 sec.

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez got convicted for life in december 1997. At the moment, he's locked up in a French city called Ville sous La Ferté.
This is his story...
After the failed assassination of the Jewish entrepreneur Joseph Sieff in London, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez keeps a low profile at his girlfriend’s. Here, he talks to her and their son who has to study. He chaffs that his degree in economic sciences was worth zip.
1 Min. 8 Sec.

The following news report lacks the speech of the OLP spokesman, Bassam Abou Sharif, in which he accuses Joseph Sieff of having Israel financially supported.
20 Sec.

The waiter accompanies them to their table and asks if anything was okay.
4 Sec.

The conversation is longer. When Ilich who calls himself Carlos now, is being interrogated about his cell, he blocks and says he wasn’t going to talk about it at that point.
10 Sec.

The dinner is being served.
9 Sec.

Inspector Jean Herranz, leader oft he anti terror unit oft he DST (Direction de la surveillance du territoire -> English: Administration of terrorism surveillance) and his colleagues head off a Japanese guy at the airport. They take him to interrogation. This Japanese guy has cash, several phony IDs and plans for a terrorist attack in Europe with details about the targets. He claims he was member of the Japanese Red Army and sympathizer of the Palestinians. That’s all he has to say for now.
1 Min. 42 Sec.

The cops got a tip. So they go to a fashion shop downtown and arrest one of the staff members. The young lade leads the cops into her apartment which is full of bogus IDs and a little atelier to make them.
1 Min. 15 Sec.

Carlos arrives at the airport. He reports about the Japanese comrade who got busted. He picks up a suitcase with weapons and documents at some friends and assigns a friend to bring it to London asap and hide it in her apartment for the moment.
2 Min.

Meeting with Michel Moukharbel aka André in a bar. That guy reports the Japanese guy’s cover’s been compromised and he’s afraid he could have talked. Beirut informs him that Japan starts to become hysterical. The Japanese wants Furuya back because he’s too valuable with all his knowledge.
47 Sec.

Change of location:
On 09.13.1974, the group assembles in a hotel in The Hague.
6 Min. 10 Sec.

Due to their late arrival, which means they can’t be briefed by Carlos anymore, the three members of the Japanese Red Army decide to storm the French embassy on their own. So that’s what they do and why they end up in a shootout with the security. One of the kidnappers gets wounded.

An envelope with the demands is being tossed out of the window. The primary demand is releasing one of their accomplices who’s in the jail La Santé in Paris at the moment. The authorities try to stall them but the kidnappers can expose this attempt as trap.

A trash basket is being offered as replacement because no one’s allowed to leave the room to take a leak or sth.

The prisoner on his way to the airport in Paris.
1 Min. 1 Sec.

Back to the French embassy in The Hague:
Further demands have been made. They want $1 million and a Boeing so that they can leave the country with the ambassador.
35 Sec.

Paris the next day:
Carlos doesn’t understand why the Japanese allowed to elapse the ultimatum for 7 hrs. and decides to take action on his own. He attacks the drugstore St. Germain, informs the French news agency France-Presse (AFP) and threatens to blow up a movie theater if his demands aren’t going to be fulfilled in the next 24 hrs. And all that in the name of the Japanese Red Army. The authorities give in and the Japanese transport their hostages to the airport.
3 Min. 58 Sec.

Two months later in Paris:
Carlos is talking to and hitting on a young girl called Amparo in a bar. Then they spend the night togethee.
2 Min. 5 Sec.

The next morning, she’s on her way to work.
49 Sec.

News report about Yasser Arafat‘s speech to the UN.
34 Sec.

Meeting Johannes Weinrich aka Steve (Revolutionary cells in Germany) and Kamal Al-Issawi for the very first time. Carlos delivers a bazooka.
1 Min. 58 Sec.

January 13th 1975:
At the Parisian airport Orly, teh bazooka is supposed to be used to attack a machine of El-Al but the attack fails.
1 Min. 17 Sec.

Claim of responsibility:
Carlos becomes aware that Croatian freedom fighters are taking the rap for the assault. The terrorists accidentally hit a Yugoslavian plane. That’s why the decision to repeat the attack has been made and Moulud gets a second chance.
2 Min. 53 Sec.

January 17th 1975:
Second attempt. But an oberserving guard can prevent the attack by shooting in the air. During the attempted escape, they get into a firefight with the airport cops. They finally take hostages.
2 Min. 8 Sec.

Carlos and André see the failure on the news. The kidnappers blackmail the officials so that they're allowed to leave the country and will be brought to Iraq the following day.
46 sec.

The conversation between Carlos and his girlfriend Selma is interrupted by her roommate. Thus, he leaves the apartment.
30 sec.

Carlos comes back to the apartment to get his suitcase. He asks about Selma and her roommate tells him that she currently is in London and will probably back the next day. She found out that Carlos sleeps with her roommate.
1 min. 29 sec.

Carlos brings the suitcase to Amparo's apartment. However, the latter is not at all pleased about seeing him again and that he has a key for the apartment. Still, she agrees to keep the suitcase for him.
1 min. 8 sec.

Meanwhile, André (who just came back from Beirut) arrives at the airport.
10 sec.

André leaves the Metro.
8 sec.

You see a stranger and André paying. Shortly afterwards, André is nailed at the airport Heathrow in London.
21 sec.

Carlos without avail waits inside a bar for a phone call by André. Impatiently he calls a friend and asks her about some news.
32 sec.

British police officers lead André into a plane which is supposed to fly him back to Paris. There, the French police immediately take care of him.
34 sec.

Carlos meets up with his girlfriend (who just came back from London) in a bar.
9 sec.

The dialogue on the park bench is slightly longer.
4 sec.

Wilfried Böse (who's often called Boni, Hans-Joachim Klein) and Angie appear a little earlier and examine an arms delivery.
30 sec.

When Carlos and Angie say goodbye, this takes a little longer.
16 sec.

Before Boni drives off, there's a short conversation.
21 sec.

André is interrogated a little longer.
37 sec.

Commissioner Jean Herranz picks up a colleague at a party.
21 sec.

During the following raid, one of the attendants looks for his pass.
7 sec.

Before he answers any more questions, Carlos stubs out his cigarette.
3 sec.

André is lead into the room a little longer.
4 sec.

While Carlos (after shooting the police officers and André) leaves the place, the other party guests begin to realize what just happened.
36 sec.

Carlos wakes up Amparo to get his suitcase. He writes a few letters and tells her to bring them to the post office the following morning.
1 min. 41 sec.

52 sec.

Carlos calls up his girlfriend in London to tell her that he shot André.

Just before Carlos travels to South Yemen, he meets a friend at the airport. The scene starts a little earlier in the Extended Version.
6 sec.

The conversation with Brigitte Kuhlmann (Revolutionary Cells Germany) is a little longer. After Anis Naccache (mostly called Khalid) told her, that she and Boni won't be a part of the planned operation because they're too easy to identify, brings Angie into play (whom Carlos already had dealings with in London and Paris). He trusts him and Khalid tells Brigitte to get into contact as soon as she arrives in Frankfurt.
15 sec.

In Frankfurt, Brigitte Kuhlmann tells Angie about the plan to attack the OPEC-headquarters during the conference of the ministers in Vienna and tells him that Carlos wishes him to participate.
2 min. 6 sec.

Change of location:
Meeting in Vienna. After the briefing, Carlos gets a bottle of champagne from the sideroom.
9 sec.

The conversation between Carlos and Riyadd al-Azzawi is slightly longer.
8 sec.

Final briefings and distribution of the weapons.
56 sec.

When they leave the room, Angie adds that Carlos scares him because of his misanthropic manners. However, he's able to calm down and relaxes.
55 sec.

The scene inside the streetcar is slightly longer.
6 sec.

Angie - who was wounded during the gunfight - looks at his bullet wound.
8 sec.

While Carlos dictates the conditions to his secretary, you see one of the activists connecting a wire to the explosive charge.
17 sec.

The secretary who was commissioned to give the conditions as well as a communiqué to the police helps a wounded police officer to get into the entrance hall.
14 sec.

Carlos leads the Saudi Arabian minister - Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani - into a room and tells him to sit down. He tells him, that he won't kill him now and that he (Carlos) is a homeless soldier who's ready to die for his cause. He repsects Yamani and adds that they fought on the same side quite of the anti-imperialistic battle quite a few times. However, due to the abolition of the oil embargo and his sympahty for Washington, Yamani betrayed him.
3 min. 4 sec.

Yamani gets a piece of paper to write down a few notes for his family. Carlos talks to the Venezuelan Dr. Hernández Acosta and makes Yamani aware if the fact that the ultimatum expires soon.
2 min. 34 sec.

While they listen to a news report on the radio you see the hostages a little longer.
28 sec.

When they leave the room, Riyadd al-Azzawi tells Carlos that Angie's wound is so bad that he's not transportable. However, Carlos insists on taking Angie with them.
32 sec.

Austrian Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky's speech is a little longer.
18 sec.

Paramedics bring Angie on board of the plane.
15 sec.

Shortly before they take off, thanks the Austian foreign minister Otto Rösch for their great "collaboration".
20 sec.

On board of the plane Carlos checks the explosive charges.
22 sec.

Someone asks for an autograph.
31 sec.

From the airport's tower in Algiers Carlos gets the message that president Houari Boumedienne wants to submit him a proposal during a personal meeting.
7 sec.

Gabriele Krocher Tiedemann (mostly called Nada) goes through the cockpit for 3 additional seconds.
3 sec.

Aboard the plane.
16 sec.

Carlos goes back on board and informs Khalid that Boumedienne wants to talk to him. He gives Khalid some more instructions and also leaves him in command in case he doesn't return.
28 sec.

11 additional secdons of Nada and Khalid.
11 sec.

An additional shot from the cockpit.
24 sec.

Exhaustion and political asylum in Algiers.
10 sec.

A few weeks later (during the training in the boot camp in South Yemen) Angie suffers from his wounds.
35 sec.

Angie on his way to Carlos.
7 sec.

Arrival in a restaurant plus a few little cuts during the conversation.
25 sec.

In his self-chosen exile in France Angie puts some wood in the oven a little longer.
5 sec.

He looks through the documents.
2 sec.

A little smalltalk.
25 sec.

1 min. 28 sec.

10 sec.

The arrival of the KGB's chief - Juri Andropow - in Baghdad.
11 sec.

Tracking shot over the participants of a conference, just before Andropow enters the room.
19 sec.

Andropow's speech (where he talks about armed resistance against capitalism) is a little longer. He informs the attendees about the fact that the Egyptian president - Anwar as-Sadat - rather preferred to turn to the Americans and thus betrayed the whole Arabian world. He promises financial support for making an assassination.
2 min. 3 sec.

A conversation between Carlos and Kamal Al-Issawi about Wadie Haddad.
22 sec.

Magdalena Kopp is bored inside her hotel room. She feels ignored by Carlos and leaves the room.
49 sec.

Magdalena tells Carlos that Nada was arrested and convicted for 14 years of jail sentence.
27 sec.

Magdalena returns to her room with the weapon.
4 sec.

When they leave the East Berlin hospital in November 1978 (after Wadie Haddad died), the scene starts a little earlier.
2 sec.

The coffin with Haddad's corpse is brought on board of a helicopter by the People's Police.
27 sec.

During the following conversation between Carlos and Kamal Carlos mentions that he will never follow the Iraqi secret service's orders.
31 sec.

Meeting with Johannes Weinrich who informs Carlos about the fact that Angie meanwhile released a book which was printed in the German magazine "Spiegel" in excerpts. Carlos decides that he has to be eliminated.

They arrive at the Ministry of State Security. Weinrich mentions that Magdalena fell in love with Carlos and that she could actually imagine to marry him.

Weinrich visits colonel Harry Dahl of the state security service to ask him for support and confirmation of the official base in East Berlin. He agrees on condition that no actions will be planned on GDR territory. Of course, the conversation is taped.
4 min. 45 sec.

Carlos dries himself.
7 sec.

Carlos, Kamal and Weinrich meet up with colonel Haytham Said from the Syrian airforce's secret service. The latter asks if Carlos is satisfied with the Syrian hospitality.
39 sec.

New base in Budapest March, 1979:
The love scene between Magdalena and Carlos inside the darkroom was not included in the theatrical version.
24 sec.

Weinrich lights a cigarette, looks out of the window and writes down one of the cars' license plate which stands in front of the house.
25 sec.

Magdalena, Carlos and Weinrich leave the apartment and take a cab to the airport. Meanwhile, they're watched and somebody follows them. The remaining investigators look through the apartment and find a huge amount of weapons.
1 min. 33 sec.

On the plane the three recognize an unusual high number of security forces. Carlos gives Kamal (who just arrived) a signal and they meet outside at the cabstand. Again, they're being followed by police officers, however, this time Carlos recognizes the followers and offers the cab driver 1,000 Dollars if he's able to get rid of them. The driver doesn't blow his chance and immediately makes a pretty precarious 180° turn and thus is able to get rid of the followers.
2 min. 3 sec.

Meanwhile, Magdalena recognized that the apartment was searched and Carlos says how the Hungarian secret service annoys him immensely.
Kamal asks him to meet up with their "Friends" in Tripoli to talk about their plans to assassinate Anwar as-Sadat. However, Carlos doesn't really listen to him since he looks out of the window and recognizes a car from which investigators peek at their apartment. For a short moment he loses his nerve, pulls out his gun, runs out on the street, and starts firing at the car. No one gets hurt.
2 min. 23 sec.

Kamal introduces Eric who works for the armed wing of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA). Carlos promises to deliver a great amount of weapons to Spain within one month.
1 min. 54 sec.

The substitutional Hungarian Interior Secretary - General Lajos Karasz - tells his colleagues (in the minister's name) to tell him everything he has to know about Carlos' group.
54 sec.

Two state security members approach the apartment. While Weinrich opens the door, Carlos gets his gun from the bedroom. Carlos threatens the two of them. He doesn’t calm down until they introduce, then he wants them to sit down. They have come on behalf of the Hungarian DOI and they need to know why the group is in Hungary. Carlos explains he needed a base for the international capitalism. He and his friends are permitted to walk around freely in Hungary. But only under the condition that no action is going to be taken from Hungarian soil.
3 Min. 31 Sec.

After the meeting with Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi in Tripolis, Carlos is being taken tot he airport by General Abdullah Zekri from Libyan intelligence. On the way to the airport, Carlos sets conditions. Libya supplies weapons to him and he is going to assassinate Anwar as-Sadat in return. At the airport, he also gets a suitcase with $200,000.
2 Min. 11 Sec.

Afterwards, Carlos flies to Aden in the South Yemen to show the money to Kamal. Kamal gives him a fake ID. He’s also closed any local accounts and arranged that all potential proof is going to be burned. Furthermore, he shows Carlos the first weapon supply which is supposed to be delivered to East Berlin detouring over Moscow.
2 Min. 3 Sec.

Carlos gives an exclusive interview about his prior life to the journalist Assem al-Joundi.
2 Min. 24 Sec.

Magdalena and Carlos are arguing.
She accuses him of having slept with other women and complains about being in the lab to make phony IDs all the time instead of taking part in the action. Carlos replies he had needs and he also slept with her after all.
Weinrich calls and informs him about the confiscated weapon supply in East Berlin by the Stasi.
3 Min. 1 Sec.

At the Ministry of State Security, Colonel Harry Dahl is talking about Major Voight to an associate. He considers Carlos very dangerous and beyond control.
1 Min. 10 Sec.

Voght visits Weinrich who complains about the confiscated weapon supply.
1 Min. 14 Sec.

Weinrich meets Carlos, who has arrived in East Berlin in the meantime, at a bar. He believes Nicolae Ceausescu’s offer (which means the money) should be accepted and the radio station “Freies Europa” (Free Europe) in Munich attacked. But Carlos keeps being skeptical.

Kamal arrives and reports about his friend in Kairo. Assassinate President Sedat is going to take at least one year of planning.

Carlos needs some distraction and takes a girl to the restroom for men for a BJ. Then he throws some dollar bills on the ground with disdain.

After Carlos, Kamal and Weinrich left in a cab, the two younger girls are being picked up by the Stasi. They report they couldn’t get any information except for one thing: they were talking about Ceausescu and $1 million.
5 Min. 6 Sec.

Major Voght assign an employee to find an inconspicuous spot to reload the weapon’s into a camper with French license plate. At the instruction of Erich Mielke, the group gets the weapon supply back.
32 Sec.

Weinrich and Eric get the weapons back.
1 Min. 45 Sec.

In Budapest, Carlos leads Magdalena to the street.
12 Sec.

Several missing shots of the party without any relevant content for the plot.
2 Min. 38 Sec. In total

After the party. Drunken Weinrich shoots up three times.
Intermediate stop in the woods because he’s feeling nauseous. Carlos positions a couple of empty bottles for target practice.
1 Min. 17 Sec.

Assem al-Joundi's assassination is missing.
18 sec.

Meeting at the Syrian secret service. The newspaper "Al-Watan Al-Arabi" and its publisher Abu Zahr in Paris – financed by the Iraqian secret service – has caught attention.
On a sidenote, Carlos receives the information that Assem al-Joundi has survived the attempt on his life, but lost his eyesight. Carlos thinks this was a just punishment, as al-Joundi had sold the interview with him to an Arabian newspaper.
2 min. 10 sec.

A newsreport on BBC announces that Egyptian president Anwar as-sadat was murdered during a military parade in Cairo on October 6th, 1981. Weinrich informs Carlos, who suspect muslims behind this.
41 sec.

Bruno Bréguet and company enter the hotel.
5 sec.

Shortly before Magdalena and carlos appear, he asks her to put out her joint.
17 sec.

At the end of the meeting, Carlos talks to Bruno shortly and asks him if he could really count on him.
25 sec.

Magdalena and Bruno meet Eric in a cafe in Paris. Eric gives them 2.000 Dollars as Magdalenas bag had been stolen.
30 sec.

Magdalena and Bruno are shown a little longer in the parking lot.
3 sec.

Both are looking for the parking ticket.
10 sec.

Bruno's arresting is a little longer and the Peugeo with the bomb inside is found in the parking lot.
8 sec.

Carlos is writing a letter to French secretary of the interior Gaston Defferre. In this letter, he mentions that Magdalena Kopp and Bruno Bréguet are under arrest of the French police. He warns him, as the organisation will not tolerate that their members remain in prison. He demands their release withing 30 days.
At the Budapest airport, he gives the letter to a woman who takes it to the Netherlands and leaves it at the French embassy.
1 min. 11 sec.

Carlos is meeting Magdalena's and Bruno's lawyer, Jaques Vergés. The two leaving the hotel is missing.
6 sec.

The following scene is missing a few short shots.
12 sec.

More images in the news report on the attack on the train in Paris.
4 sec.

Two weeks later in Beirut:
French embassador Guy Cavallo is coming home and talks to his heavily pregnant wife Marie, who is just preparing meal. He tells her that there is a second deadline of Carlos' group, to blackmail Magdalena and Bruno into freedom. The court proceedings that should have started that day had to be postponed as the prison personell went into strike.

Shortly later, someone rings at the door and the two are shot by a nameless assassin.
1 min. 14 sec.

There is a text overlay missing, declaring that today, there was a documentation released, depicting Syria's involvement in the murder of the French embassador in Lebanon as Weinrich parks an explosives-rigged car in front of the office of "Al-Watan Al-Arabi".
13 sec.

During the TV-interview with the newspaper-employee, he mentions that there had been frequent threats in the past.
15 sec.

Trial against Magdalena and Bruno with subsequent sentencing: Four years for Magdalena Kopp and five years for Bruno Bréguet.
28 sec.

Carlos and Weinrich find out at the state security in Budapest, that the lawyer Jaques Vergés is in town. This must have meant that Magdalena talked. Hungary cannot guarantee Carlos' safety any longer and demands him to leave the country at once.
3 min. 38 sec.

A co-worker of Carlos is being arrested because of drug possession at the airport Rome-Fiumicino
25 sec.

The shelter in Budapest is being disbanded.
28 sec.

Jaques Vergés' visit in the prison Fleury-Mérogis takes a little longer. He tells Magdalena that she was only prematurely released from prison because of good behavior under the condition that she would leave France immediately.
13 sec.

Vergés appears to pick up Magdalena.
16 sec.

On her way to freedom, Magdalena is being arrested by the French police. She is being brought to the German-French border and handed to the German police there.
1 min. 12 sec.

Magdalena receives a Syrian diplomat's passport by Kamal at Frankfurt airport.
27 sec.

Arrival in Syria:
Carlos mentions that he is known as famous businessman Michel Kassis on the trip to the new domicile.
16 sec.

The next morning Carlos wakes up, puts on his clothes and kisses Magdalena.
23 sec.

Attack on a muslim in Düsseldorf.


The drive to get Magdalena, who went into labor, into the hospital is posponed because of an accident.
6 Sek

Arrival in the hospital:
The nurse gets a doctor.
10 sec.

The news report about the fall of the Berlin Wall shows how some furious citizens devastate the ministry for state security.
16 sec.

Carlos is visiting his girlfriend and spends the night with her after making a derogative comment about Magdalena.
1 min. 6 sec.

While Magdalena and Weinrich get the luggage from the apartment in Damascus into the car, Carlos is playing hide-and-seek with daughter Elba Rosa.
47 sec.

Arrival in Tripolis.
14 sec.

Arrival in Damascus.
8 sec.

Magdalena tells Carlos that she is going to move to Venezuela with their daughter.
28 sec.

As Carlos arrives at Khartum with his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Jordanian university student Lana Jarrar, the shot of the two ascending the hotel's stairs is missing.
7 sec.

On the way to a meeting in the hotel's garden, Carlos is taking two more seconds.
2 sec.

During the conversation, Carlos is worried about the Syrians catching him and maybe handing him over to America. Kamal tells him the Syrians still thinks he was in Amman and he shouldn't be worried.

View of the hotel and Lana enters the screen earlier.
24 sec.


Carlos is unsatisfied with his disguise as Yemeni businessman with wife.
9 sec.

Kamal meets Haytham Said in Damascus. Said tells him Carlos has become useless for him and others and demands from Kamal, as final proof of his loyalty, to reveal Carlos' hiding place. Kamal writes the adress into a little book.
1 min. 30 sec.

The conversation with the doctor starts earlier. Carlos describes a torturing pain, as if he was stung into the testicles with a needle.
11 sec.

Carlos orders a whisky on a party.
8 sec.

Carlos leaves his hotel and doesn't realize that he is being shadowed by French secret agent General Philippe Rondot.
44 sec.

The singer is longer on screen.
12 sec.

The conversation between Carlos and Weinrich continues. Weinrich mentions that Kamal has already gone underground.
While dancing with Lana, Carlos finally collapses and has himself driven back to the hotel.
1 min. 9 sec.

On the market, Carlos talks to a friend who mentions that her husband wasn't in town that day and so she could do whatever she wanted.
They go to her apartment and start making out. Carlos fails at the subsequent intercourse, though.
1 min. 10 sec.

Lana, who wants to get some things from their apartment for Carlos, who is by now in a military hostpital, is being taken out by security personell. The theatrical version misses how she is being ungently taken into a car and driven away.
19 sec.