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Release: Dec 29, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD (Unrated Edition) by Tartan and the uncut UK DVD by Optimum.

About the movie:

Matt meets Lisa at a concert and the two of them are spending the next weeks together. Besides going to other concerts and the casual use of drugs sex is playing an important role.

It's a quite experimental movie in which sex scenes and concert clips alternate.

About the editions:

On the back cover of the UK DVD the movie is being advertised by the sentence "[...] the most sexually explicit film to be awarded an 18 certificate by the BBFC." The sex scenes are very explicit indeed so a different cut was made for the American market, the "Unrated Edition Version". Here all the hardcore scenes were deleted or softened. Nonetheless, it keeps it unrated status because the movie is still quite sexual in this edition. The German DVD by Sony contains the uncensored cut and even received FSK 16.

Running time:

UK DVD: 66:48 Min. (PAL)
US DVD: 64:01 Min. (NTSC)

The US DVD is, despite NTSC, running in the same speed as the UK DVD.

In the US version the black screen can be seen a bit longer before the movie title is displayed.

US: 3,64 Sek.


In the US edition there is a cut to Lisa whereas we can see Lisa and Matt having oral sex in the UK version.

US EditedUK

UK: 3,52 Sek.
US: 3,52 Sek.


The same. The US version cuts to Lisa, the UK version shows them having oral intercourse.

US EditedUK

UK: 1,28 Sek.
US: 1,28 Sek.


The US cut shows Lisa and Matt during sex. In the UK version you can see Matt touching Lisa's breasts.

US EditedUK

UK: 4,56 Sek.
US: 4,56 Sek.


The US shows a different view of Matt and Lisa during intercourse. In the UK the coition can be seen explicitly.

US EditedUK

UK: 7,96 Sek.
US: 7,96 Sek.


The US version lacks the scene in which Lisa is putting on her panties. The both shots before this have been slowed down to compensate the loss of running time.

UK: 1,08 Sek.
US: 1,08 Sek.


The scene where Lisa is taking Matt's penis is missing in the US. Instead the shots before that, showing both having sex, have been slowed down a little.

UK: 1,52 Sek.
US: 1,52 Sek.


The UK offers some rather explicit scenes showing both having oral sex which were exchanged for softer replacement scenes. The non-explicit scenes are being played back a bit slower again.

US EditedUK

UK: 38,92 Sek.
US: 38,92 Sek.


The US is zooming into the picture to cut out Lisa's pubic area.

US EditedUK

UK: 4,60 Sek.
US: 4,60 Sek.


The scene showing Matt and Lisa walking through dusk is slowed down in the US cut.

US: 2,96 Sek.


The UK shows some hardcore material when both are sitting in the bath tub. This is deleted in the US version and again compensated by slowing down the non-explicit scenes.

US EditedUK

UK: 64,84 Sek. (1:14 Min.)
US: 40,16 Sek.


In the US the scene showing Matt undressing himself and running towards the sea is missing as well as the scene when his penis is visible. The scene when he is jumping into the water and the cut to Lisa are slowed down instead.

US EditedUK

UK: 22,60 Sek.
US: 14,16 Sek.


Starting with the scene in which Matt is covering Lisa's eyes the US version is playing a bit slower. This has been done in order to be able to delete the scenes where Lisa's genital area can be seen while she is tied to the bed.

UK: 16,64 Sek.
US: 16,64 Sek.


During the love scene in which Lisa is lying on the bed constrained and with her eyes covered every explicit shot has been removed. This refers to all of the oral sex scenes and cuts to her pubic area. The US version only shows the soft scenes that are partially slowed down.

US EditedUK

UK: 201,16 Sek. (3:21 Min.)
US: 172,28 Sek. (2:52 Min.)


There is a cut in the US edition as soon as Matt's hand is going down to Lisa's vagina. In the UK you can see him satisfying her.

UK: 27,40 Sek.


The US cuts to Lisa's face while her masturbation can be seen explicitly in the uncut version.

US EditedUK

UK: 3,64 Sek.
US: 3,64 Sek.


In the US Lisa's pubic area is covered by a light. The beginning when Matt is stepping into the room is also missing, instead the scenes are playing a bit slower.

US EditedUK

UK: 7,80 Sek.
US: 7,80 Sek.


Lisa's pubic area is being covered by the light again.

US EditedUK

UK: 12,32 Sek.
US: 12,32 Sek.


The pubic area of Lisa is still covered.

US EditedUK

UK: 30,68 Sek.
US: 30,68 Sek.


In the US version Matt can be seen longer. In the UK Lisa can be seen earlier instead. Her pubic area is still covered.

US EditedUK

UK: 17,20 Sek.
US: 17,20 Sek.


The US is missing another explicit scene showing Matt and Lisa having oral intercourse.

UK: 27,76 Sek.


The US cuts to Matt whereas the UK is showing both during sex again.


UK: 9,88 Sek.
US: 4,48 Sek.


The cut version shows Matt and Lisa lying in bed next to each other. The UK shows the rest of the oral sex followed by Matt's ejaculation.

US EditedUK

UK: 37,64 Sek.
US: 4,08 Sek.


In the US there's another shot of the arctic including a cut to Matt. In the UK the sun over the snow hill can be seen a bit earlier.

US EditedUK

UK: 4,68 Sek.
US: 19,20 Sek.


A new shot can be seen in the edited version. It shows the sun over the snow hill using a color filter.

US: 3,72 Sek.


In the UK Matt and Lisa can be seen explicitly having sex. The US only shows the softer scenes in a different composition.

US EditedUK

UK: 101,80 Sek. (1:41 Min.)
US: 46,20 Sek.


The US cuts to the airplane while the UK continues to show the shadow on the ice.

US EditedUK

UK: 6,64 Sek.
US: 7,56 Sek.


The end critics roll down a bit slower in the US cut.

UK: 101,28 Sek. (1:41 Min.)
US: 133,08 Sek. (2:13 Min.)