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Rasputin: The Mad Monk

The Light at the Edge of the World

Silver Bullet

First Love

Spartacus: Vengeance

2.07 Sacramentum


  • TV-Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 09, 2012 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (Starz) and the Extended Version
(on Blu-ray by Starz/Anchor Bay)

7 extended scenes

The extended episode runs 116 sec. or 1 minute 56 seconds longer than the TV version.
Spartacus and Agron talk longer. Agron says "Would it have made a difference?" when he argues why he didn't bring the men from Damaskus and Gaul but just the Germanic men.

Mira and Spartacus talk longer and come closer. Mira is worried that it's often the people that one trusts most who betray one another. Therefore, she advises to be cautious. The TV version has a different transition
EX: 69s | TV: 8s

Lucretia spots Gannicus in the streets and tells the soldier that he should oversee the people that want to be blessed by her while she talks to Gannicus.
The TV version has a short alternate transition
EX: 11s | TV: 3s

Crixus asks Nevia what she would have done if she hadn't found anything desirable in him.

Glaber looks longer at the naked Seppia.

More passion. The TV version has a half second worth of alternate material.
EX: 18s | TV: 0,5s

More sex.