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Teenage Prostitution Racket, The

original title: Storie di vita e malavita


  • US Blu-ray
  • Italian DVD
Release: May 06, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Blu-ray by Raro Video and the Italian DVD by Raro Video/Nocturno.

The Teenage Prostitution Racket contains of several single episode during which young girls tell about their experience about being a sex slave. Rosina runs away to her aunt in town in order to become a part of her uncle's shady business. Without even knowing it, she falls in love with some pimp who forces her to work for him. At a party, the good little school girl Gisella befriends the wrong people who sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Daniela comes from a good family but the rebelllion against her parents and the love to her john Guido push her into prositution. Then there is also the story of a prostitute who has a dog for protection and her pimp does not like it at all, a woman who loves to have sex outside and also sinful behavior behind convent walls.

The distant narrative style allows a good look into how young girl can wind up as a prostitute without even realizing it before it is too late. The alleged noble intentions of educating are gone pretty fast when the actors start undressing and the movie turns into some kind of exploitation flick.

The first DVD was released by Rorao Video/Nocturno in Italy in April 2005. The DVD only contains Italian audio, there are no subtitles at all. Besides a bonus feature, there are also deleted scene and some of which contain HC scenes. These scenes were shot by Mino Giarda and they were shot for the international market - for countries with less restrictions in particular. Two years later, in May 2007, a German DVD was released by X-Rated. The transfer is one from the Italian DVD but the erotic scenes from the bonus footage are back in the movie. Unfortunately, these deleted scenes have a time stamp and for that reason, the picture has been cropped for the German release - as the subsequent screenshot comparison illustrates.

Other than that, the German DVD is pretty decent though.

In March 2018, Raro Video released a Blu-ray in the US. Even though Raro released the uncut Italian Version on DVD in 2005, some plot is cut on the US Blu-ray. The Blu-ray contains English audio only and it appears the scenes for which there is no English audio are the only ones missing. This is a little disappointing because the Blu-ray is superior to the DVD qualitywise. There are several jump cuts on the DVD that do not exist on the Blu-ray.


Italian DVD: 116:32 min (in PAL)
German DVD: 122:20 min (in PAL)


The Italian DVD starts with the old lady making a pitch for the young girl resp. she offers a quickie with her to some truck driver. He is interested but due to the limited space, all he gets is a BJ. The girl rinses out her mouth and the old lady gets her money. They tag along for a bit and when they get out of the truck, some thugs show up. They want a piece of the pie as well. With one last warning, they have permission to leave.

Italian DVD: 3:32 min


Subsequent to the opening credits, the US Blu-ray contains the scene with the old lady making a pitch for the girl.

US Blu-ray: 3:45 min


The old lady longer when she gets out. The girl looks at the driver, then the old lady earlier when she walks up to the driver.

US Blu-ray: 4 sec


The scene at the track is longer. The thugs are talking about the income being low. It would higher if there were more hookers on the streets though. The thugs decide to prey on girls from poor families in order to achieve their goal.

Italian DVD: 33 sec


In the vehicle, the old lady says the girl's mother would also be happy if he driver had sex with her for money.

Italian DVD: 6 sec


Gabriella's mother slightly earlier when she answers the phone.

US Blu-ray: 0.5 sec


Gabriella's mother has an appointment and leave her in front of the new color TV with some family friend. Starting rather subtle, the guy then starts hitting on Gabriella. When she rejects him, he is surprised about her being such a prude.

She then tells the doc she had been invited to some party by Marina and she had been really curious but it had not been anything like she had imagined.

Italian DVD: 2:01 min


The scene with the token continues. One of the guys raises the question about the Napoleon figure's scale. Gabriella's dad says the size was correct but comparing it to another figure reveals the Napoleon figure too big. Gabriella's dad refuses to believe that though.

Italian DVD: 42 sec


Gabriella and her two pimps enter the room a little earlier.

US Blu-ray: 1 sec


Daniela tells Gulio about her decision to move out from her parents. Gulio does not get it because she has a good life there.

Then the two of them at the park. Daniela tells Gulio not to worry because she knew what she doing. She explains she was about to get her apartment where he could visit her anytime. Gulio wants to help but he also says Daniela had to let her parents know soon.

Italian DVD: 1:18 min


Daniela a little longer at her dad's.

Daniela says to Gulio it had not been the right moment to discuss it with her dad. Gulio makes it clear that she had to do something because her dad was an important man and easy to being compromised and it was up to her now to tell him the truth.

They then are sitting in the car, listening to the radio.

Italian DVD: 1:26 min


The street a little earlier.

US Blu-ray: 1 sec


The four thugs get in the building. They tell the women to make some money and they tell the accountant to beat it.

Italian DVD: 23 sec


Subsequent to Antonietta in the asylum, the US Blu-ray contains an additional shot of some mannequin.

US Blu-ray: 1 sec


The US Blu-ray lacks the end of the scene with the administrative director getting what he wants: The novice.

Italian DVD: 2 sec


The father insignificantly longer on the US Blu-ray.

US Blu-ray: 0.5 sec


The three of them earlier in the car.

US Blu-ray: 2 sec