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  • R-Rated VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 21, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened US-VHS by 20th Century Fox and the uncut German DVD by EuroVideo.

In the US, an R-Rated Version of Sam Peckinpah's classic Straw Dogs has been edited. Mostly, the rape scenes are either cut or recut.

10 cuts on the VHS
2 scenes with footage removed to a different timeindex.
1 frame cut on the DVD

Difference = 84.63 sec
Timeindex: US-VHS / German DVD


Jumpcut when David and Amy are driving in the car.

1.24 sec


The beginning of the shot of a tractor passing by David sitting in his car is longer on VHS.

+1.13 sec


After Charlie suggested to meet Venner at Wakely's, there's a film tear in the VHS Version. One sees David and Venner says from the off: "You know the pub?"
David: "Yes, I do."
Norman Scutt: "Well, we'd better get back to work, sir."

5.64 sec


The VHS lacks a shot that implies Venner penetrating into Amy.

3.8 sec


The end of the shot of David is missing. Subsequently Venner and Amy. When Amy turns her head away from Venner, the VHS is back in the game.

2.4 sec


Amy and Venner continue having sex. Looks like Amy enjoys it.

3.72 sec


The beginning of the shot of Amy has been removed. She looks at Venner and moans. The VHS doesn't continue until she turns her head away.

2.88 sec


The shot of Amy is longer in the Uncut Version. Amy obviously enjoys it and moans quietly.

11.28 sec


Norman opens his pants and sits on the sofa. When Amy notices him, she tries to get up but Venner pushes her down. Normans is kneeing behing Amy. Then a shot of Amy screaming.

13.56 sec


Now, the shortened VHS contains vier little scenes the Uncut Version has already made use of. Norman opens his pants, Amy turns around, Normans sits on the sofa and Amy screams. (+4.84 sec)

The Uncut DVD contains footage of Amy getting raped by Norman while Venner is holding her. He also strokes her cheek. (6.64 sec)

Difference: 1.8 sec


In the VHS Version, the shot of Venner is interrupted by insertions already made use of in the Uncut Version. The DVD contains the uncensored and uncut rape scene though.

The VHS shows Venner, then Amy's face twisted with pain and Venner with his finger on her cheek. Then Venner again. (+8.68 sec)

The Uncut Version shows Venner looking down to Amy whose face is twisted in pain. Intercut of David getting up and walkking across the grass. Venner slowly lets go of Amy and stars at Norman. He just keeps raping Amy while the camera shows her face. Then he stops and Venner is still looking at him. So, Norman reaches for his gun and smiles at Venner. Venner averts his gaze and lets finally go of Amy. Now Amy turns around. (48.12 sec)

Difference: 39.44 sec