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  • Theatrical Version
  • TV Extended Version
Release: Dec 10, 2010 - Author: Basic.Master - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The DVD versions so far released are all identical (By 01 Dec 2010); for this comparison the steelbook version was used.

The announcement of the HD TV stated that ARTE would show the digital remastered version of the Joseph Vilsmaier classic from 1992. For this report, the frame rate of the broadcast was feduced from 50 to 25 fps (by demmoving every second frame) to make the versions easier to compare.Every statement of frames is based on a 25 fps frame rate.

The picture quality of the DVD does not live up to the medium's possibilities, the HD master by arte, on the other hand, was very good. At some points, however, the arte version uses footage of similar quality to the DVD. This is probably due to some scenes that have been added or exchanged.
The aspect ratio of the arte version is 1,85:1 (DVD: 1,78:1) and shows a slightly larger part of the image.

The arte version is longer than the one contained n the DVD and features new scenes (mainly during the fights). However, there are also pieces from the DVD version missing due to mastering mistakes. The ending of the arte version is interrupted as well for no apparent reason, probably it was a mistake.


  • Shots that can only be seen in the arte version: 26 (total of 482,96 sec = 12074 frames)
  • Shots that can only be seen in the DVD version: 9 (total of 21,84 seconds = 546 frames)
  • Alternative shots used: 2
  • Sequences moved on the timescale: 1
  • arte version longer than the DVD by 461,12 sec = 11528 frames
  • Time mady up of single missing frames, mastering mistakes etc: ca. 4 Sekunden

Time designations are formatted like this:
Time on the DVD version / time on the arte version

Picture comparison:

DVD version:

arte version:

0:19:19 / 0:19:19 – Only in the DVD version.
The demolition of the house starts earlier.
50 frames = 2,00 sec

0:22:06 / 0:22:04
Several soldiers share a cigarette stub. The walking soldiers can be seen earlier.
175 frames = 7,00 sec

0:22:26 / 0:22:32
A screaming soldier with both legs missing is lying on the ground.
43 frames = 1,72 sec

0:22:58 / 0:23:05
A soldier shoots. Several wounded soldiers are being dragged into the trench by their comrades, while someone commands them to go into cover.
457 frames = 18,28 sec

0:23:35 / 0:23:59
A hand grenade is being thrown, some soldiers advance but many die in the enemy gunfire.
153 frames = 6,12 sec

0:26:09 / 0:26:40
Again, some soldiers advance. A russian cannon is shooting and is being attacked with two hand grenades.
370 frames = 14,80 sec

0:27:19 / 0:28:05
The walk into the hall continues.
178 frames = 7,12 sec

0:27:35 / 0:28:28
The soldier in the fog can be seen earlier.
10 frames = 0,40 sec

0:27:37 / 0:28:31
The soldier stares with eyes and mouth wide open at his comrade who will shoot him by mistake in a moment.
23 frames = 0,92 sec

0:37:20 / 0:38:15 – Only in the DVD version.
The soldiers with the white flag can be seen earlier.
49 frames = 1,96 sec

0:45:05 / 0:45:58
Several soldiers talk about the mail they received from home. Eventually, one of them shows the guy sitting next to him a picture of his grandpa with a hare on his arm while telling him that their house was bombed but no one harmed except the hare. He also states that he had told his father not to buy a house but a truck instead because they were mobile and could not be hit that easily by bombs.
1376 frames = 55,04 sec

0:45:08 / 0:46:56 - Alternative shots in the DVD version
There is a cut to the picture of the grandpa and the Es erfolgt ein Schnitt auf das Bild mit dem Opa und seinem Zuchthasen, danach wieder ein Schnitt zurück. Das Gespräch läuft währenddessen weiter.
65 frames = 2,60 sec

0:45:08 / 0:46:56 – Alternative shots in the extended version
The shot showing the boy continues during the talk.
65 frames = 2,60 sec

0:48:41 / 0:50:29
Rohleder is longer angry, he says that nothing mattered anymore anyway. The view of the room is a tiny bit longer.
410 frames = 16,40 sec

0:48:47 / 0:50:51
More shooting. Pflüger's severed arm is hanging on a rope that is being dragged away. A soldier is using the field telephone when the lieutenant orders him to do so after he saw the arm.
583 frames = 23,32 sec

0:49:44 / 0:52:11
The boy approaches the grate. Several soldiers go through a hole in the wall.
285 frames = 11,40 sec

0:51:16 / 0:53:55
The soldiers go through the canalisation longer. Rohleder stumbles and falls into the water. The soldiers then get stop and go back because they have lost the lieutenant.
533 frames = 21,32 sec

0:54:00 / 0:57:01 – Only in the DVD version.
The scene at the waterfall starts earlier.
52 frames = 2,08 sec

0:55:04 / 0:58:03
Two soldiers are standing in a corridor in the canalisation.
72 frames = 2,88 sec

0:55:06 / 0:58:09
The two soldiers go on, wait for a second and then go around a corner.
366 frames = 14,64 sec

0:57:46 / 1:01:04
The soldier in the field hospital can be seen earlier.
55 frames = 2,20 sec

0:57:49 / 1:01:08
The stretcher with the soldier is being lifted up.
18 frames = 0,72 sec

1:02:06 / 1:05:27
The overlay stating the date and the time the army has been surrounded (4 weeks) is missing in the arte version.
no difference in time

1:02:13 / 1:05:34
The workers in the snow can be seen longer.
79 frames = 3,16 sec

1:02:50 / 1:06:13
The soldier on the right is laughing. One of the mine searchers is falling down, another one comes to help him but an overseer sends him away. Eventually, they are all told to go on with their work.
1044 frames = 41,76 sec

1:02:55 / 1:07:00 - Alternative shots in the DVD version
Soldiers' boots can be seen. They beat the ground with sticks to search for mines..
126 frames = 5,04 sec

1:02:55 / 1:07:00 - Alternative shots in the arte version
Rohleder takes Ge Ge's mask off, his frozen ear falls into his hand. A few metres away a mine explodes and several soldiers are lying dead on the ground afterwards. Two soldiers take about a dead comrade and say that should have died as a hero on the front.
1135 frames = 45,40 sec

1:04:21 / 1:09:07 – Moved sequence
The arte version shows a sequence here (until 1:14:23) that can be seen in the DVD version from 1:07:52 to 1:10:38.
In a nutshell: They drive on the load space of a truck, during this they pass a fire where corpses are burnt.

1:04:21 / 1:14:23 – Only in the DVD version.
The getting off of the truck starts earlier.
50 frames = 2,00 sec

1:07:52 / 1:17:52 – Moved sequence
The DVD version shows a sequence here (until 1:10:38) that can be seen in the arte version from 1:09:07 tos 1:14:23. (compare [1:04:21]

1:08:00 / 1:09:15
The truck and the motorcycle can be seen longer. A soldier talks to a non-com on the loading area of the truck. The soldiers talk and have a fight when they discuss their bad situation and some make remarks about Hitler. Ge Ge is sad about his ear and is worried because he wanted to marry when he would come back.
2123 frames = 84,92 sec

1:08:59 / 1:11:39
The soldier describes more explicitly how everything at home seemed strange to him, how he did not feel anything when he saw his old room again and how he could not control himself.
1459 frames = 58,36 sec

1:09:07 / 1:12:45
Ditto. He says that he was not able to keep his mouth shut.
188 frames = 7,52 sec

1:27:15 / 1:34:30 – Only in the DVD version.
The soldiers' walk to the tent starts earlier.
54 frames = 2,16 sec

1:40:34 / 1:47:47
The soldiers can be seen longer. Ge Ge stops and points at a sign that states “Villa Russenpech“ (approx. Villa of the Russian's misfortune).
184 frames = 7,36 sec

1:40:41 / 1:48:01 – Only in the DVD version.
The tent in the snow can be seen earlier.
50 frames = 2,00 sec

1:42:07 / 1:49:26
The soldier mocks captain Musk longer by contemptuously stating his personal data.
461 frames = 18,44 sec

1:47:58 / 1:55:35
Captain Haller, lying on the ground, crawls away from the soldier.
229 frames = 9,16 sec

1:59:39 / 2:07:25 – Only in the DVD version.
The scene in which the Captain is being brought outside starts earlier.
50 frames = 2,00 sec

2:10:22 / 2:18:06 – With this picture the ending of the arte version suddenly stops.
2961 frames = 118,44s are missing (not counted in the statistics)