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Special Double Disc Edition by Contender Entertainment (slightly retouched but more realistic - more details in the introduction of the comparison)

The War of the Worlds


National Lampoon's Vacation

Thelma & Louise


The Covenant

Romper Stomper


  • UK DVD (Contender Entertainment)
  • Old German DVD
Release: Aug 10, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Cmopared are the uncut German DVD by Capelight (contentwise identically equal to the new UK edition by Contender Entertainment) and the uncut old German edition by Universum Film.

1 retouched scene = no difference

This is an incredibly curious one because there are three alternate scenes of Bubs, the boy that got shot: the blood from the bullet wound in the forehead has been retouched from version to version. The uncut US DVD by Fox, the old UK editions on VHS and DVD and also the shortened German VHS by UFA contain the more harmless version of the scene (comparison). The uncut German DVD by Capelight and the new UK edition by Contender Entertainment contain a bit more blood while the old German DVD by Universum Film is the bloodiest but also the cheaper version. The reasons for retouching that scene several times is unknown. But to be fair, the slightly retouched German DVD by Capelight / the UK DVD by Contender Entertainment appears to be the preferable choice when it comes to this particular scene because it looks more realistic while the additional blood in the "uncensored" version makes it look like a special effect gone wrong. It's just too much.
70 Min
The shot of Bubs with a bullet hole in his forehead is different. The "uncensored" version is more bloody.
no difference

German DVD by Capelight / UK DVD by Contender EntertainmentOld German edition by Universum Film