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  • Chinese DVD
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 18, 2020 - Author: Sun Wukong - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

You wouldn't think it possible, but the two theatrical films of the enormously successful HBO series Sex and the City have actually made it to the store shelves in China as official releases. Even the seasoned author of censorship comparisons is astonished, since nude scenes on the screens in China are rather frowned upon. And the lifestyle of the New York chic circles revolving around fashion and branded goods is also difficult to reconcile with socialist ideals (but it reflects the attitude to life of the Chinese Nouveau Riche with alarming accuracy).

Anyway, the movie was released and not only the four minutes of censorship are interesting here, but especially the things that were left in the movie, but were problematic in other films. Same-sex kisses had to be cut in movies like Alien: Covenant or Atomic Blonde, here they are all available. Open-hearted conversations about all kinds of problems in bed, relationship stress and adultery: also included. Even softer nude scenes - such as a short shower scene by Charlotte - have made it through the censorship process unscathed.

As far as we know, the film has not been released in Chinese cinemas. This may explain the relatively restrained censorship interventions. The Chinese DVD is based on the extended cut (see comparison).

The cut Chinese DVD was compared to the uncut German DVD (extended cut).

6 cuts = 243.6 sec. or approx. 4 minutes 4 seconds

Cynthia and Steve are having sex. Cynthia is pushing Steve to finish, which really hurts Steve's feelings.
49 seconds

Samantha watches her neighbor have sex.
45.28 seconds

Samantha watches the neighbor again.
5.84 seconds

Samantha is covered in sushi and waits for her boyfriend. After some time, he calls the answering machine and says that he will be late. When Samantha hears that her neighbors are doing it again, she loses her patience and instead gawps at the neighbor during the threesome.
101 seconds

Cynthia and Steve are having sex, this time much more passionate.
14.48 seconds

Samantha gawks at her neighbor in the shower. The cut makes for a nasty jumpcut including a connection error: Samantha's sunglasses slide up as if by magic.
28 seconds