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Sex And The City


  • Theatrical version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 02, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Even though the theatrical cut of Sex and the City turned out to be a little more tame than the show fans should have left theaters after two and a half hours, being generally pleased. At least Carrie eventually gets to marry Mr. Big.

The additional scenes don't extensively change the film but Charlotte as a cow is something to look at.

Using additional time to show Big during the phase of breaking up, that would have been a far more intersting extended cut. But this isn't granted to us except for the tiny moment on New Year's Eve. Viewers that primarily want to suffer along with Carrie might see it as the right decision but a little more screetime for Big would have doubtlessly made a better movie. However Sex And The City" still is one of the better film adaptations of a TV show.

Theatrical version: 139:12 minutes
Extended cut: 144:41 minutes

The extended cut is 5:29 minutes longer, counting 13 differences in total. Those consist of 7 relevant extensions und some peanuts close to them.
32. minute

During the clean-out of Carrie's closet the extended cut has a longer shot of the other three ladies sitting on the bed.
16 frames

In exchange the theatrical version includes a shot during the voting which is longer in the beginning.
-17 frames

The fashion parade with 80's clothes continues. Now the other three ladis dress in Carrie's old clothes and dance out of the closet. Even Charlotte's daughter Lilly takes part in it. In the end they all dance together in Carrie's bedroom.
71,5 sec

33. minute

For only a moment longer Carrie's empty apartment is on screen.
9 frames

Carrie unpluges the telephone system in her empty apartment and turns off the light before she ultimately leaves.
19,5 sec

In exchange the theatrical version has a little longer shot of her walking towards the door.
-2 sec

57. minute

After the arrival in Mexico we see more of Carrie alone in the bathroom. There's also more material of her walking through the house by herself.
26,5 sec

71. minute

As Miranda looks for a new apartment and walks around the corner and by the movers the extended cut presents alternate shots. It also runs a bit longer.
3,5 sec

Miranda enters the apartment which is being emptied out. She looks around and tells the movers that she's interested in the place.
20,5 sec

74. minute

There's a slightly longer shot of Samantha in bed with her boyfriend. Then we later see her talking to Carrie on the phone. She explains that she won't be coming to New York that often for now because she needs to take care of her relationship in Los Angeles. Carrie is amused and surprised by this unusual behavior of Samantha. Interestingly Carie is talking on a public phone because she threw away her cell phone.
38,5 sec

77. minute

After Carrie bought the issue of Vogue with her pictures in it she walks to Charlotte's place. She tells her that people who don't know Carrie's story will only see the nice pictures of Carrie in a wedding dress. And the people who do know Carrie will know what an asshole Big is. Then Charlotte, her husband, Lilly and Carrie go trick-or-treating - but only in the apartment building they live in. Everyone's dressed up - Charlotte as a cow, only Carrie goes as a "41 year old unmarried woman". Lilly goes as Cinderella and wears a mask. As Carrie runs into a friend which expresses sympathy for the cancelled wedding Carrie grabs Lilly's mask and puts it on.
98,5 sec

90. minute

There's a moment more footage of Carrie sitting in front of her laptop on New Year's Eve after typing the word "Love..." and deleting the last two points.
-2 sec

In exchange her cell phone rings in the extended cut. It's her boyfriend who just is at a party and he wishes that Carrie joins him on this terrific New Year's party. But actually he just wants to be saved from it because everyone's so fake-happy and the party is boring.
Both have a laugh and the call ends.
53 sec