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  • Old R-Rated Version
  • New R-Rated DVD / BBFC 18
Release: Feb 21, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored old R-Rated Version, taken from the German DVD and the uncut old unrated / new US R-Rated Version, taken from the UK BBFC18 DVD.

- 5 cuts
- Total cut length: 16,4 sec

I do not think that much has to be said about Jackie Chan's US production The Protector from 1985 as it is well-known amongst fans anyway, more info can be taken from other censorship reports on this site or from other pages. I do want to stress, however, that this report only covers the US Version of the movie and not the alternative HK cut made by Jackie himself.
The movie had to be cut at the time of the release in order to get the R-Rating from the MPAA, which demanded the removal of a few shots of the brutal bar shooting at the beginning. The later DVD release of the movie, however, contains the uncut version despite having the R-Rating, either due to a more liberal policy of the MPAA or because Warner just did not know that the version they were about to release is the uncut version which had never got the R-Rated sign.

A big thanks goes to Mr. White
Company logos / Credits

The German DVD starts with the credits (yellow writing on black background). The different company logos of the various international releases result in the following differences in running time:
- The British DVD shows the logos of Fortune Star and Golden Harvest, counting for 48 sec.
- The French DVD features the logos of Metropolitan, Fortune Star und Golden Harvest, adding up to 59 sec.
- The US DVD only contains one logo, that of Warner Brothers running for 12 sec.
- The HK DVD Reissue by JoySales ( which contains in contrast to the old version the US Version as well) shows the Golden Harvest logo of 18 sec. The one of Fortune Star was placed before the movie file.


After the cut to the leader of the gang the old R-Rated instantly shows Billy looking downwards.

The uncut versions show the giant tumble around.
Billy shakes his head, causing the guy to tower up again and say: "Aw, man, you shouldn't have done that!".
When he raises his weapon, Billy shoots four times more. The guy is hit respectively and slowly falls to the ground.

11,4 sec


After the shot of Billy a cut to the giant is missing. He sits on the floor now, the weapon is falling out of his hand.

2,6 sec


The shot of the criminal landing on the pinball machine and being roasted is longer.

1,1 sec


The first shot of Billy's partner Michael being is is longer, he is being pushed backwards by the shots longer.

0,5 sec


After the cut to the bad guys the next and last alteration: A few frames at the beginning of the shot, in which Micheals torso pretty perforated can be seen better.

0,8 sec

Lastly, thanks to the support from Mr. White, here is a picture comparison of a few internationally available DVDs. As already mentioned, they all contain the uncut version except the German Version and the lastly mentioned releases featuring the alternative HK Version.

German DVD

British DVD

French DVD


HK-DVD Reissue JoySales

Spanish DVD

Czech DVD

HK-DVD Universe (HK Cut)

French DVD (HK Cut)

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