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1.09 Why?


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Aug 16, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 21 differences, including 4 scenes with altered audio & 3 scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 16.4 sec

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 9 ("Why?") only differes during a few seconds. Several minor dialog was censored and some plot sequences were taken out. Also, there are a few zooms while they again pay Lucille's club a visit, along with some other alterations (digitally censored boobs and zooms). At the end, Ed's genital area - which the original not even shows - is covered up by a towel. Of course, Sam swears more often in the uncut version.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
At the beginning, the TV Version includes a recap that we will not talk about any further. This addition explains the additional difference in time.

Censored Audio
00:59 / 00:22

On TV we hear "Geez!", on the Blu-ray it is "Jesus!"

01:12 / 00:35-00:37

The colleague comments on the men towards the beginning: "Built like a brick shithouse."

1,7 sec

01:29-01:37 / 00:54 bzw 06:56-07:03

In the TV Version, the title screen already shows up prior to the scene with the informer Mike (followed by the credits with identical shots).
On Blu-ray, the title card is postponed after the conversation of Charles and Ken.

TV Version 1.4 sec longer

03:54 / 03:11

At this point, the shot of Brian begins a little earlier. The reason is some censored audio. After all, Mike talks about his tumultuous night more explicit: "(...because the blood) and shit..."

0.4 sec

08:54 / 08:17-08:19

The police officer (Sabovich) comments a little longer: "Cute meets your mom and gives you a handjob."

1.3 sec

08:59 / 08:24-08:25

His colleague (Markham) reacts to Sam's daugther-statement: "Bullshit!"

1.6 sec

09:52 / 09:18-09:24

The conversation between Charmain and Sam is longer.

Sam: "(Well, that's something you'll outgrow), along with being 22.
Charmain: "I'm 23."
Charmain: "In a month."
Sam: "Oh."

6.4 sec

10:03 / 09:36-09:40

The shot in the club begins earlier. As a result, the camera pans down from the girl's face and breasts.

4.2 sec

Digital Effect
10:29-10:34 / 10:06-10:11

During the following shot, the dancer's breasts were censored for the TV Version.

TV VersionBlu-ray

10:49-10:52 / 10:26-10:29

When she turns to Brian, the shot was zoomed.

TV VersionBlu-ray

15:14-15:30 / 14:51-15:07

Again, two subsequent shots were zoomed in in order to get rid of the half-naked dancer in the background.

TV VersionBlu-ray

16:34 / 16:11-16:13

The reporter is shown longer; Sam swears again: "Get the fuck out of here."

1.5 sec

Censored Audio
16:38 / 16:17

Sam swears.

TV Version: "What are you doing?"
Blu-ray: "What the fuck are you doing?"

Alternative Scene
16:41-16:42 / 16:20-16:21

Alternative shot of Sam. Only on Blu-ray he says "What the fuck?"

Blu-ray 0.3 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

Censored Audio
16:42 / 16:21

During the subsequent shot, his sentence to his colleague was shot in two versions.

TV Version: "Writing a novel?"
Blu-ray: "Writing a fucking novel?"

23:49 bzw 24:58-26:56 / 23:27-25:25

Before they interrogate Bunchy, the Blu-ray already shows the scene of Charles an Ken which the TV version shows after the interrogation.

No difference in time.

Alternative Scene
28:21-28:23 / 27:58-28:00

Sal attacks Charmain a little longer: "Your costume, your hair, and your tits... (got two good men killed today)."
Before the two versions are back in sync during the sentence that is written in brackets, Charmain reacts differently as well: On Blu-ray with "Fuck you", on TV with "Go to hell!"
Also, Charmain is shown a little longer on the Blu-ray, while the TV Version shows Sam a little earlier.

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

Censored Audio
35:52 / 35:28

One of Brian's "Jesus!" was muted on the soundtrack.

Digital Effect
36:40-36:43 / 36:15-36:18

In the TV Version, Ed's towel is a little longer.

TV VersionBlu-ray

During the following shots, there are no differences when he can be seen in the background.

37:26 / 37:01

Sam's first word was taken out: "Goddamn it!"

0.4 sec

Alternative Scene
37:36 / 37:12-

Alternative take. Sam swears: "This isn't a fucking fairytale, Charmain!"

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

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