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  • US TV Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Apr 29, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
On September 10th in 2005 the smash hit anime "Naruto" started airing in the "Toonami" program of Cartoon Network. However, for a lower rating some edits were necessary.
Yet, the level of editing is really moderate (especially compared to the german which contains almost not a single drop of blood and is also otherwise HEAVILY censored). Usually it's just that some blood has been removed or reduced, the fights itself are usually completly intact.
Besides that the US version had some scenes redrawn. Ususally faces of characters or other minor "mistakes" were corrected, to look more like the manga.

Of course the US version had it's own opener and ending, which was resented by many fans because it wasn't really a song, sounding as good as the original songs used for opening and ending credits. Besides that all the original names were kept, but some are spelled or pronounced not correctly.
Yet, the US version is very good - for a censored version.

For comparisons goes:
Left: japanese version
Right: US version

This report is about:
Episode 01
US title: Enter: Uzumaki Naruto!
Japanese title: Sanjō! Uzumaki Naruto! (参上!うずまきナルト)

About this episode: only one single flashback of Kaiza's execution. The remaining differences are modifications. Apart from the opening and final credits, there's no time difference in this episode.
The tracking shot at the beginning has been modified. The camera tracks to the top on the left side in the Japanese Version and the the bottom on the right in the US Version.

no difference

Naruto's position is slightly different. Furthermore his jaw moves up and down in the US Version (which is hard to recognize on the screenshots).

no difference

Sasuke has been redrawn plus the animation has been renewed. The Japanese Version only contains a static Sasuke, who's being moved sidewards without any animation to create the illusion that he's moving. In the US Version, he really walks and moves regularly (that's why the shadows have different positions).

no difference

Kaiza is tied up to a cross. In the flashback, the cross has been by a stake again.

no difference


no difference


no difference

The flashback of Naruto ramming the Kunai in his hand has been replaced by a shot of Naruto's face.

no difference