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Sledge Hammer!

1.01 Under the Gun


  • TV Version
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 17, 2018 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the TV Version and the Uncut Version (both available on the German Retail DVD Box by Marketing Film).

The TV Version of the episode has a length of 24 minutes, just like any other episode. For that reason, the pilot was edited by the network. The shorter TV Version then was exported to any other country worldwide.

There are 13 cuts with a total length of 244.16 seconds (approx. 4 minutes).

Length of the Uncut Version (end credits excluded): 28.07 minutes
Length of the TV Version (end credits excluded): 24.05 minutes

Time index refers to the Uncut Version.
Missing comment after the Mayor reads the ransom demand.
Mayor: "1 Million Dollars? Good Lord!"
3.8 sec

Sledge makes a comment regarding the sniper: "No-good yoghurt-eating creep".
3.48 sec

After Sledge admits to not having been aware of the Mayor's daughter's abduction, some dialog is missing.
Capt. Trunk: "What's the matter with you, Hammer? Don't you read the papers?"
Sledge: "No, I prefer to get my information from more reliable sources like rumor and small children."
8.4 sec

After Sledge explains his "rules", some more dialog is missing.
Doreau: "Don't tell me! I bet you think that all women should be barefoot and pregnant."
Sledge: "No, I encourage women to wear shoes!"
6.44 sec

Sledge approaches the guy to take him away.
Sledge: „"Alright, Troublemaker, let's go."
The towel around the guy's hips comes off and colored boxers appear.
Guy: "These were a christmas gift!"
7.48 sec

The entire interrogation of the guy is missing!
Guy: "I already told you, I'm gonna die but I know nothin'! It's freezin' in here, can I have some hot coffee or somethin'?"
Sledge: "Yeah, sure! Yeah, Doreau, pass me the hot coffee, would you? It is cold in here, isn't it?"
Sledge pours coffee in the guy's crotch area.
Sledge: "Oh, I forgot to give you a cup! I'm sorry!"
Doreau: "What are you doing, Hammer?"
Guy: "You did that on purpose! You can't do that, man, I have my rights!"
Sledge goes for the guy's throat.
Sledge: "Listen, creep. Look, I'm Inspector Sledge Hammer and I don't give a damn about the rights of criminals! The only rights I'm interested in defending are the rights of [Hammer hesitates] American citizens!"
Guy: "How about…"
Sledge: "Shut up! Don't confuse me!"
Sledge lets go of the guy.
Guy: "I ain't tellin' you pigs nothing!"
The guy imitates pigs, then he laughs.
Sledge: "Okay, slimeball! I'm taking you to the circus!"
Guy: "The circus?"
Sledge puts the guy in front of the wall with colored balloons. Circus music is playing in the background.
Guy: "I've never been to the circus before. What are you talking about, man, 'I'm going to the circus'?"
Sledge grabs a rifle.
Sledge: "OK, for the last time: What do you know?"
Sledge loads the rifle.
Mann: "You don't scare me, man, you ain't gonna shoot!"
Sledge shoots a balloon.
Guy: "OK, OK, OK!"
Doreau: "Hammer!"
Sledge reloads the rifle. The guy starts stuttering resp. he is giving Sledge some pieces of information while Sledge keeps shooting balloons. When the guy has already revealed that a guy called Loxley abducted the Mayor's daughter with the help of an inside man, Sledge gets blindfolded by Doreau. Sledge then explains the shot he never managed to make was about to follow - Sledge here is refering to the balloon right above the guy's head. Sledge aims wildly across the room and the guy coughs up another piece of information. At some point, he slides down the wall in tears and Sledge shoots the last balloon.
Doreau: "You hit the balloon!"
Sledge: "Yeah, I know. I missed!"
The subsequent tracking shot of the station is longer as well.
158.08 sec

Sledge keeps complaining about how tough a cop's life is.
Sledge: "Everybody wants results but, you know, nobody's willing to do it! Nobody's gonna take the action."
6.64 sec

After Capt. Trunk says the guy Sledge interrogated was just about to file a complaint, some more dialog is missing.
Capt. Trunk: "He said that you turned a simple questioning into […] carneval, Hammer!"
Sledge: "It was just the two of us! I mean, there was no trapez act, no elephants and the flavor of the carneval…"
7.68 sec

The Mayor keeps yelling at Sledge.
Mayor: "I have no course now but to capitulate, thanks to you!"
3.38 sec

Cop: "Hammer, I'm ordering you to return to your apartment and to stay there! I'm sorry, I'll have to ask you for your badge."
Sledge hands over his badge to the cop.
9.16 sec

Guy (to Doreau): "Hand over the money, tramp, and you'll be escorting us to that check, too."
7.92 sec

After Doreau is being made aware of her promotion, a further piece of dialog is missing.
Doreau: "What about Hammer? He backed me up! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him."
Cop: "Hammer broke the rules, he will remain on suspension."
7.16 sec

When the Mayor tells Doreau she better worry about her own career, a shot from the previous cut has been reinserted here. A longer comment by the Mayor follows.
Mayor: "Now come on, let's get going! There are 50 reporters waiting outside. There is your acceptance speech, basically it just says how much you admire my administration and how well you think I react under fire. I wrote it myself."
16.16 sec cut / 14.56 sec difference