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Season 11 UK-Box / Region 2 / PAL (equals the upcoming Vol. 10 in the US)

Deep Throat

Trilogy of Terror

Halloween II Steelbook

Tales From the Hood 2

Family Guy

9.06 Brian Writes a Bestseller


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Dec 20, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version.

- 4 alterations, including three instances of audio censorship
- Difference in running time: 9,5 sec

Looks like FOX wants to fly high with the Family Guy releases in the UK. While the recently released US box "Vol. 9" at least contains the last episodes of S8 plus the first ones of S9 (available as S10 in the UK since May 2011! / the comparisons are already online), S11 (aka Vol. 10 in the US) is available since November 2011 in the UK. This DVD box contains the remaining episodes of S9. Unfortunately, this DVD release doesn't contain any audio commentaries like the previous releases did. It might be, but that's just an assumption of mine, that the commentaries haven't been recorded so far because the release of the US counterpart "Vol. 10" isn't yet in sight. The episodes themselves are completely uncensored, as usual.

The third episode on the box, 9x06 ("Brian Writes a Bestseller"), is almost two minutes longer on DVD. This is mainly due to two large plot additions. The first one of these two replaces the good joke about Renée Zellweger, favoring another gag, which is a bit overused. On the other side, the TV Version is also heavily censored because a lot of audio censoring involving beeps can be heard. A new element was added in this episode as well, as Brian is being ridiculed by Bill Maher in a real action sequence, in which the censorship concerning bad words does not only involve beeps but also covering up his mouth.

Brian is complaining longer in order to get Stewie's attention: "This ticks me off, so much! Jeez. Oh, man!"

6,7 sec

Audio Censoring

The guy in the coma is swearing uncensored: "You fucking idiot!"

picture for orientation

Alternative Footage

The boss of Penguin Publishing's mistress is less dressed on DVD.

no difference in time

TV VersionDVD Version

Audio Censoring

When Brian talks about the new Michael Jackson biography, the word in bold is being replaced by the more direct rectum on DVD "rectum".
"Unless it was written by a ten-year-old's bottom, who cares?"

Therefore, the mouth animations are slightly different (picture from the DVD Version).

no difference in time
picture for orientation

Alternative Footage

Brian's meeting with Renée Zellweger is completely different.

In the TV Version, Brian and Stewie can be seen insignificantly longer and then Renée with a huge mouth at the table. She briefly greets Brian and then eats a cockroach off the floor. Stewie and Brian leave, when they are outside Stewie says: "They seemed really nice."

In the DVD Version, there is a rather long talk between Brian and the normally looking Renée, making fun of her partner.

Renée: "Hi, Brian. This is my agent, Richard."
Brian: "Hey, good to meet you. How's Bradley?"
He turns to Stewie: "Renée dates Bradley Cooper."
Renée: "Really great. He's really found his niche, you know. He's really got the cheap, forgettable lead thing down, which is great."
Brian: "That's fantastic, 'cause you know, I might bankroll this comedy, and we need somebody who is not that funny and not that good looking, and that you forget about, the second you leave the theater."
Renée: "I think Bradley would be perfect for that!"
Brian: "Are you sure? Because we really need someone who constantly seems like they're about to be big, but keeps not actually being big."
Renée: "Well, he'd really want to see the script, but I mean, that's what Bradley does."
Brian: "I don't know. We really need somebody, who has not been the best thing in anything he's ever been in, ever. I mean the kind of guy who can get overshadowed by Zach Galifianakis or Ed Helms."
Renée: "Well, of course, I can't speak for Bradley, but I really think he'd want to be considered for this."
Brian: "Yeah, the thing is, for this roll, we need a guy who has all the characteristics that you would describe as handsome, but who is not actually handsome himself!"
Renée: "Well, again, only Brad can speak for Brad, but this seems right for him."
Brian: "Yeah, I think he'd be right, too. The problem is, we'd like to find an actor, who has been given a lot of chances to shine, but who has never actually shined. Not one single time!"
Renée: "Well, I think he'd be... I got to get back to my dinner here, but I think he'd be perfect! And I really hope you keep Bradley Cooper in mind."
Brian: "All right, well, we got to go."
He leaves and Stewie says "Hey." again.
Outside, the animation is a bit different as Brian is already on the left side of the picture, but Stewie says the same.

DVD Version 63,9 sec longer

Audio Censoring

Brian's swearing was shortened on TV: "I should be sitting in the front goddamn room!"

DVD Version 0,3 sec longer
picture for orientation

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, Stewie comments "Dear God, he's become a monster!".

In the DVD Version, however, Stewie talks to Rupert and a clip with Stewie and his Russian grandma follows.

Stewie: "I swear, Rupert, Brian has become a monster. That trip was sheer hell! It was even worse than visiting my Russian grandma."
Stewie nun im Einspieler auf dem Schoß einer alten Frau, die sagt: "Come here, babupka. Let me put your fingers in my mouth. I want to press my cold, loose face onto your warm, tight face and breathe meat into your nose. But now, I wrap you in a sticky towel and lay you in a bucket of beet juice. Now I put herring in bucket with you, so you have friend."
Stewie comments: "You know what? I bet my ways would seem just as foreign to you."

DVD Version 29,4 sec longer

Audio Censoring / Alternative Footage

Bill Maher can freely say "Tells me Americans will get all Christ-y about any sort of stupid shit."
His mouth was blurred in the TV Version.

no difference in time

TV VersionDVD Version

Audio Censoring / Alternative Footage

The same applies to Arianna Huffington's "Hey, fuck you, man."

no difference in time

TV VersionDVD Version

Audio Censoring / Alternative Footage

Brian and the others can be seen a bit shorter in the TV Version. This is because Bill Maher's sentence from the off is longer on DVD:
"If you're gonna take a dump on people..."

DVD Version 0,3 sec longer
picture for orientation

Audio Censoring

Bill Maher (from the off) is swearing again: "Oh, shit!"

picture for orientation

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