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Burn Notice

5.10 Army of One


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 11, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version (both available in the UK complete box by 20th Century Fox).

3 differences, consisting of
- 2 removed scenes
- 1 recut
- Total length difference: 128.48 sec resp. 2 min and 8.48 sec

The Show

Burn Notice is a rather unpretentious but entertaining action show. Basically, it is a mixture of The A-Team and MacGyver and maybe a little James Bond. Fans of these shows should get their money's worth. "Burn Notice" aired from June 2008 until September 2013 on USA Network with a total of 7 seasons. Furthermore, the TV movie The Fall of Sam Axe, which takes place approx. 2 years before the events in the pilot of "Burn Notice", was made. As the title already implies, it is the fall of Sam Axe. In other words, we get to see why Sam left the Navy and how he ended up in Miami. The show definately works without having seen the movie, which by the way aired approx. 2 months before the season 5 opening, but it is a nice addition and a must see for Bruce Campbell fans.

The Versions

Basically, there is just one single version: the TV Version aired on USA Network. There are two exceptions though:
- Episode 1x01 ("Pilot"): There is a one-part-episode (approx. 67 min) and a two-part-episode (approx. 82 min) of the pilot.
- Episode 5x10 ("Army of One"): Besides the TV Version (approx. 44 min), there is also an Extended Version (approx. 46 min)..

Of course, the shorter versions are absolutely alright but if one gets the chance to watch the longer versions, one should do so. Especially the additional footage in the pilot does not hurt because it is the beginning of the show which means the characters are introduced to the audience and the ground rules are being set. The additional footage of episode 5x10 ("Army of One") is quite entertaining but not necessary to the actual story. Regardless, fans of Bruce Campbell should definately watch the Extended Version because he is in both additional scenes.

Regarding "The Fall of Sam Axe", there is a so-called "Extended Cut". Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on the TV Version so I can't really say what is different.

The Releases

In the US and also in the UK, a complete box with all 7 seasons on DVD has been released. While the US box set only contains all 7 seasons of "Burn Notice", the UK box also contains the Extended Cut of "The Fall of Sam Axe" on a further disc. In addition to that, season 2 and "The Fall of Sam Axe" has been released on Blu-ray in the US. Unfortunately, the missing seasons have never been released on Blu-ray.

Time index refers to
TV Version - Extended Version.
Removed Scene
33:51 / 33:51

The Extended Version fades to an aerial shot of the marina, followed by a shot of five-o. Then a split screen with the fuzz on one of the screens and Sam, Fiona and Jack Dixon watching from the distance on the other one.
Jack: "Great. There goes my lab."
Then the cops carrying stuff from Jack's boat.
Jack keeps complaining from the off: "My entire lab was on that boat and now it's gone."
Now he complains on-screen: "You're ruining my life, Sam. You realize that, right? I wanna be clear: you're ruining my life!"
Sam: "We will worry about your life later, OK? Right now, please just tell me that you got another way to get info off a computer."
Fiona: "Speak now or leasing that equipment will be the least of your worries."
While she is saying the last words, Fiona holds aloft the stun gun she used on Jack beforehand.
Jack twitches, Sam explains to Fiona: "No, Fi. We're not gonna do it that way. This time."
Then he turns to Jack: "Now look, Dixon. You and me go back. You know that I wouldn't ask you to go the extra mile if it wasn't important."
Jack: "Yeah, but going the extra mile could land me in prison."
Fiona: "Dixon, we all do things we hate for people who annoy us. I'm doing it right now as a matter of fact, for a man you haven't even met. But I can assure you that he is putting himself on the line in ways that most of us would not. And he needs out help."
Jack (after he hesitated for a moment): "Fine. There is another place. I keep some back-up equipment stashed there but the cops are probably sittin' on that, too."
Sam: "You let us worry about that."
Jack walks away, Sam has a little chat with Fiona.
Sam: "So, Fi… For what it's worth: Mike is really lucky to have you."
Fiona: "Yes, he is."
Now, Fiona walks away as well.

67.96 sec resp. 1 min and 7.96 sec

33:51 / 34:59

With resp. after the cut scene, several scenes have been recut.

TV Version:
The TV Version fades to an aerial shot of the city region, followed by Sam, Fiona and Jack. They have come up with a plan to retrieve Jack's stuff. Then the hostages, Michael's mom Madeline is among them. They are hiding in a warehouse. Michael takes down one of the hostage takers and managers for the others to get busted. Finally, Michael and Fiona at Michael's loft.

Extended Version:
The Extended Version fades to the scene missing in the TV Version instead (see 33:51 / 33:51). Then the hostages at the warehouse and after Michael takes one of them down and the others get busted, we are with Sam, Fiona and Jack trying to get Jack's stuff back. Last but not least, Michael and Fiona at Michael's loft.
Besides the alternate order of the scenes, the versions are basically identical (ergo no screenshots) but there is one exception:

Alternate Footage / Removed Scene
34:38 / 41:48

The Extended Version contains more footage after Fiona lured away the cops guarding the building with Jack's stuff in it. At first, the TV Version contains a slightly alternate shot of Sam and Jack. Furthermore, Sam's "mojo with tat scrap heap" line is only in the TV Version because it is part of the upcoming conversation in the Extended Version. For that reason, Sam does not say a word in the Extended Version resp. he just nods. Then they get going in both versions - slightly alternate footage has been used here as well. As already mentioned before, the TV Version then continues with the hostages at the warehouse while the scene with Sam and Jack goes on in the Extended Version.
Sam: "So, Dixon. Before we get you working your mojo with that scrap heap, I just wanted to apologize for… you know… all the tasings."
Jack: "You do?"
Sam: "Yeah. But I also want you to know I did it for you."
Jack: "Are you insane?"
Sam: "Well, I know it sounds crazy but look… you were the smartest tech I ever met in the Navy. You were also one of the good guys. Why'd you stop?"
Jack: "You can't make… you can't make any money being one of those guys. You know eh… how they say crime doesn't pay? They're wrong."
Jack walks away but Sam does not let him get off that easy. When Sam just keeps talking, Jack stops and turns around.
Sam: "Maybe but you know what? You're better than that. Do you remember the last time I tased you?"
Jack: "How could I forget? It was romantic. You threw me in the back of a chicken truck and drove me around the unpaved streets of Bogota."
Sam: "That's not the part I wanted you to remember. I'm talking about the guys that you saved. The seals. Tell me that didn't make you feel good."
Jack: "Yeah, I guess."
Sam: "OK, so the tasing part hurt like hell but I was hoping that feeling made up for it."
Sam laughs because he now knows he was right. Then he gets Jack and says "Come on.". Subsequently, they get to work. An exterior shot of Michael's loft with Mike and Fi in it follows.
All in all, the Extended Version is approx. 1 minute longer.

60.52 sec resp. 1 min and 0.52 sec
TV VersionExtended Version