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Horde, The

original title: Horde, La


  • French DVD
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Oct 12, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the French DVD by TF1 Video and the Austrian DVD by Kinowelt (not rated).

This zombie flick has only been released in a cut version in France, neither the DVD nor the Blu-ray contain the Uncut Version. Why the following scenes scenes are missing in France is not clear. Censorship only worked for the scene where the South African guy gets beaten up by some cops, maybe this topic was too delicate in France. But then again this scene can be watched in the bonus material of the French DVD and BD.
The remaining scenes, escpecially those with a running time less than a second, have definetely not been removed due to censorship. If the German Version, which also contains these scenes (even though some other stuff is missing), and the Austrian Version contain a special extended version is uncertain because I havn't had the chance to compare which further versions so far. By the by, the opening credits on the cemetery are slightly different as well. Some of them pop up at a different moment.
00:00 Both versions start with different logos.
TF1 Video (French DVD) = 26 sec
Kinowelt (Austrian DVD) = 7.5 sec

French DVDAustrian DVD

02:58 On the cemetery: Aurore & Jimenez at Rivoallan's grave. Aurore excuses to Jimenes for freaking out when he saw his dead body. Jimenez says Hélène -Rivoallan's wife- didn't deserve Aurore's showing up to grieve for her husband. It turns out Aurore was having an affair with Rivoallan. The event is interrupted by inctercuts of Quessem and Tony. Tony is upset about Aurore's presence, Quessem tries to calm him down because all of them needed to stick together. Then a shot of Aurore and Jimenez. He tells her to stop whining because he couldn't need a wuss in his team.
93 sec

03:08 The end of this shot is extended in the Austrian Version.
0.5 sec

03:13 Now a shot of Queesem and Tony in the French Version, which has already popped up in the Austrian Version.
+ 3 sec

03:27 Earlier beginning of the shot in the Austrian Version.
0.5 sec

04:29 Ditto.
0.5 sec

04:58 When Jimenez hugs Hélène, the scene where she tells him she had known about Aurore and her husband is missing in the French Version. She continues that wasn't important anymore and she wanted Jimenez to kill everyone who had been involved in the husband's death. Both look at each other for a while, then they hug again.
51.3 sec

05:07 After the last shot on the cematary, the French Version lacks the entire scene of Jimenez beating up a guy viciously in the alley. He wants to know where the Markudis were, then his friends arrive and watch. Some pedastrians are being send away pretty harshly by Tony. After the man finally told them where the Markudis could be found, there's a shot of the four driving cars (before that a shot of Jimenez and Rivoallan, who's dead, has been insert). Jimenez emphasizes again they did not go there for captives.
133.5 sec

07:52 Extended shot with voice over from James. He says they didn't have a choice anymore and he sweared even their mothers wouldn't be able to recognize those guys anymore when they were done with them.
4 sec

09:13 Earlier beginning of the shot in the Austrian Version.
0.5 sec

09:59 Ditto.
0.5 sec