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  • Original version
  • 30th anniversary version
Release: Jul 11, 2010 - Author: Meshuggah - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The try to add some new aspects to this classic was extremely disastrous. Not only the new scenes are poorly acted, more over the new sideplot is completely absurd. After all, many scenes from the original version have been deleted without any reason. This makes the 30th anniversary version even shorter than the original. Altogether, this new version is bad and a buy is not recommended. There are plenty of new releases that give this classic a good quality.

Another fact which should be mentioned is, that the German soundtrack is asynchronous. In some scenes radio messages have been cut differently to better fit into the context. There is also a new soundtrack.

So, here is the comparison between the uncut original version and the 30th anniversary version, both can be found on the Special Millenium Collection/ 30th anniversary edition DVD by MiB (FSK 18). Attention: the cover looks pretty similar to the American Millenium Edition by Elite, which offers more extras. Because of the better quality this comparison is made via the 3-DVD Steelbook by KSM (FSK 16) which offers the original version as well as the colourised version.

Runtime of the original version incl. credits: 95:49 Min.
Runtime of the 30th anniversary version: 92:41 Min.

The original version runs slower than the 30th version. If it really runs about 5% slower (what is stated in this cut report) was almost impossible to examine because of the various cuts. What is clear is, that the original version is 12 seconds slower in 5 minutes of runtime, so the factor can be around 4%.

The time is based on the original version. As far as it is not stated differently, this report shows the scenes from the theatrical version which are missing in the 30th anniversary version.
Alternative scene

Theatrical version:
Driving in a car incl. title and credits

123 sec.

30th Anniversary:
New title, new creits and one can see two guys and a policeman who lift up a coffin up to truck. They keep talking about the man from the coffin and drive on to the cementary. This seems to be meant as replacement for Johnny's and Barbara's ride to the cementary. Once arrived a gravedigger, his wife and a stange priest are waiting for them. Again conversations about the dead man who was executed in the electirc chair because he should have raped and killed the strange couple's daughter. The couple moves away, the priest prays for the victim and moves on, too. The two guys want to bury the dead man but he returns to life and attacks them. They manage to get away via their truck.
The driving of Johnny and Barbara is completely missing. The version continues when their car arrives at the cemantary.
437 sec.

Barbara walks longer along the street.
13 sec.

At the house Barbara tries to phone but the phone is malfunctioning.
27 sec.

Barbara goes to another room while Ben is looking for something useful. She asks him what is happening here.
35 sec.

Barbara leaves the room while Ben looks for tools and nails. When she returns he explains her that they have to barricade and that they need wood. Barbara goes to the chimney room.
110 sec.

Ben can longer be seen while ripping of wood until Barbara decides to get some from the chimney.
45 sec.

They need new nails.
5 sec.

Barbara tells her story about Johnny and the attack at the cementary.
133 sec.

New scene
Some zombies can be seen. For example a waitress without one arm and a family in their car. Some of them are nibbling on a body, a bunch of zombies stumbles through the scene.
90 sec.

Barbara sits longer on the couch, Ben covers the dead body.
32 sec.

Alternative scene

Theatrical version:
Among the zombies there is a naked woman (missing in the 30th version) and a fat man.
12 sek.

30th Anniversary:
Zombies are moving onto the house. A zombie in a toga can be seen in both versions.
17 sec.

New scene
Again there are some zombies (waitress & the family).
25 sec.

Tom stands longer in the door when he talks to Cooper. Ben is longer at the couch with the women.
25 sec.

Cooper can be seen longer in the basement.
1 sec.

Again Cooper can be seen a bit longer.
2 sec.

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper are talking about the situation and the radio.
16 sec.

Mrs. Cooper gets up.
2 sec.

Mrs. Cooper asks for Tom who goes to the women on the couch.
15 sec.

Mrs. Cooper sits longer on the couch and lightens up a cigarette. Mr. Cooper is nagging about the wood, grabs her cigarette and both are argueing again.
22 sec.

Ben, Tom, Mr. & Mrs. Cooper take a seat and watch TV.
39 sec.

More T information habe been cut because they do not fit into the content of the 30th version. In the meantime the 4 people can be seen while trying to fix some defence plans.
50 sec.

The experts are questioned longer, for example for the satellite.
47 sec.

Another expert talks about methods to get rid of the bodies Ben asks Judy for sheets.
14 sec.

Fade (hard cut in the 30th version!). Cooper, Ben and Judy try to convince Barbara to come to the basement. Ben joins Tom at the front door. All the others move to the basement.
36 sec.

New scene
The nurse and some other zombies are walking around, a children zombie can be seen while it "eats".
21 sec.

Alternative scene

Zombies (incl. naked woman) are moving towards the house, Ben falls down to the window a bit longer.
6 sec.

30th Anniversary:
From a long shot one can see the waitress as well as one of the children while having a diner.
4 sec.

Alternative scene

Theatrical version:
The helicopter can be seen longer as well as the militia.
15 sec.

30th Anniversary:
A reporter reports live from the cementary with the priest, all zombies from the 30th version are shot by the militia. The priest tries to stop the zombie with quotes from the bible what fails: he is getting attacked and bitten. The zombie, which is attacked with a shovel is later shot by the militia.
123 sec.

At this point the 30th version freezes shortly.
ca. 0,5 sec.

Alternative scene

Theatrical version:
After Ben has been shot the men can be seen longer as well as some pictures from the credits with the pile of bodies.
22 sec.

30th Anniversary:
Fade to black. One can see a hospital. Text: Omsby Medical Center, 1 year later.
A car arrives and the reporter get out, enters the hospital and interviews the priest who survived the bite. He now owns a dog called Muschu and talks some weird stuff, how he survived, how god saved him, that bodies have to be pinned down and so on. The reporter leaves. Finally one can see the burning pile of bodies and can hear from the off that Randy shall enlighten the torches, which can be seen in the theatrical version at the end.

The theatrical version continues when the man with the hook stands over Ben's body.
229 sec.

Alternative scene

Theatrical version:
Again some more pictures of Ben on the stake which is getting burnt. Afterwards the "The End" and copyright screen.
38 sec.

30th Anniversary:
Fade to black. Afterwards credits of the 30th version, cast & crew and the 30th screen.
76 sec.