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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

original title: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers


  • Theatrical Version
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Jul 13, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between Theatrical Version from the German DVD (Pal) and the workprint version.

Theatrical version (Pal): 01:21:24 without credits
Workprint version: 01:36:29 without credits

Explanation of terms:
WP: Workprint
TV: Theatrical Version

The first digit in brackets (e.g. [01:00:12:XX]) indicates the time of the workprint version. The second digit (e.g. [00:00:13]) shows roughly the part in which the scene is located in the German version.

The workprint should be identical with the Producer's Cut (not licensed)available on DVD and tape.
[01:00:13:XX] [00:00:13]
Alternative scene

WP: The Halloween lettering differs. The workprint shows the 'a' in form of a thorn rune.

TV: A fast-cutted, short preview with well-known slashernoise is missing in the WP. During this censoring report those passages will be described as 'slasher passages'.

[01:00:40:XX] [00:00:41]
Extended scene

WP: Flash: October 30, 1995. Credits are following.

[01:01:07:XX] [00:01:09]
Extended scene

WP: The physicians are moving along the aisle earlier and the scene is a bit longer towards the end.

[01:01:58:XX] [00:01:42]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is seen minimal earlier.

[01:02:22:XX] [00:02:06]
Extended scene

WP: Another shot of the nurse with the baby in her arms.

Jamie: "Please, give it to me."

[01:02:44:XX] [00:02:06]
Alternative scene

WP: One can see Jamie in the chair. The door opens and a black man enters. The camera is moving upwards the black man and he, using a gesture, demands for the baby.

TV: The TV shows how the black man is entering but only his back is visible. The short shot of Jamie laying on the table and demanding for her baby is missing in the WP.

[01:03:12:XX] [00:02:27]
New scene

WP:The black man is leaving the room with the baby.

TV: After finishing the sentence 'I curse you' the door is slammed.

[01:04:40:XX] [00:03:56]
New scene

WP: After the scene where the priest's baby got painted with the sign of Myers, the picture fades away.
Shot: October 31, 1989. The Haddonfield police stations is visible. The Kamera is moving through the building, one can see a dead police officer, a girl (= young Jamie), the black man is attacking her, she is screaming, a van is driving of, a little explosion. Then one can see (in the TV) Jamie lying on the chair a few seconds earlier.

[01:05:28:XX] [00:03:56]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie and the nurse are seen longer at the beginning and as they're leaving the room. Next scene: One can see a grid, Myers shadow is growing bigger, the Halloween theme is played. The grid is opening, Myers is walking through and the grid is closing behind him. Then the TV is continues.

DF: 'Slasher passage', women in the aisle on the run. No Halloween theme is played but other music.

[01:05:44:XX] [00:04:18]
Extended scene

WP: The women are moving along the aisle a bit longer.

[01:05:51:XX] [00:04:18]
New scene

WP: The camera is moving along the aisle, Halloween theme is played.

[01:06:06:XX] [00:04:21]
New scene

WP: Another tracking shot through the aisle.

TV: The women are moving through the aisle.

[01:06:29:XX] [00:04:42]
New scene

WP: Again a tracking shot through the aisle. One can see the nurse a bit earlier as she is moving along the aisle.

[01:06:55:XX] [00:04:53]
Alternative scene+Extended scene

WP: The nurse is yelling 'Jamie' again, furthermore the camera is moving longer towards the nurse.

TV: Myers is clearly seen in the background in the DF, not in the WP.

[01:07:04:XX] [00:04:59]
Extended scene

WP: One can shortly see the nurse turning before she is grabbed at her throat by Myers.

[01:07:28:XX] [00:05:21]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is seen earlier as she is moving upwards the stairs.

TV: The TV provides a 'slasher passage'

[01:07:47:XX] [00:05:37]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is moving upwards the stairs a bit longer.

[01:07:52:XX] [00:05:37]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is moving downwards the stairs a bit earlier.

[01:07:56:XX] [00:05:41]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is longer moving towards the fence.

[01:08:40] [00:06:22]
Alternative scene

The murder of the pickup owner differs:

WP: Myers breaks the guys neck by turning it to one side. The guy slumps down.

TV: Myers is taking the head and almost pulls it of the body.

[01:08:53:XX] [00:06:34]
Extended scene

WP: The car is seen a bit earlier.

[01:08:59:XX] [00:06:38]

TV: The TV shows the 'Sold' signs longer, in the WP the camera moves immediately to the side.

[01:09:14:XX] [00:07:01]
Extended scene

WP: One can see Danny earlier as he is wallowing in his bed and shortly after the black man in the room.

TV: Another 'slasher passage' which is missing in the WP.

[01:09:37:XX] [00:07:15]
Alternative scene

WP: Another shot as Danny says: "Der böse Mann. Er ist hier."

[01:09:43:XX] [00:07:20]
Alternative Scene

WP: Another shot, Kara says:

Kara: "You're watching late too much TV."

[01:09:55:XX] [00:07:29]
Extended scene

WP: Kara gets up, turns to one side and says:

Kara: "Stay away monsters! Stay away ghouls! Stay away from Danny! You jerks know the rules."

The she pushes Danny back to the bed and at the goodnight kiss both versions are running parallel.

[01:10:54:XX] [00:08:19]
New scene+Extended scene

WP: One can see how Kara removes her glasses in another shot, she touches her face with both hands, gets up, moves to the mirror and undress her nightdress while the Radio-Live show is running. Lightnings are strucking outside. At the scene she in front of the mirror and undresses her T-Shirt both versions are running parallel again.

[01:12:26:XX] [00:09:13]

TV: A radio is visible.

[01:12:42:XX] [00:09:26]
Extended scene

WP: The upper screen shows 'Project Michael Myers", the lower screen shows something unreadable.

[01:12:59:XX] [00:09:42]
Extended scene

WP: The phone call is a bit longer.

TV: The scene where Loomis and Harry are meeting for the first time follows as Jamie is seen in the car.

[01:13:09:XX] [00:09:43]
Extended scene

WP: A scene is following with Loomis and Harry. The radio is running all the time.

The tracking shot through the building starts a bit earlier.

Harry: "God, you look good."
Loomis: "Ah, I feel great, I had surgery, plastic surgery, ah, skin craft, it caused the fortune, at least I don`t frighten people anymore."
Harry: "Well, don`t tell me, that (...) of Smith`s Grove (...) in this old age and I won`t belive that for a sec."
Loomis: "Well, I can`t remember you making houscalls, Dr. Wynn. And espacially at this hour?"
Harry: "And you`re right. I`ve come to celebrate. Why do you listen to that jerk?"
Loomis: "Oh it`s a programm about Heddonfield. I`m taping it."

[01:16:48:XX] [00:10:48]
Extended scene

WP: Again a longer scene between Loomis and Harry

Harry: "Well, after 32 years, guess who is finally relinquishing his duty as Chief administrator at Smith`s grove?"
Loomis: "Good god, you don`t mean to say..."
Harry: "Retiring, I came by to gave you the news myself."
Loomies: "Look, I wish you well, Terence."
Harry: "It`s been in the planning statues for some time now."

When they are clinking glasses to their friendship the TV continues.

[01:17:40:XX] [00:12:30]
Extended scene

WP: Again a dialog between Loomis and Harry is a bit longer:

Loomies: "After my strockes 6 years ago I practically had to hold a pistol to my head to get me to retired, but, ahh..."

[01:18:51:XX] [00:13:00]
Extended scene

WP: One can see Loomis how he has recorded the dialog.

[01:19:07:XX] [00:13:41]
Extended scene

WP: Jamie is longer seen in the beginning how she carries her baby. The whole scene is highlighted with music.

[01:20:16:XX] [00:14:55]
Alternative scene

WP: After Myers opened the first door the camera moves immediately to the next door. The is also a shot missing of Jamie on the toilette.

[01:21:39:XX] [00:15:48]
Extended scene

WP: The car is seen a bit longer before Jamie opts out.

[01:22:09:XX] [00:16:19]

TV: Jamie enters the stable a bit earlier.

[01:22:15:XX] [00:16:21]
Alternative scene

Jamies murder differs:

WP: One can see how Jamie is moving into the stable, she moans and places herself on a bale of straw. The camera lurks towards her, she is still sitting on the bale of straw, creepy music is running, something grabs and stabs her (presumably into the belly), she goes down to the ground, moaning. Myers feet are visible.
Jamie says:

Jamie: "You can`t have the baby Michael, you can`t have the baby."

TV: Jamie is moving into the stable in another shot. She leans on a joist. A lightning uncovers Myers presence. Jamie walks through the stable, she sees a door and goes towards it. Again Myers is visible, this time more clearly. Jamie is still moving through the stable, cuts on the environment. Just before she reaches the door Michael grabs her and puts her into a chopper and kills her by turning it on.

When the camera is moving towards the car both versions are running parallel again. In the WP other music can be heard. The TV is more explicit and violent in this scene.

[01:24:27:XX] [00:18:55]
New scene

WP: Smith Grove Barren County Sanatarium: Loomis and Harry are talking on the aisle.

Loomis:"It was Jamie Lloyd."
Harry: "That was six years ago, say and you know she died in that explosion, you know it."
Loomis: "That`s what someone like us to believe, but I tell you my clue is alive. I, I can feel his evil heart beating. I can see him, just as I did it all those years ago behind this very same (?) walls. Starring, starring. Always growing stronger. Please as my college, as my friend, I can`t go through this again, not alone. I need your help to stop him."

Harry touches Loomis shoulder.

Scene change: A bureau. The secretary (Helen) is sorting some sheets. Loomis and Harry enter:

Helen: "Dr. Wynn I didn`t expect you inn this morning."
Harry: "Helen, this is Dr. Loomis. The man I was telling you."
Helen: "Oh yes, its a pleasure to meet you doctor. It would be wonderful to have you back at the hospital. Dr. Wynn, there is something you should know."
Harry: "I`d like you to take to Loomis anything he needs: files, tests, records of every treatment we have ever administered the former patient of ours: Michael Myers."
Helen: "Michael Myers?"
Harry: "Is something wrong?"
Helen: "I`ve just recieved a phone call, that girl Jamie Lloyd, her body was found this morning near Haddonfield."
Harry: "Notify the Heddonfield Sheriff, tell him we`re on the way. I want the entire stab on alert. We got a code red lockdown for 24 hours. If that means he`s really out there, I plan to bring him back...alive."

One part of this dialog is available later on in the TV at [00:23:29]

Scene change: House of the Strodes.

Tim and Danny are mixing the 'Tim Strode Stomach Chruning Drink' while Tim is still calling:

Tim: "Jo Jay, Whazz up? Barry is my homeboy from Chicago. Yes, that Barry Simms. (...) Look, you just bring the pass tonight an we woke you up. Peace."

Tim hangs up, camera moves to the dining room where Kara is with her mother. After this shot the German version goes on.

[01:26:54:XX] [00:20:05]
Extended scene
Danny slaps Tim's hand before he drinks the 'Tim Strode Stomach Chruning Drink'.

[01:27:01:XX] [00:20:07]
Alternative scene

WP: Kara starts laughing and not just smiling as in the TV.

[01:28:10:XX] [00:21:30]
Extended scene

WP: Debra is moving some money over the table, countershot to Debra and Danny.

[01:28:47:XX] [00:21:50]
Alternative scene

WP: One can see Danny and hear a dark voice calling his name.

TV: One can see Tim how he says: "You won't do that again."

[01:28:51:XX] [00:22:00]
Extended scene

WP: Debra gets up, Danny is walking to the window. He is looking outside the window and sees Myers. Again he can hear this dark voice commands to: "Kill for him!"

Now the following scene where Danny threatens John with a knife makes more sense.

[01:29:22:XX] [00:22:17]
Verlängerte Szene

WP: John stares at the knife a bit longer.

[01:29:46:XX] [00:22:47]
Extended scene

WP: Tim's girlfriend Beth and Kara are to be seen a bit longer.

[01:30:11:XX] [00:23:00]
Extended scene

WP: Tim enters his car a bit longer.

[01:30:13:XX] [00:23:10]
Extended scene

WP: Dialog between Danny and Kara is longer.

Kara: "Now Danny,you know you don`t have to hurt, right?"
Danny: "Right, mom."
Kara: "Well, you better go catch your bus, but when you come home, I`ve got sugar-threading, ok?"
Danny: "OK."

[01:30:50:XX] [00:23:29]
Extended scene

The TV now shows a part of the dialog between secretary and Harry.

WP: While Danny is moving towards the bus one can see Kara. In the WP John says:

John: "Just can`t live with her anymore, Debra"

Cut. One can see John how he stares out of the window, Debra is standing beside him.

Debra: "You don`t understand, do you? It`s not about Kara, it`s about you. I don`t care, what she`s done, she`s your daughter."
John: "She`s not my doughter anymore."

When Kara is sitting in her car, cleaning her nose, both versions are running parallel again. When they are passing the house a Halloween-like theme is to be heard. The music is running as long Tommy finds the baby. The TV lacks music.

[01:33:42:XX] [00:26:17]
Extended scene

WP: Tommy is following the streak of blood longer.

[01:34:53:XX] [00:27:18]
Alternative scene

WP: Myers sign can longer be seen.

TV: Loomis and Harry are entering the scenery.

[01:35:02:XX] [00:27:28]
New scene

WP: Myers sign can longer be seen. Loomis walks at Jamie's body.

Loomis: "Oh god"

Zoom to the body.

Loomis: "Jamie."
Doctor: "Only god can help her now."

The body is being removed.

Harry: "Let them take her over."

The sheriff of Haddonfield joins Loomis:

Sheriff: "Dr. Loomis..."
Loomis: "Yeah"
Sheriff: "They told me you were coming. Now I suggest you go right on back to your (...) . You people got no buisness in my town.
Loomis: "Michael Myers is my buisness."
Sheriff: "It`s been quiet here for six years and that`s the way its gonna stay. And the last thing I need now, is you going around telling ghost storys."
Loomis: "I suppose a ghost did all this, it was a ghost talking on the radio last night and that`s a ghost being cutted out here, right now?"

Loomis turns aside and leaves.

[01:37:00:XX] [00:28:34]
Extended scene

WP: We can see Kara a bit longer and some students with signs crossing the background.

Afterwars Kara can be seen how she walks over the campus with her son's drawing.

Suddenly she hears a girl's scream. She follows the scream with her eyes and recognizes a girl who is only having some fun with her boyfriend.

Kara continues walking over the campus, stops and takes a look around.

Suddenly one can see Myers shadow on the foreground.

When Tommy enters the hospital both versions run parallel again.

[01:38:03:XX] [00:28:55]
Alternative scene

WP: One can see Tommy slightly longer after he bawled the nurse.

TV: Tommy is leaving the desk.

[01:38:08:XX] [00:29:00]
New scene

WP: Dialog between Loomis and Harry at the hospital.

Harry: "Sam, there is nothing you can do for her now."

Harry's pager rings.

Harry: "Oh I,ll be right back"

When Harry leaves the TV continues.

[01:38:24:XX] [00:29:30]
Extended scene

WP: Longer frontal look at Tommy.

[01:38:49:XX] [00:29:39]
Alternative scene+Extended scene

WP: Loomis frontal. The following part of the dialog between Loomis and Tommy is missing.

Loomis: "What du you know about Michael?"
Tommy: "I know he`s still out there. People in this town want us to believe, he`s dead, but I know, I`ve always known."
Loomis: "She`s out there and fighting for her live. If she should die."

TV: Countershot at Tommy.

[01:39:34:XX] [00:30:01]
Extended scene

WP: We see Tommy walking along the aisle a bit longer and Loomis yells at him:

Loomis: "Tommy, wait"

Harry appears:

Harry: "Ah, there you are. Who is that boy?"
Loomis: "An old friend."

[01:39:44:XX] [00:30:01]
Extended scene

WP: Tommy leaves the hospital.

[01:40:17:XX] [00:30:31]
Extended scene

WP: Debra goes into the house.

[01:42:18:XX] [00:32:00]
New scene

WP: Sign on the house.

[01:43:15:XX] [00:33:45]
Extended scene

WP: Missing part of a dialog between Loomis and Debra:

Loomis: "For 15 years I`ve been obsessed to find out what was going on inside of it. Its been my livework and my oddment failure."

[01:44:07:XX] [00:33:55]
Extended scene

WP: Dialog between Loomis and Debra continues.

Debra: "Jamie, I thought, that she`s been found."

Loomis: "Outside Haddonfield, stabbed."

While Loomis is talking Jamie's body can be seen on the operating table. A physician pulls a knife out of her. (off; no blood)

Debra: "What should I do?"
Loomis: "I (...) for you, but you haven`t a moment to loose. Mrs. Strode, Michael Myers has come back to kill"

WP: Debra calls her husband John and tells him of Loomis.

The TV shows how Danny nudges Tommy, who drops a pumpkin.

[01:45:54:XX] [00:35:56]
Extended scene

WP: John is sitting on a chair a bit longer and takes out a picture of Kara from a drawer and says:

John: "Happy Halloween, little girl."

He drinks another glas.

[01:47:32:XX] [00:33:57]

WP: Following scene with Tommy and Danny.

[01:48:00:XX] [00:34:25]
Extended scene

WP: The black man is seen a bit longer.

[01:48:16:XX] [00:37:16]
Extended scene

WP: Kara is walking along the street a bit earlier. We can see her from behind while she walks along the street.

[01:50:40:XX] [00:39:34]
Verlängerte Szene

WP: As Kara is looking about the house she also looks at the porch.

[01:51:05:XX] [00:39:44]
Extended scene

WP: One can see Kara (from behind) walking upstairs.

[01:52:33:XX] [00:44:03]
New scene

WP: Fullmoon.

[01:52:55:XX] [00:44:26]
Extended scene

WP: Mrs. Blankenship is sitting in front of the TV a bit longer.

[01:54:29:XX] [00:44:52]
New scene

WP: We see Jamie laying in her bed and we hear her heartbeat.

She starts dreaming, a tunnel is getting brighter,

at its end lays Jamie on a barrow and is driven along the aisle.

In front of her the black man.

Various doctors are bent over her.

She is brought into a elevator.

Again she is driven along the aisle.

She is located at an altar surrounded by physicians, her face is dabbed.

Short glimpse of Michael Myers.

She moans and says:

Jamie: "Michael please don`t hurt me. Oh god, please forgive me."

She stops dreaming and is laying on her bed again, her heart beats.

A gun points at her face:

One can hear the black man's voice:

"The work is done now, Jamie."

We hear a shot.

Again Jamie's sickroom:

A police officer is taking photos of her body, other officers surround her bed.

Camera moves towards her. Loomis and Harry get close to her:

Loomis: "(...), Jamie."

She is covered.

Loomis: "I know, I shouldn`t have left you."

Cut. Runestones are visible.

TV: "Slasher passage"

When the runes can be seen on the PC both versions run parallel again.

[02:00:27:XX] [00:43:11]
Alternative Szene+Extended scene

WP: The Thron rune can be seen longer, Tommy is seen in another perspective.

[02:00:56:XX] [00:43:22]
Extended scene

Dialog between Tommy and Kara is longer:

Kara: "So, why are you so concerned about us, if Michael is only out to kill his family?"
Tommy: "In his mind anyone living in his house is his family."

[02:01:12:XX] [00:43:39]
Extended scene

WP: Dialog longer:

Tommy: "And the common I found is Thorne."

[02:01:31:XX] [00:43:55]
Extended scene

WP: Tommy and Kara can be seen a bit longer. Following dialog is missing:

Tommy:"I faced it back in 1963, when Michael murdered his sister Judith. In the next time was in 1978 Micheal escapes from Smithe Grove. It happend a decade later. He raped (?) again, he kills again. Now Jamie says Michael is back. After the frist time in 6 years Thorne reappears."

Thorn rune is visible on the screen.

Tommy: "An incidence?"

Kara: "What will happend if he succeded? He killed the last member of his family."
Tommy: "And Michaels power would end und the curse will be passed on to another child."

[02:02:58:XX] [00:44:50]
Alternative scene+Extended scene

Loomis and Harry are talking to a physician.

The following part of the dialog is missing and different cameraperspectives were used. The DF shows the test glas in a close-up. The WP shows a physician who shows Loomis the test glas.

Loomis: "You not to get to her. How could you." (?)
Arzt: "Dr. Loomis, during surgery we discovered, that Jamie`s (...) .And we found this. Its placenta fluid."

[02:04:05:XX] [00:45:42]
Extended scene

WP: Tommy is walking around at the Halloweenparty a bit longer.

[02:08:21:XX] [00:49:25]
Extended scene

WP: Johns face can be seen a bit longer.

[02:08:35:XX] [00:50:02]
Alternative scene

John's murder differs in the WP:

WP: After John has seen the bloodsoaked cloth he falls off backwards to the ground.

Myers gets close to him and grabs his throat.

While John is screaming, Myers lifts him upon the wall.

He stabs him in the belly. Sparks, John yells.

Myers, still grabing his throat, pushes him onto the wall.

TV: John finds the bloodsoaked cloth. Myers visible in the background. John turns around, Myers stabs him into the belly. He lifts him with the knife and pushes him against the wall. Sparks, John's feet are dithering, his hand is full of blood.

WP+TV(identical): The house can be seen from outside and lightning bolts from the cellar.

WP: Same scene from the side. Myers face, John bends and dies.

TV: John, foaming at the mouth. Countershots to Myers and John's face, whose face starts to carbonize and explodes.

The following tracking shot to the house is slightly longer in the TV.

[02:11:16:XX] [00:52:48]
Extended scene

WP: Camera is moving along the van Barry Simms is entering. Lettering "Smith's Grove Warren Country Sanitarium" appears.

[02:11:38:XX] [00:52:48]
Alternative Szene+Verlängerte Szene

Barry Simms murder differs:

WP: After Barry hung up he touches his face and curses a bit.

Both versions run parallel. Myers grabs hin from behind and stabs him into the belly. (offscreen)

WP:Myers turns the knife in Johns wound.

Camera moves over the parking cars, it flashes continously.

[02:12:53:XX] [00:54:01]
Extended scene

WP: After Tim and his girlfriend went upstairs, Myers shadow appears in the foreground.

[02:14:43:XX] [00:55:42]

TV: The following part of the dialog between Loomis and Tommy is missing in the WP:

Loomis: "Where is the baby?"

[02:16:04:XX] [00:56:58]
Extended scene

WP: Myers Hand, with Thorn symbol, can be seen longer and he pulls it back.

[02:16:42:XX] [00:57:36]

WP:The black man's voice tells Danny:

"Danny come to me"

TV: The voice just says: "Danny". 'Slasher passage' is following.

[02:17:15:XX] [00:58:12]
Alternative scene

WP: Myers stabs Beth once again.

TV: Myers stabs Beth repeatedly in slo-mo. Countershots to Kara's horror-stricken face. After this: 'Slasher passage'.

[02:20:32:XX] [01:01:19]
Extended scene

WP: Debra's body is dangeling longer.

[02:21:07:XX] [01:01:49]
Extended scene

WP: Tommy and Looms are walking towards the house a bit longer.

[02:21:23:XX] [01:02:01]
Verlängerte Szene

WP: Kara goes downstairs a bit longer.

[02:22:51:XX] [01:03:27]
Alternative scene

WP: (view above the shoulder) Myers walks towards the house.

TV: (frontal view) Myers walks towards the house.

[02:22:59:XX] [01:03:32]

TV: WP lacks frontal view on Myers.

[02:23:10:XX] [01:03:42]
Alternative scene

WP: Shoulderperspective from Myers.

TV: Frontal view on Myers.

[02:24:05:XX] [01:04:36]
Alternative scene

WP: When Loomis says 'Wynn' he is seen together with Harry's helper.

TV: Only Loomis is visible.

[02:24:22:XX] [01:04:49]
Alternative scene

TV: When Harry's helper enters the room the TV shows how Kara turns around in slo-mo. The WP shows in normal tempo.

[02:24:39:XX] [01:05:09]
New scene

WP: Scenery: Crypt from the beginning.

Kara is bound to an altar, candles are burning around her. She moans.

[02:25:01:XX] [01:05:09]
Extended scene

The following scene is a bit longer in the WP. One can see how Tommy goes to Loomis.

[02:25:20:XX] [01:05:33]
New scene

Now it's getting interesting! The WP offers a completely different ending:

The TV shows the scene where Kara awakes at the sanitarium and where Tommy drives towards the hospital.

WP: The sanitarium is visible.

The following part of the dialog between Tommy and Loomis is missing:

Tommy: "Dr. Loomis, you know, this can`t stop Michael"

Loomis: "I don`t wanna stop Michael, but Wynn."
Tommy: "I tried to tell you in the Hospital...I think Michael is under the influence of an evil rune."
Loomis: "Thorne! I saw the Symbol, where we found Jamie stabbed"
Tommy: "The runs of light, protection. If Thorne could be somehow trapped by these runes, the energys cancel themselfes out. Evil could be destroyed"

Loomis: "Wait here. Don`t go anywhere till I come back."

Loomis leaves.

[02:26:43:XX] [01:06:32]
New scene+Alternative scene

Harry sits on a completely different desk and wears a robe:

Harry: "A bad time, Dr. Loomis. Welcome to your fate. The time has come to you, to know the truth. The time has come for you to join us."
Loomis: "Why now?"
Harry: "After Jamie escaped last night I knew she would come to you and I knew you would lead us to your baby. Her very special baby. I needed her, just as I needed you. Now it`s your destiny. Sam, it lives inside you. It always has, you know that, don`t you?"
Loomis: "You are a madman."

The dialog shows countershots to Loomis with a pistole in his hand.

Cut. Tommy is in the aisle and sees a man with a black robe who is walking down the aisle and disappears in a branch. Tommy follows him.

This scene is different in the TV: Tommy hears a scream and walks along the aisle.

Tommy walks through the elevator's door and again he sees the man with the robe.

Suddenly the grid locks behind him.

He walks along the aisle.

Back to Dr. Wynn's room:

Harry: "Look around you, Sam. Madness everywhere. Famine, war, a great pleague. These are signs, that we must restore balance to the natural order of things. We nearly provide the means."
Loomis: "Michael?!"
Harry: "We`ll given him the power. The gift of Thorne. I`am its deliverer, I followed it, after its guardian. I protect Michael, watch over him, and now it`s time for it`s time for you, Dr. Loomis."
Loomis: "I thought, Michael was a monster, but you..."

Loomis is knocked down.

Harry gets up and walks to Loomis who is laying on the ground:

Harry: "Leave him there. It`s his office now."

Tommy walks thorugh the door.

Again he sees the man in a robe in front of him and follows hin through a blackend aisle.

Again the altar room.

Tommy tries to interpret the situation:

Monks surround a priest (Harry) and look at him.

Harry: "Spirits and powers of the flame, term them witness this ritual."

Kara is bound to the altar. The baby beside her.

Harry: "They are gifts to Thorne. Open us to the path of darkness. By these runes: Transform us! Let the hammer dissend on the chosen one to whom we offer this sacrifice of innocent blood."

Countershots to Tommy, Harry and the baby. Harry goes to Danny:

Harry: "And then, Danny. The journey begins. Kill for him!"
Kara: "No."

Myers is at the altar.

Harry: "Michael, your final sacrifice"
Kara: "Michael, you can make him serve it. Don`t kill the baby. You can stop it. You know, who`s Baby it is, don`t you?"
Harry: "Michael!"
Kara: "The baby is yours, isn`t it? Isn`t it Michael?"

Suddenly Tommy, covered in a monk cowl, grabs a dagger laying at the alter and holds it at Harry's throat.

Tommy: "Backoff! Untire!" (Monks are untying Kara)
Harry: "Do as he said. Do it! You can join us. You have talent. "

Kara frees herself from the bonds.

Kara: "Danny, come on."
Tommy: "Go."

Kara takes the baby and Danny and disappears with Tommy, who still holds the dagger at Harry's throat. They start to run back through the aisle to the elevator.

Myers is following them.

Sirens sound and lights go on and off in the aisle.

They're moving along the aisle until they reach the grid. Tommy is unable to open the grid, knees down and releases some runestones from his bag.

Loomis leaves the elevator on the other side of the grid.

Loomis: "Backup from the gates."

Loomis destroys the grid's automatic on the wall. The grid opens and Karam Danny and Loomis go to the elevator.

Tommy remains on the same spot, stands up and cuts himself into the hand. He smears the blood onto the ground.

Myers appears and grabs his throat.

Myers releases Tommy and looks at him.

Tommy looks dazzled at him and bunks.

Scene change: Hospital's backdoor. Tommy comes out to Loomis and Kara.

Loomis: "Tommy, what is he?"
Tommy: "Word, the power of the rune stopped him."

Scene change: Hospital's exit.

Myers still stands. Harry moves towards him.

Harry: "Michael, what have they done to you?

He clenches his fist.

Now a scene which is available at the end of the DF. Tommy, Kara and Danny are sitting in a car and want to leave. Loomis car is next to them. The following part of the dialog is missing:

Kara: "Where do we go now?"

Loomis: "As far as away from Heddonfield as possible."

Back to the hospital: Loomis passes thorugh the elevator's door and goes to Myers:

Loomis: "Michael."

Myers inanimately on the ground:

Loomis: "Michael, it`s all over. It`s all over. It`s all over."

Loomis pulls of Myers mask and uncovers Harry's face!

Harry moves, Loomis shrinks from him.

Harry: "Michael, Michael`s gone. Your game now Dr. Loomis."

Harry grapples Loomis arm.

Loomis looks at his arm in an appalled way and recognizes the sign of Myers (Thorn symbol).

Loomis yells.

The camera is moving down a black man at the end of a dark aisle. Myers (?) shoes are recognizable.

Loomis continues screaming.

The black man walks along the aisle into the light.

The last shots are equal to the DF. The house and the pumpkin can be seen slightly longer in the WP.

[02:36:19:XX] [01:21:18]

WP: The house and the pumpkin can be seen a bit longer.