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Urotsukidoji II - Legend of the Demon Womb

original title: Shin ch˘jin densetsu Urotsukid˘ji: Mataiden


  • BBFC 18 Movie Version
  • International Movie Version
Release: Oct 15, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the BBFC 18 Movie-Version, taken from the DVD by Manga Entertainment (identical to the BBFC 18 VHS) and the international Movie-Version, taken from the US Hell on Earth-DVD Box released by Central Park Media.


The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.e. animes with pornographic scenes. Several hardcore sex scenes were included in the Urotsukidoji movies, however, mostly they are important for the plot or fittingly included in the story; only in the last 2 parts they seem to be rather self purpose than stylistic device. These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex".

Also, Urotsukidoji was more violent than anything that you could see in the anime genre back then. There's a lot of blood, exploding bodies, guts flying around, as well as physical and psychological violence (mostly after sexual intercourse). All parts of the series (even though some of them are up to 25 years old) are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.


OVA 4 and 5 of the Urotsukidoji-series were released under the title Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Demon Womb. Concerning the most releases the two parts were cut together into one movie. However, this cut-together version should still be referred as OVA-Version (and will be in this comparison), to differ it from the ôrealö movie-version. Episodes 4 and 5 include less sex and violence as the previous ones. Still, episode 4 has some scenes that were already blurred for its original Japanese release. Part 5 doesn't include any scenes that would have to be censored. Just as in the first movie (which consists of OVA 1-3), the US Perfect Collection features the original Japanese OVA-version with English subtitles.

Like with the first three OVAs there also exists an international movie-version. This has been released e.g. on the US Hell on Earth DVD Box and in the UK on VHS and DVD (in the UK with additional cuts made to it). Just as in the first movie the US version of the second "Urotsukidoji"-movie offers English voice actors. Even those parts which already have English dialogues in the original version were re-dubbed; this results in a few dialogues that are a little different from the original version. All the dialogues which were spoken in German were dubbed as well.

However, unlike the international movie-version of the first three OVAs, the international movie-version of OVA four and five neither misses scenes of plot nor has it been censored. At first, it looks like the international movie-version is identical to the OVA-Version, which has also been released in several countries (as mentioned, e.g. on the US Perfect Collection). Nevertheless, there are some minor differences. Surprisingly, this time, the international movie-version is less censored then the OVA-Version and should be preferred. This comes from the fact that, as mentioned, some scenes were already blurred for the original Japanese release of the OVA-Version. There do not exist any version which has the original and uncensored drawings of those scenes. The US Perfect Collection includes the blurred version, too. But since blur effects are distracting while watching a movie, the scenes have been re-drawn for the international movie-version. The re-drawn scenes may not be as explicit as the scenes of the original Japanese version were, but at least it is better than seeing annoying blur-effects. (Note: Regarding the international movie-version of Urotsukidoji I, the blur-effects where avoided by simple cutting out every scene which has any of them. Since it was the goal to extremely tone down the more explicit hardcore scenes anyway, this could be done during the same process).

A comparison of both mediums revealed that the UK VHS as well as the UK DVD (despite a few master damages) are based on the international version. However, for the UK release the movie-version had to be additionally censored to achieve a BBFC-18 classification. When considering the cuts you will notice that the last few frames of the previous scene as well as the first few frames of the following scene were cut out, too. Just as for the censorship of part one, all the scenes that were cut out include sexual content/innuendo. It has to be mentioned that the UK version includes a few scenes that were blurred in the original OVA version. Since the UK DVD is based on the international movie-version, these scenes are not blurred in the UK version too.

Running times and differences:

UK DVD (Pal) with (without) ending credits: 1:23:34 (1:22:27)
US DVD (NTSC) with (without) ending credits: 1:26:51 (1:25:44)
Both versions are running with the same speed.

19 cuts (without the black screen at the beginning) = 194,6 sec. resp. 3 min. 15 sec.
Smaller frame cuts are not mentioned here. They sum up to about one seconds.

Conclusion and Buy Recommendation:

For the second movie of the Urotsukidoji-series the conclusion is quite the opposite in comparison to the conclusion of the first movie: this time, the international movie-version is truly the better choice. Not only were all the annoying blur-effects taken out by re-drawing the scenes, but the image quality is much better as well. Apart from that, both versions are identical and not cut in any way.
The UK version (released on both VHS and DVD) is based on international movie-version, however, it lacks 3 minutes of footage and therefore again cannot be recommended.
Time index: UK DVD /US DVD

The black screen at the beginning is a bit longer on the US DVD.
1,13 sec.

The mechanical penis enters the woman. She bends backwards so her face can be seen. Another shot shows the metal penis moving up and down. The camera zooms out and another woman can be seen being abused as well.
18,81 sec.

Another view of the device, it pushes into the woman again and again. The beginning of the next shot showing the woman being shaken is missing as well. The British DVD starts again when she opens the eyes.
5,51 sec.

The last frames of the demon pushing his hand into the woman are missin. While she is further falling towards the ground, she is being raped by the demon. She is screaming and twisting. The demon can be seen in the window facade of a building, blood is dripping from her genital area.
The following black screen was extended by 11 frames on the UK DVD, then the two versions are in synchronicity again.
17,02 sec.

The scene in which the woman gives the man oral sex is missing in the British version.
11,85 sec.

Another fellatio shot was removed.
3,79 sec.

A close-up is showing the woman pleasing the man more.
2,88 sec.

Briefly after the naked woman can be seen on the ferris wheel, the UK DVD stops. Several shots of the demon having sex with her are missing.
22,52 sec.

Some scenes are missing again, the demon is taking the woman from behind.
10,26 sec.

Kohoki enters Megumi with his tentacle.
4,88 sec.

Megumi is being abused by the tentacle some more.
3,25 sec.

The tentacle can be seen pushing inside Megumi.
2,71 sec.

Another similar shot was removed.
2,29 sec.

The tentacles entangle the woman and tear her bra open. Then, one of the tentacles slips into her panties and starts penetrating her. She is being lifted up and more tentacles follow the lead of the first one. The rape continues and two tentacles suck at her breasts as well. The young Munchhausen can be seen in the background.
26,48 sec.

Another shot of the tentacles raping the woman was removed. Then a shot of the tentacles clinging to the woman is missing as well.
8,97 sec.

More shots of the mechanical penis in action are missing. The woman writhes and screams. The penis can be seen again entering her. The camera then zooms out and another woman with the same fate can be seen.
14,56 sec.

Takeaki is lying on Megumi and is having sex with her.
3,5 sec.

Another shot of Takeaki abusing Megumi was removed. He is still lying on top of her and the camera pans to her face.
8,17 sec.

Megumi can be seen longer after the UK DVD stops. Then the transformed Takeaki continues to rape her. The next shot shows his face from up close, then Megumi screams on-screen. At the end, the scene can be seen from an aerial perspective.
18,14 sec.

Takeaki is lying on top of Megumi again and rapes her, a close-up of her face is shown. The last cut effects a large part of the next scene, in which Takeaki is moving forward and backwards on top of Megumi.
9,01 sec.