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Around the World in Eighty Days


  • Revival Version (German VHS)
  • Restored Version
Release: Nov 30, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut German VHS by Warner (should be identical to the 1983 Revival version) and the restored version (uncut German DVD by Warner)

- 38 cuts
- time difference: 2466.1 sec (= 41:06 min)

In 1957 In 80 days around the world won the coveted Oscar for the best film and is certainly one of the best conversions of Jules-Gabriel Verne's original published in 1873. Similar to the classic A totally, totally crazy world, which was written a few years later, it is an elaborately produced comedy with all kinds of guest appearances by stars and an overlength which brought roadshow screenings in the USA with it.

Just as with the comedy classic hit just mentioned, the running time over the years led to some cuts. After the original screening with the original length of exactly 3 hours (movie theatre speed) a version shortened by almost 15 minutes came into circulation at the end of the 60s which among other things lacked a longer chase. This version doesn't seem to be available anymore but the films presence was hit really hard in the middle of the 70s: Curiously, the Studio United Artists (UA) lost the rights to Elizabeth Taylor who was the widow of producer Michael Todd. She in turn, sold it to Warner Brothers, who then let another re-release in 1983 follow with a running time from now on of only ~ 140 minutes.

We can't say it with 100% certainty but it's very likely that exactly this last described version, which fits with the compared VHS from Warner was sold in Germany in the department stores. According to a 1988 BBFC test the running time of the british Warner-VHS also fits - so not only German buyers were affected. In any case, a lot of longer scenes as well as intermission and Entr'acte (Entracte) are missing. Since the restoration in 2004 only the uncut version is available on digital media.

Unfortunately, there is no HD release of the classic yet (as of February 2018), although iTunes in the US already offers a appropriate streaming version. Which can also be mentioned from a German point of view: The first cinema screening was probably shortened at the end of the 50s or at least has not been completely preserved. Earlier TV broadcasts were shortened by almost 15 minutes and lacked the prologue among other things - just that and a few other (but not all!) scenes missing on the VHS show a conspicuous new synchronization on the German DVD.

runtime specifications are according to the following scheme
German VHS in PAL / German DVD in PAL
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Additional Warner logo on the tape.

+ 11 sec

Right at the beginning, the DVD presents a strikingly more modern and lousy new synchronisation - thanks to the following cut, but unfortunately, because of that almost exactly 20 seconds of German original synchronisation are lost.

00:38 / 00:27-05:55

The narrator goes much further and mentions (at the beginning - still in full screen and black and white) how Vernes would have dealt with the journey to the moon. To illustrate this, excerpts from the film The Journey to the Moon which was made as early as 1902, are shown and the latter is also specifically named with reference to the director Georges Méliès.

The narrator comments, that in the meantime the rockets and also the people have changed. When a more modern rocket launches, the picture opens step by step to widescreen and so you can see the universe and its possibilities. In the end, the image fades over to the globe again and addresses the topic of the earth's border.

327.8 sec (= 5:28 min)

03:56 / 09:13-09:22

The first exterior scene starts earlier.

9.3 sec

04:02 / 09:29-10:24

Passepartout travels much longer through the streets on a high bike. A coachman wants to scare him away and behind a woman he makes an extra round.

55 sec

20:54 / 27:16-28:01

After they have bought the balloon, there is a soft transition in both versions but on VHS our two heroes fly off immediately.
But actually they march to the balloon and while Fogg has already entered the balloon, Passepartout is sunning himself in the spotlight. He then only loosens the string by mistake or rather stumbles around a little and loosens it by the way - so it's more understandable why he hectically follows the moment that is now contained again on the VHS.

44.6 sec

26:29 / 33:36-35:24

After the first shots of the flight, a scene with the round of rich men is missing. It's surprisingly discussed that Fogg is doing surprisingly well so far.

Afterwards you can see them floating in the balloon again and over the Cote'd'Azur. Fogg describes this as a good place to descend and therefore asks Passepartout to look for the gas. He is clumsily doing a little gymnastics at the top and after he´s looking down, he can finally catch his breath again.

108.6 sec (= 1:49 min)

28:55 / 37:51-38:48

The guitar performance is a bit longer: Actually, it's a long camera ride that takes you back. The flamenco dancers perform an extensive performance.
The VHS starts when the table is brought in and the men move away from it.

57.5 sec

34:53 / 44:46-45:00

The parade marches around in more detail.

14.3 sec

34:58 / 45:05-45:18

Ditto. Fogg then takes a seat.

12.2 sec

39:56 / 50:15-50:42

Passepartout and the bull sniff at each other much more extensively or rather the former must dance a little around.

26.4 sec

40:34 / 51:20-51:37

Before the bull starts to attack, the two face each other a bit longer.

17.2 sec

40:54 / 51:57-52:36

Here too, another bullfight is missing for a while.

39.5 sec

42:49 / 54:32-54:39

The man is standing a bit earlier in front of the chalkboard.

7.4 sec

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