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Final Mission Final

original title: Shei Ren Liao Jie Wo


  • Uncut Export Version
  • Taiwanese VHS
Release: May 29, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Export Version and the Taiwanese VHS

15 differences with a total length of 83.6 sec (= 1:24 min) (abzüglich Vorspann)
* 7 additional scenes on the Taiwanese VHS with a total length of 159.2 sec (= 2:39 min)
* 9 additional scenes in the Export Version with a total length of 242.8 sec (= 4:03 min)

Minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each have not been considered in the following comparison.

Final Mission Final, distributed by Joseph Lai for ifd Films, is action trash from the early 80s at its best. At least, there is Shaw veteran Chen Sing in this Taiwanese production. In spite of its cheap looks, there are a few very nice ideas. And what is even more important: The fights are pretty decent (including the use of all kinds of knives and a lot of everyday articles) and there are a lot of them. The cliché characters in their colorful clothes do the rest for trash fans getting what they expect.

In addition to the Uncut Export Version, there is also a Taiwanese VHS release which is approx. 2 minutes shorter. Violence is cut several times but there is also some new footage - including an additional funeral scene. Moreover, the soundtrack differs. That will be mentioned in the following comparison because the difference is quite huge, actually.

Bottom line: It is not an entirely different Asian Version but still somewhat curious. For English-speaking countries, the here compared "Export Version source" appears to be the most common one hence the name "Uncut Export Version".

Time index refers to
Uncut Export Version (in PAL) / Taiwanese VHS (in PAL)
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A few credits are missing on the Taiwanese VHS, followed by credits in a different language.

Uncut Export Version 20.6 sec longer

Uncut Export VersionTaiwanese VHS

02:26-02:30 / 02:06

In the Uncut Export Version, Sung stabs the guy.

3.2 sec

02:41-03:10 / 02:17

When the fight is being moved outside, the Taiwanese VHS lacks the entire beginning of the scene of Sung taking down several attackers.

+ 29.8 sec

05:51-06:27 / 04:58

Jump cut on the Taiwanese VHS hence a bigger part of the fight is missing: Actually, Sung is in a headlock in the very same shot, followed by some choking until Sung gets free by kicking his attacker's leg. Subsequent to a bit more fighting, the versions are back in sync.

+ 36.4 sec

15:43 / 14:13-14:28

The first exciting scene on the Taiwanese VHS: The guy with the black shirt keeps crawling away a little longer after his buddy with the red shirt punched him in the face. After a few defensive words, he gets punched in the face again and his buddy pulls him up by the hair. Some kicks in the abdomen follow. Last but not least, the guy falls in the direction of the camera - this also matches the subsequent, in both versions identically equal shot of the guy tumbling.

15 sec

25:10 / 23:52-24:08

In the Taiwanese Version, the baddies get ready and start the model aircraft because their boss tells them to.

15.6 sec

35:14-36:01 / 34:08

In the Uncut Export Version, Sung doubles up with pain whereupon Chen stabs him in the chest several times. Sung goes down in slow motion.

+ 47.7 sec

37:47-37:57 / 35:54

In the Uncut Export Version, the camera pans from Yang's arm wound to him. He pulls out the knife and stabs the arm one more time - with the matching close-up, the versions are back in sync.

+ 10.1 sec

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