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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Apr 25, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Director's Cut of the awful sequel "The Crow 2 - City of Angels" was released on LD and DVD a couple of years later. But this version doesn't make the dreadful film much better, so that it almost doesn't matter which version one ignores.

In the DC a green color filter is used all the time, presumably to create a filthier atmosphere and to make it look like the prequel. Anyway there's no use of a color filter in the Theatrical Cut.

The original aspect ratio is matted 1:1.85.

Compared are the Theatrical Cut (FSK 16 / German Pay TV broadcast, identical to the Tape/DVD) and the Director's Cut on the US R-Rated LD by Miramax / Dimension
The time index refers to the Theatrical Cut. Due to the use of alternate footage for very short moments, it's hard to precise how many minutes / seconds the Direcor's Cut is longer.
If the alternate footage is ignored we get the following facts:

11 new or extended scenes in the DC with a total running time of 292 seconds (= 4 min 52 sec).
After the psychic woman informed the villain about the future:
One of the bad guys is dancing in a bondage club, he passes a lot of weirdoes. The other gang members are on the top floor. He asks one of them what the tattoo on his chest looked like for him. He puts his leather dress aside and the tattoo of a crow shows up. The guy, who's also a lunatic, looks confused at him and wants to know if that was a test. The other one screams "No!". Then he says the tattoo looked like a bird. The other one yells at him if he hadn't seen there two demons like he did, but he says "No" and starts making fun of his terrified friend. That's why he laughs like a hyena.
Running time of this scene: 71 sec

In the Theatrical Cut (TC) this scene is missing, instead it contains a shot of the crow.
Running time: 3 sec
Image of the "crow scene":

Images from the new scene in the Director's Cut (DC):

Ash returns to his former house
Unimportant alternate scene:
In the TC the crow flies, then it lands on a barrel.
Running time: 4 sec
Images TC:

Extended shot of the flying crow in the DC. Then Ash arrives (on the left).
Running time: 5 sec
Images DC:

After the crow landed on the barrel, a longer scene follows in the DC.
Extended shot of Ash, who walks to the entrance of his appartment and sees the crow. The crow keeps on flying and finally lands on the door to his appartment, as if it wanted to show him the right way.
28 sec

Ash remembers how he played with his son in the appartment (boxing etc.).
The versions are identical again when he finds the picture painted by his son.
21 sec

Ash puts the picture, which was painted by his son, up and down several times with his hands, as if he wanted to check the weight. (The acting isn't very persuading btw).
19 sec

Extended shot of Ash who lashes out while he's getting painful memories of his son in the DC. He almost destroys the appartment.
35 sec

The woman drums Curve out of the tattoo studio
After the woman chased Curve with his own gun away and the old man hugged her, the scene is extended in the DC:
The woman leaves the tattoo studio and goes to her car. The crow lands on the hood the moment she's getting in. Completely devastated she grabs her gun and shoots at the crow several times, but she flies away after the first shot. Then the woman starts weeping.
29 sec

The psychic woman talks about Ash
Extension in the DC: a strange digital vision while the psychic's talking.
7 sec

After the tattoo studio owner's torture
There's another extension in the DC after the man screamed offscreen:
Curve leaves the studio and touches the crow tattoo on his chest. He starts weeping till he recognizes that the Asian woman has followed him. Then he recovers, gets on his bike and leaves.
28 sec

Curve sees Ash in the bondage club
After Curve turned around to Ash, Ash remembers Curve's part in his and his son's murder. The DC contains some more flashbacks.
6 sec

After the shot of the dying Curve in the water (the roses around him form the image of a crow), the DC also contains a shot of the tower where the main villain lives.
3 sec

After the main villain drank the crow's blood and the crows started gathering in front of the tower, there's a zoom to his face in the DC. His eye also turns black.
2.5 sec
Image DC:

In the TC instead he turns his head to the camera after he drank the blood.
3.5 sec
Image TC:

Extended ending in the DC after Ash put the dead woman on the altar:
Cut to the poor girl which appeared earlier several times, she pets the dead woman's cat. Ash appears in the church and she thanks him (thanks to him she got rid of her drug problem). Then she asks him where he was going to go. He replies he was going to a better place, then he leaves on the bike.
Last but not least a shot of a crow with a ring in the beak on top of a roof.
45 sec