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  • US-Blu-ray (R-Rated)
  • US VHS (R-Rated)
Release: Feb 23, 2019 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The horror thriller Scream for Help was filmed in 1984 based on a script by Tom Holland, the director of the first Child's Play movie. Storywise, it could have been a certain inspiration for The Stepfather which was released later. But the latter is much more exciting, because Scream for Help loses itself structurally, because the first half consists of investigations by protagonist Christie, who stalks her stepfather and also finds evidence of his dirty deeds, while the second half becomes a kidnapping thriller.

In September 2018, the film was released on US Blu-ray for the first time ever by Shout! Factory. As it turns out, it is censored in a sex scene where more harmless alternate material is used. Surprisingly, the old US VHS (also rated R) is raunchier here. Otherwise the film is uncut, so the Blu-ray might still be worth a look for those who don't mind this one scene of sex censorship.

The censored US Blu-ray (R-Rated) (by Shout! Factory) was compared with the uncensored US VHS (R-Rated) (by Karl Lorimar Home Entertainment).

1 scene with alternate footage = 20,32 sec.

Alternate material
0:43:47: The sex scene between Paul and Brenda is more explicit on VHS. The Blu-ray has alternate material here. Among other things, you can see Christie sneaking up on the window longer.
The VHS runs 20.32 sec. longer

US Blu-rayUS VHS