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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: May 07, 2008 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: abyss - external link: IMDB
Theatrical version (US-DVD): 86:44 min without credits (92:36 min with credits) in NTSC

Unrated Director's Cut (US-DVD): 89:39 min without credits (95:31 min with credits) in NTSC

47 spots with cuts / changes, thereof
* 27 potential censorships
* 16 plot extensions (Marginal short changes
(less than 1 sec) without the issue of censorship included)

* 4x "Miscellaneous" (= Spots where the Theatrical version shows more explicit material than the Unrated version)
* 18x generally alternative material
* 1x additional material only in the Theatrical version
* 1 cut change
* 1 sound change
* 1 color change

Difference: 175,1 sec (= 2:55 min)

"You think it's over just because I'm dead?"

No. Of course the Cash-Cow is being milked on and on even though Jigsaw died in part three. So it is no surprise that also in the 4th part of the endless "Saw"-Franchise it was counted on proven remedy.
One year after the prequel punctually to Halloween 2007 it was again time for a new "Saw" game in America. Just like the year before shortly before the German cinema realease date (at the 7th of February) in the USA both the theatrical version (R-Rated) and the extended Unrated version were published on DVD.
Of course there are nasty and exaggerated traps in both versions again and gorehounds should get their money worth - although the hardness grade, in contrary to the common principle of sequels, wasn't increased over again compared to the extremely brutal third part. In flashbacks several logical gaps from the first three parts are closed (whereas new ones open up coeval) and a duo of detectives is observed at reconstructing Jigsaw's traps at the crime scenes, whereas the two of them are included in the game themselves. Also the obligatory twist at the end must not miss.
Thus, nothing really new, not to mention remarkable.
As it could also be expected, the fans were not hold off from bestowing the studio similar high box-office takings as already with the prequels.

The longer version

Here as well it was sticked to the prequels as done before, espacially part 2 and 3 - the debut feature of James Wan as generally known only offers relative few changes in its alternative versions, but ever since Darren Lynn Bousman took his seat on the direction chair a great amount of cuts have to be faced. Thus the Unrated version basically features minimal shot extensions, which refer to plot and gore scenes in similar degree.
Here it is not always clearly obvious which changes had to be done in the theatrical version for the benefit of the lucrative R-Rating. At least at three spots, short shots in the theatrical version are even more explicit in comparison to the Unrated version.
In other respects there are a few slightly longer additional plot scenes, which are not worth mentioning respectivly actually rarely improve (key scene towards the end) but rather worsen the movie (Connection error during the bedromm trap: Rigg puts on the mask and then in the next, new inserted scene, he stands in the corridor without the mask; the last listed cut, which is not mentioned here in the intro because of spoiling). So it is hard to say if the Unrated version should be prefered and you get away good with the theatrical version for now.

It must be pointed out that the longer version which is available so far not only carries the name "Unrated" but is brought to the market as Unrated Director's Cut.
This is insofar surprisingly because with part three it was not shrinked away from publishing the movie only as a Unrated version firstly just to release a Director's Cut a couple of month later, which should ask the customers to pay again in spite of relative less additions to the Unrated version.
It seems that this additional source of income is being set aside considering the combined description Unrated Director's Cut.
Whereas it cannot be excluded that someday however another version will be released. Due to manifold extensions like "Extended Version", "Recut", "Ultimate Edition", "Final Cut" and so on we all know that creativity has no limits in this issue.

Spoiler Alert

It should be clear to every reader that you could find out a little bit more about the movie or its end then you like to when reading a cutting report (as far as you haven't seen the movie so far). Nonetheless it is mentioned emphatically at this point. In the last cuts it is shown who is responsible for the new games. Who doesn't know this by now and is desperate for an answer to this question should stop reading at cut 77:58.

Information for the runtime are listed in the way "Theatrical version" ("Unrated DC"). Both informations are in NTSC.

Annotation: The given differences have been checked once again among other things on the basis of another source and are listed correctly and completely in this report.


03:35-03:36 [= Theatrical version in NTSC] (03:35-03:36) [= Unrated DC in NTSC]
Alternative material / Censorship

Theatrical version
The scene is disrupted and the attending pathologist is seen.

Unrated DC
The scene is going on until Jigsaw's scalp is flapped back to its original position.

Directly after the scalp overlies again the R-Rated reappoints with the shot of Jigsaw.
Unrated 0,6 sec longer

Theatrical versionUnrated DC

05:50-05:52 (05:51-05:53)
Alternative material / plot
During the sentence "Perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed" spoken on the tape there is different graphical material.

Theatrical version
In the R-Rated the shot changes to the pathologist for a short time.

Unrated DC
The shot is running through in one piece in the Unrated, Detective Hoffman turns his head aside for a short time.
no time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated DC

06:08 (06:09)
Particularly one frame is missing after the view of Hoffman at which Jigsaw's corpse respectively his head with the flapped down scalp can be seen clearly (afterwards it is only visible in shapes because of the bright cross-fade effect).
0,04 sec

06:09 (06:09)
Alternative material / miscellaneous
The 4th frame after the previous cut differs minimally again; Jigsaw's corpse is seen more clearly in the R-Rated, in the Unrated the screen is brighter.
Furthermore there is a completely white frame in the R-Rated afterwards to compensate for the difference from the previous cut.
+ 0,04 sec

Theatrical versionUnrated DC

06:09 (06:10)
Alternative material / miscellaneous

Again the R-Rated is more explicit; 5 frames after the edit above Jigsaw's skullcap in a bowl is seen for 1 frame longer, while in the Unrated blurred operating shots are shown.
No time difference

R-RatedUnrated DC


09:11 (09:12-09:13)
After the first striking out the R-Rated shows only the second hit.

- Hit on the face, Trevor's head twitches
- The hammer goes upwards for a couple of frames, blood dripping off of it
- Art strikes out another time
- The first frame of the following shot of Trevor is missing
1,9 sec

09:13 (09:15-09:17)
- The birds eye view shot of Trevor is a bit longer in the end
- Blood splatters onto the machine
- Art strikes out another time and lands a hit
2 sec

09:14 (09:19-09:20)
The birds eye view shot begins a bit earlier; Trevor's knee tilts sidewards.
1,2 sec


19:10-19:18 (19:16-19:28)
Alternative material / story
The Unrated shows a bit more as Rigg goes to bed.

We hear a cracking noise and Rigg asks "Tracy?" - it is dark the whole time.

We hear a cracking noise and the light turns on in the hallway. Rigg sits up in his bed and asks "Tracy?" while he is seen as the light turns off again.

Both versions show Rigg as he turns on his lamp.
Unrated 3,9 sec longer

20:40-20:52 (20:49)
After the attack on Hoffman, the R-Rated shows a scene which has been integrated into the Unrated at a later point (25:48).
An employee walks through the hallway into Fisk's office and hands him a printout showing that the found fingerprints match with Brigg's prints.
Woman: "We pulled a print off that casing. We've got a match."
Fisk, examining the printout: "Jesus. Did you check this?"
Woman: "Twice."
+ 11,8 sec


24:31-24:33 (24:28-24:31)
Alternative material / story

Shot of the cog-wheels

Camera movement from behind around Brenda, Rigg enters the scene.

The R-Rated continues in the middle of the camera movement.
Unrated 0,6 sec longer

R-RatedUnrated DC

25:07-25:08 (25:05-25:10)
Alternative material / story
Rigg looks into the adjoining room, then Brenda screams "Come back here, you fucking prick!"
Rigg turns around towards her.

The following shot is seen 17 Frames earlier in the R-Rated.
Unrated 3,6 sec longer

25:33 (25:35)
The shot of Brenda starts 2 frames earlier.
0,1 sec

25:34 (25:36)
A few frames more of Brenda's hair being pulled into the machine.
0,2 sec

25:35 (25:38-25:39)
The shot is longer in the beginning.
0,6 sec

25:36 (25:39)
...and in the end as well.
0,4 sec

25:37 (25:41-25:42)
Again, some more hair/scalp-pulling.
0,7 sec

25:38 (25:42)
0,4 sec

25:48 (25:53-26:10)
Censorship / Recut / story
First, the shot of Brenda is about 1 second longer in the end, then follows a shot of Rigg in front of the machine, entering the combination.
As the camera moves over, we suddenly find ourselves in the police office; the R-Rated showed this scene at 20:40 already.

However, the scene is longer in the end - we see the printout a second time - Fisk puts it down and behind it we see Brenda in the trap again.
17,7 sec

25:54 (26:16-26:17)
The shot of Brenda screaming is longer in the end.
0,4 sec


35:32-35:37 (35:55-36:00)
Alternative material / story

- The shot of Rigg on the bed is longer
- Ivan is seen from behind, as he walks through the hallway
- An additional shot of 3 frames of Ivan turning around and looking into the camera

Unrated DC
- The shot of Rigg on the bed is interrupted earlier and on the door we see, written in blood "Feel what I feel"
- The closer shot of Rigg on the bed starts earlier than in the R-Rated

The reason for this is the following cut. Because the next scene is missing in the R-Rated, Ivan had to be shown already in order to maintain the continuity.
No time difference

R-RatedUnrated DC

35:54 (36:17-37:31)
Alternative material / story

After Rigg has put on the mask, we see Ivan in front of and opening the door, before he shrinks away from it.

Unrated DC
In the Unrated, an additional scene precedes Ivan standing at the door.
We see Brigg standing in the stairway, watching Ivan.
A homeless person is looking for a place to sleep, Ivan says "Sir, you're gonna have to go. Yeah, I know people are trying to sleep... You can't sleep here, you have to go. That's not a bed. No, you can't use the bathroom..." and pushes him outside.
We see Ivan's dog strolling around his legs, Rigg lures the dog with his keys.
After he has chased off the homeless guy, Ivan looks for his dog and calls its name ("Chance, here, girl.").

Ivan looks up the stairs, Rigg is gone - another shot of Ivan.
He walks up the stairs and calls again, we hear the dog snarling. Ivan walks down the hallway ("What are you doing? Come on. Chance.") and we see the shot from the cut above, in which he turns towards the camera, in an extended version.
The dog is at the end of the hallway, sniffing something in front of Riggs door - after a cut to Ivan, we see that it is the mask Rigg has found in the chest earlier.
Ivan asks "What you got there?" and examines the mask a bit closer. He gets up again and makes a step backwards - the next shot shows Rigg pointing a gun at Ivan from inside the room.

Unrated 74,3 sec longer

43:29 (45:06)
Alternative material / Censorship / Misc.
The shot starts a few frames earlier in the R-Rated, but the rest runs a lot slower in the Unrated. So Ivan's scream is longer in the Unrated as well.

Unrated 0,6 sec longer

R-RatedUnrated DC

43:30 (45:07)
Alternative material / Censorship
The first shot of Ivan after the inter-cut to Rigg is 12 frames longer in the end. In exchange, the R-Rated contains an alternative shot of Ivan.
Unrated 0,2 sec longer

R-RatedUnrated DC

43:31 (45:08-45:09)
Ivan is seen longer from above.
0,9 sec

43:38 (45:16-45:17)
After the leg has been smashed against the wall, the wall is shown for 6 frames longer.
0,2 sec

43:40 (45:19)
Additional 4 frames of the other leg flying away.
0,2 sec

43:41 (45:20)
The stump twitches for 6 frames longer.
0,2 sec


58:16-58:17 (59:55-60:13)
Alternative material / Censorship
After Morgan answers Riggs question "Who did this to you?" with "I don't know", Rigg pulls the last pole out of her body.

One closer shot of Morgan.

Unrated DC
- The shot of Rigg is longer in the end
- He walks towards Morgan
- Shot from behind, we see Morgan's lifeless husband
- Rigg, in front of Morgan "Please, stay still. I'm gonna try to take this out."
- Two shots of Rigg pulling.
- Close-up Rigg
- Close-up of the spot, where the pole still sticks inside Morgan. Rigg pulls and while Morgan screams, the pole slowly comes out.
- Another shot of the pole coming out, the man is shaken a bit
- We see the pole in Rigg's hand
- Rigg looks shocked and disgusted
- Morgan whimpers "Thank you!"

Unrated 16,8 sec longer


62:07 (64:03-64:04)
As Agent Perez bends over the puppet, the blackscreen is about one second longer in the Unrated.
0,8 sec

62:10-62:11 (64:07-64:08)
Misc. / Change of color / Censorship
The color differs at the moment, where the smithereens out of the puppets head hit Perez' face. The Unrated is 2 frames longer, but one can discover more in the R-Rated.
Unrated 0,1 sec longer

R-RatedUnrated DC

Change of sound
In the Unrated, the following 20 seconds contain a shrill sound that gets more and more obtrusive.

62:37 (64:34-64:41)
Perez gives the key to Agent Strahm.
7 sec

64:16 (66:20)
Agent Strahm's moving from the stairs to the hallway is 3 frames longer.
0,1 sec

64:17 (66:21-67:01)
After Agent Strahm has walked up the stairs, he phones Agent Perez' mother ("Eh, Mrs. Perez? Hi, this is Peter Strahm, I work with your daughter Lindsay. I have some bad news."). Then he throws some files across his office. After that he discovers a newspaper article about Jigsaw's identity and the evidence photographs lying on the floor. He grabs one, looks at the wall again, takes some photos off the wall and walks out.
40 sec

64:20 (67:04)
Alternative material / story
As Agent Strahm enters the room we only see one shot in the R-Rated, while in the Unrated a closer shot is shown for a few frames in the end.
No time difference

R-RatedUnrated DC

64:42-64:45 (67:26-67:29)
Alternative material / story
During Jill's interrogation and after the words "Talk to me!" we only see one shot in the R-Rated, while in the Unrated there are a few frame inter-cuts.

Strahm talks to Jill

Unrated DC
- Shot of Jill
- Three two-frame-shots of Strahm putting his gun to his head
- Strahm looks at Jill
- The last few frames from the R-Rated are there as well.

No time difference

64:52 (67:36-67:37)
Two short inter-cuts: Before Strahm knocks over the table we see two frame-shots of him leaning on the chair and pointing his gun in Jill's direction.
0,4 sec


73:05 (76:50-76:51)
Another shot of Cecil.
1 sec

73:06 (76:51-76:54)
More gory shots to behold.
3,2 sec


77:29-77:34 (80:18-80:33)
Alternative material / story
Strahm's arrival is different in both versions.

After the shot of Eric, Strahm immediately stands in front of the door with his gun drawn and opens it in another shot.

Unrated DC
Strahm is on the phone, calling for backup: "Where the fuck are you? Gideon Meat Packing, 11235 Blake Drive...I don't have two minutes!"
He hangs up and draws his gun. Then he walks into the building in both versions.

Unrated 10,2 sec longer

77:58 (80:57)
Alternative material / Censorship
One frame has been cut as Rigg reads the paintings on the wall ("See what I see" etc):
In the R-Rated the change to Rigg after the shot of Morgan happens one frame earlier, while the Unrated contains another frame of Ivan on the bed.
No time difference

R-RatedUnrated DC

81:58-82:13 (84:57-85:26)
Alternative material / story
Only the Unrated shows what the key is for, that Strahm got from Perez.

Strahm stands in front of the door with his gun drawn. He opens the door. The room behind it is seen and the plastic curtain is bloodstained. Strahm walks through it.

Unrated DC
Alternative shot of Strahm in front of the door. The camera moves towards the floor, Strahm looks for something on the door and grabs the lock. The door remains shut and we see a flashback: We hear the sentence "Open the door and you will find me" Strahm recited when he found Kerry's body (it was given to Perez by Hoffman).
He takes the key and opens the lock.

Unrated 13,6 sec longer

83:02 (86:15)
The first 3 frames of Art's head shot are missing.
0,1 sec

83:48 (87:01)
Alternative material / Censorship
One frame of the knife trap is missing, in exchange the following shot of Brigg is on frame longer in the R-Rated.
No time difference

R-RatedUnrated DC

83:51 (87:04)
Alternative material / Censorship
Same procedure as in the cut above.
No time difference

84:04-84:21 (87:17)
Additional material in the R-Rated
The R-Rated is a lot more understandable here - in the Unrated we see Rigg right away with Hoffman suddenly standing behind. How he got out of his trap, we never get to know.

The R-Rated delivers a longer shot of Rigg, then Hoffman untying his arm. Inter-cut to Rigg, Hoffman unties his feet. He gets up and takes off the device covering his mouth. Then follows a shot of Rigg with Hoffman standing in the background.

The sentences from the cassette player ("Instead of saving Detective Matthews, you cost him his life. You failed your final test.") are the same in both versions.
+ 16,6 sec