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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

1.01 Past Transgressions


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray Version
Release: Oct 18, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
While the Extended Version of Spartacus: Blood & Sand Season 1 seem kind of false, some of the differences in the prequel season Gods of the Arena are a real improvement, sometimes the differences just lead to another experience. And the Extended Versions really press any buttons: there are extended plot scenes, an optimized cut and new footage, especially in the sex and nudity scenes. As violent and revealing the series was, there are some scenes that make the intention to not scare the audience away. As a result of that, alterations of any kind were made.

On Blu-ray, the uncensored and uncut version has been released. For some reason, the cover of the UK Blu-ray doesn't say the UK Version contains the Extended Version as well. One won't notice until the disc is in the player.

In total, 5 of 6 episodes have been altered. Only episode 2 has remained unchanged.
The fight is longer. The opponents puts a chain around neck of Batiatus' gladiator.
8.5 sec

After he took his opponent down by sword, Gannicus is able to block the following attack (also in the TV Version) and stabs him in the back. Then he pulls out the sword. The crowd is cheering. The shot of Gannicus stabbing the sword into the same wound and pulling it out of his oppenent, who's squalling in pain, is also in the TV Version.
Interestingly enough, the high angle shot of the sword in the back is equal in both scenes. Meaning: it's been used twice in the Extended Version. But that's barely recognizable if one is watching the episode.
3.5 sec

Gannicus runs around his heavily-wounded opponent and kicks the swords away. He's glad about how the fight took place and so are Batiatus and Lucretia. Then Gannicus positions the two swords at his opponent's neck.
14 sec

6:20 (Alternate shot)
Gannicus with the two swords at his opponent's neck. The TV Version contains alternate footage.
no difference

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

Extended shot of Gannicus having sex with his reward. Furthermore, the intercut of the gladitors, who are training outside, is longer. The TV Version contains an alternate shot of the doc instead.
Extended Version: 16.5 sec | TV Version 1 sec

A subsequent intercut to the gladiators, who are still training, is much longer in the Extended Version. As compensation, the TV Version contains an alternate shot - but it's not very long.
Extended Version: 7.5 sec | TV Version: 0.5 sec

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

14:38 | 13:41
First an extended shot of the doc (1 sec), then an extended shot of Gannicus during coitus.
5.5 sec

Gaia implies she'd like to stay in Lucretia's mansion for a while. Lucretia understands and replies she was going to ask her husband Batiatus. Gaia smiles and says a wife shouldn't ask her husband sth. like that but come up with a plan to make him believe it was his idea, so that he finally offers it himself.
14 sec

Crixus tells the story how he ended up at the school to the other gladiator candidates.
14 sec