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Neon Genesis Evangelion

1.22 Don't Be.

original title: Shin seiki evangerion


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 12, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Because of the huge success of this series in Japanese TV, the idea of the plot had also to achieve the jump to the cinema screen. Both cinematics ‘Death and Rebirth’ and ‘End of Evangelion’ are directly tied to the story. To adjust the story of the movies for the DVD release, the episodes 21-24 were extended with new plot scenes.

However, one thing beforehand: The extended four episodes were edited again in plenty scenes. Sometimes with good, sometimes with a bad result. There are only minor changes, for example an opened hand at the image border in the normal version turned into a clenched fist in the DC version. The mimics were also partly edited and the hair was sometimes drawn new. These changes are that minimal and can only be figured out with close observation. At the first view one could say both version are identical, except for the new image material. For this reason the various ‘changes’ are not considered in this comparison.

Compared is now the normal version of the German OVA Films DVD box and the Director’s Cut of the HK DVD box.

The Dir. Cut episodes partly offer different image material so it becomes difficult to name the exact cut length. Disregarding the different material the Dir. Cut of Episode 22 runs 383 sec. (= 6 min and 23 sec.) longer.
Just as in the Director's Cut of the 21st episode, the 22nd episode also begins with a pretty long scene prior to the opening. This time, it is a sort of flashback.

It's nighttime. Katsuragi's friend Kaji (who was shot dead in the last episode) is lying around at the beach with Asuka Langley. You can hear the swoosh of the sea and you see the moon in the sky. Asuka (who - as we already know - has been interested in Kaji for a while) tries to get closer to him. He tells her that they will have lots of friends as soon as they arrive in Japan. He adds that he has heard that the "Third Children" is a boy. Indignantly she responds that she doesn't care about any random child but only has eyes for "Kaji-San". She moves a little closer to him. He calmly responds that he's flattered. When she realizes that he won't say anything else, Asuka quite angrily says that she's ready for kissing and everything that could follow. He then tells her that she still is a child and that things like that are for adults only. However, she responds that she's old enough and pulls her blouse down a little so that he can look at her cleavage (which in her opinion seems to be a proof for her maturity). She shouts that she's an adult and that he should look at her. Then follow a few (in terms of color) abstracted shots of Asuka and in the end you see a puppet whose head is ripped off and a few drips of blood.
80 sec.

Flashback: Asuka's Mother's Funeral
Before you see Asuka (who is holding hands with a man) you in the DC see the church steeple. The bells ring.
2 sec.

Flashback: Asuka's Mother in the Hospital
Most of the scene inside the hospital is represented by alternative footage in the DC, however, the plot remains untouched.

Director's Cut: At first you see Asuka; then follows a cut to the puppet's head which she's holding in her hand. In the end wee see a doorlock. Then the DC cuts back to little Asuka. You can hear the mother moaning in pain.
Images (DC):

Regular Version: Here we see Asuka all the time. The conversation of the two doctors (who talk about puppets that were designed to look like humans) can only be heard - the conversation's content is identical. Instead of the mother's moans you hear an (off-screen) voice coming from the speakers.
No difference in time.

At this point there's a new scene in the DC:
You see a train station. Asuka tries to call someone (probably Kaji) but she can't reach the person she's trying to call. She looks around and spots Shinji and Rei who are currently talking. Asuka is angry about the fact that she lost against an angel while Shinji won.
42 sec.

Asuka is standing in front of the bathtub completely naked but doesn't get in. She wonders about a few things (e.g. who would want to bath in the same water as Misato and Shinji, who would want to wash one's clothes in the same washing machine as Misato and Shinji, and so on). Towards the end of the scene she gets more and more angry and then thinks that she hates both Misato and Shinji. However, she hates Rei the most. She also hates her parents. Then she kicks a bucket while she “loudly” thinks that she hates herself the most.
Meanwhile, Misato is sitting in the adjoining room while you can hear Asuka screaming (“Why Me?!?”).
58 sec.

Asuka Talks to EVA 02
EVA 02 is shown slightly longer.
5.5 sec.

In the DC, the scene where Asuka's shot misses the angel is slightly longer.
2 sec.

Different footage:
In the DC Katsuragi is shown from farther away while in the regular version you only see her face.
DC on the left, Regular version on the right:
No difference in time.

Asuka During the "Psycho-Attack"

While Asuka re-experiences parts of her life in a dream world, several (German) words are shown again and again (you can read the words “Tod” [=death], “Nein” [=no] and a Japanese word).
In the DC we don't see a Japanese word but instead the word "Sex".
No difference in time.
On the left: "Sex" (DC); on the right the Japanese (regular version)

At this point the DC includes a longer scene to evolve Asuka's mental issues a little further.
We see a puppet (=a symbol for her mother) which dangles on a rope as if it was hanged. Asuka begs the puppet not to stop being her mother.

Then follow a few fast cuts to Asuka (with several different personalities) that are repeated 5 times. She every time repeats the words in a slightly different pitch (sometimes angry, sometimes more relaxed, and so on).

This is the “friendly” Asuka:

This is the angry and arrogant Auska:

This is the devious and ambitious Asuka:

At the end we alsways see the scene where Asuka pulls her blouse down to show Kaji her breasts:

Then follows a shot of Asuka where she desperately tries to suppress that all these personalities are in fact a part of her.

After these sequences are repeated 5 times, the scene continues as follows:

At night, Asuka walks along an empty train station. When she turns around she suddenly spots a mummed person. All of a sudden she is among a huge crown of people who are also mummed. They all walk in the opposing direction and therefore barge against her. When one of the persons pulls it's hood down you can't really spot something recognizable but rather a red hallucination. Then we see that Asuka is in sharp contrast to the “torrent” of red. In the distance we see the mummed person from the beginning turning away and leaving the place. Asuka is pushed away by the crowd of people and shouts for “Kaji-San” to help her. Then the scene ends and is followed by another dream sequence.

In the next dream sequence, Asuka walks along a hallway holding hands with a man. Suddenly she comes across Kaji who holds Shinji in his arms. We can hear his voice saying that Asuka is still a child. She angrily shouts at him, asking him what he's doing here. Then wee see a black and white image of Shinji, followed by a few fast-paced cuts to different events: Asuka (lightly clad) slams a door shut and desperately remains inside her dark room. A kiss. Drawings. Etc.
Then we see Asuka desperately sitting on the ground. The phone rings. A younger version of Asuka is standing in front of her and asks her if she's alone. When the “childish” Asuka wants to touch her, adolsecent Asuka tells her that she shouldn't come any closer. The little girl disappears.
At the end of the scene there are a few fast-paced cuts and you hear 2 sentences from off screen ("Do you like me?" and "Do you really like me?“).
Overall: 175 sec.

EVA 00 Pulls the lance out of Adam
This scene was extended for the DC. You see the lance being pulled out of the chest - Adam's lower body rolls out. Then follows a cut to EVA 00.
8 sec.

The Angel is Killed by the Lance
This scene was extended as well - it was staged a little more sumptuously. At first you see a shot of the lance which seems to transform to a sort of drill in order to be able to pierce through the angel. Additionally, the angels' death is a little longer. The lance pierces through him and rips a part of his flesh out. Then he disappears.
In the DC the scene is 5.5 sec. longer.

Longinus' lance (which now floats towards the moon in outers pace) looks a little different in the DC. In the DC it constantly turns, while in the regular version it doesn't spin or turn. Additionally, the scene is 5 sec. longer in the DC.
DC on the left, Regular version on the right.