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9.01 And Then There Were Fewer


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Oct 14, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version (DVD Version represented by the UK release "Season 10").

- 27 differences, among them seven instances of alternative footage, one audio censoring and once additional footage in the TV version.
- Difference: 462.5 sec (=7:43 min)

As usual, almost any newer episode of Family Guy has been released as uncensored and extended version on DVD. The latest season 10 has just started to air in the US (September 2011) but the last episode released on DVD is episode "8.08". It's available on "Volume 8" and was released in June 2010. Since then, no further box has been released or even announced so far for some reason. But the English people know what they're doing. While the UK counterpart was always released a couple of months after the box set in the US (the UK Season 9 equal to the US Vol. 8 was released 5 months later), the next UK box is already available. "Season 10" contains the episodes "8.09" until "8.19", the episode Partial Terms of Endearment, which got banned from TV in the US, plus the first 3 episodes of season 9 and it was released in May 2011.

The thirteenth episode in the box, 9x01 ("And Then There Were Fewer"), was the first episode of the real ninth season. It was a very special extended episode on TV already (around 47 minutes), but the DVD version is another 8 minutes longer. As is said on the audio commentary, this Agatha Christie hommage was a lot of work not only because of the many special animations, but also due to the story that the writers put a lot of effort in. Therefore, there was not a lot of room for the normal clip gags. However, they probably would not really have seemed to fit into the episode. As many scenes had to be shortened for TV, the DVD version's additions mostly consist of plot additions and longer scenes. Only towards the end, a bit of censoring can be felt in a changed phrase and two more revealing animations. Probably due to an ad break, an additional short animation can be seen in the TV version and a some scenes were recut in order to put two new plot scenes in better context.

On a side note: this also was the first Family Guy episode produced in 16:9 for TV (the third Star Wars special was still only available on DVD when the episode was aired).

Peter says: "We're going and that's that. I'm gonna 'rsvp'."
As he pronounced it like a normal word, Lois corrects him: "You mean R.S.V.P.?"
Peter does not understand: "Hillary Clinton's the VP."
Meg: "No, she's Secretary of State."
Peter: "Rhode Island."
Lois: "What?"
Brian: "I don't understand what's happening."
Peter: "We're going to a party."
Chris: "Yay!"

10,5 sec


After the intro, there is an additional scene in the car on DVD, only Peter is awake.

Peter asks himself: "Wait, who the hell lives all the way out here, huh?"
He looks around, everybody is asleep: "Lois? Oh, you're asleep. Kids? Anybody awake? Just me? Huh? Oh. I'm the only one awake. Just me. Peter. I can do whatever I want. Maybe I'll try out some of my funny voices."
Peter disguises his voice in order to compliment himself: "'Hi, partner, I'm a cattle rustler. I rustle cattle.' Oh, well, that's turning out good. Gotta use that. 'Oi. Oi, oi, mate. It sure is not so very nice in this part of London.' Oh, wow, that one's really good. Go ahead and keep that one to myself. How bad would I kick myself if someone ran off and made millions with that? Hey, uh... 'Hey, hey, everybody. Hey, there.' What's this one? Who's this guy? 'Who am I? I need a character. I need a back story. I'm a... I'm a pie-man. I sell pies.' Oh, man, see, this is why I wish I had more time to myself. I know these are good because I'm my toughest critic."

The TV version shows the following animation of Christ a few frames earlier (no pictures shown).

DVD version 56,3 sec longer


After Chris talked to him, Peter's following animation starts a bit earlier on DVD. Probably because he cannot go on doing his previous occupation, he says: "Uh, shit."

1,6 sec


Adam West sagt: "I know what you're all thinking, but fear not, citizens. While I'm enjoying myself at this festive get-together I've left the city in the capable hands of the Mayor-O-Matic 5000."
A self-built machine can be seen in Adam West's office, a tape plays his voice: "Take a letter, hold my calls.That's a matter for the Parks Department."

15,2 sec


Another chat between Herbert and Shamus.

Shamus: "You watch NCIS?"
Herbert: "Yes, sir. Yes, I do."
Shamus: "CBS knows what we want."
Herbert: "Yeah, they get our generation."
Shamus: "They do. They really do. I switch over for the Leno though."
Herbert: "Yeah, me too. I'm glad he's back. I don't know who that month-old jack o' lantern was but I didn't get this brand of humor."

17,6 sec

TV version longer

After Stephanie was murdered, an ad followed on TV and the episode continued with an exterior shot of the manor, which cannot be seen on DVD as well as the first frames of the following animation.

+3,8 sec


Jillian, Joe and Lois give Carl more movie ideas.

Jillian: "Well, maybe the storm will let up soon."
Joe: "I don't know, it's a hard rain."
Carl: "Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman. 'We just want the money...'"
Lois: "We should have known this was coming. There's been three days of thunder."
Carl: "Tom Cruise, race cars. Those are my bed sheets."

12,6 sec


Peter alludes to the additional scene at the beginning.

Peter: "Oh, my God. I just realized something. James Woods hates me the most. That means he's probably gonna kill me next."
He disguises his voice again: "Well, I reckon if I was a cattle rustler, I wouldn't be afraid."
Lois: "Oh, Peter, that's good."
Peter: "I know, Lois."

13 sec

Alternative Footage

On TV, Brian says:
"...and finish the job by stabbing him. Now who here had a motive for wanting James Woods dead?"

In the DVD version, this goes on a bit longer:

Brian: "...and finish the job by stabbing Jimmy Woods."
Peter: "What? What? What is that?"
Brian: "What?"
Peter: "Don't call him Jimmy Woods like you're in the Hollywood set."
Stewie: "Brian did one TV pilot and he thinks he can call the star of Cape Fear Bobby Di Niro. Who's the director, Brian?"
Brian: "Marty Scorsese."
Stewie: "Star of Silence of the Lambs?"
Brian: "Tony Hopkins."
Stewie: "Who sang 'Hold On To The Night'?"
Brian: "Dick Marx."
Stewie: "Who's the cast of Miami Vice?"
Brian: "Donny Johnny, Philly Mikey Tommy and Eddie Jimmy Olmos."
Stewie: "Ugh. You are... You are just douchey to the core."
Brian: "Whoever the killer is, they had a reason for wanting James Woods dead. Now, who here has a motive?"

DVD version 26,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage

In the TV version, Tom Tucker directly says that he is not guilty.

The DVD version shows a clip of his Freddy Krueger audition first before he says the same senteces from another perspective.

The kids run through the dream world: "Oh, my God, you guys, we must've fallen asleep. We're in a dream right now."
Tom approaches in a costume and says – in his typical anchorman voice: "That's right, you are in a dream, children. Which means you are going to get something of a serious scratching by me. Freddy Kroiger. Ha, ha. Is it...? Is it Kroiger?"
When he says that he is not guilty he can be seen in a slightly different perspective.

DVD version 14,7 sec longer


Only the DVD version shows Dr Hartman's history with James Woods.

Dr. Hartman: "He switched around all the bones on the skeleton in my office. I don't know what's what anymore."
He can be seen checking a woman's foot: "Let's take a look at that wrist injury."
The woman says: "That's my foot, not my hand."
Dr. Hartman looks to the manipulated skeleton and screams: "Woods!"

11,6 sec


Same thing for mort, without clip.

Mort: "He's terrible. He took a Penthouse into the pharmacy bathroom and left this little handy work in the sink. He's a dirt bag. But..."

7 sec


Peter suggests more suspects, which are not even there.

Peter: "Hey, wait. What about those two European guys? They really hated James Woods. Where the hell are they?"
Clip, the two can be seen at home.
- "Oh, we've been invited to a party in our honors. But it was for this week after's."
- "Why aren't we there?"
- "It was wedged in our post pail."
Both grief for a second.

16,1 sec


After Consuela's story, Peter looks through the book longer.

Peter: "He also has a list of good restaurants up and down the Eastern Seaboard."
Lois: "Peter, one of the people in this room is a murderer."
Peter: "And 19 of us are not. Maybe we wanna know a good bed and breakfast in Maine."

On TV, Peter and Consuela can be seen a tiny bit longer (no pictures).

DVD version 10,6 sec longer


Muriel takes a step back and Mort says: "Oh, Muriel, tell me this isn't true."
Muriel: "I overcharged him."
Mort: "I forgive you."
Muriel: "Look, why would I kill him anyway? He told us he was here to make amends."
Derek: "But there was a chance he'd blab, wasn't there?"

14,2 sec


In the TV version, Tom Tucker can be seen disappearing in fron of Diane Simmons in between the scenes with Chris/Herbert and Meg/Carl.

+ 73,7 sec


Additional scene with Brian and Stewie talking about the possible murderer.

Brian looks into several doors: "Muriel? Muriel? Muriel?"
He sniffs into a room: "Nothing."
Stewie ist surprised: "You know what she smells like?"
Brian: "I know what everybody smells like."
Stewie: "Carl?"
Brian: "Cheetos."
Stewie: "Mort? Derek?"
Brian: "Pennies. Brut."
Stewie: "Joe? Consuela?"
Brian: "Feces. Pledge."
Stewie: "Seamus? Quagmire?"
Brian: "Wood. Wood."
Stewie: "Wow."
Brian: "I have to admit, before this Muriel thing I thought you might be the murderer."
Stewie: "Oh, my God. So insulted. Trust me, if this were my work, it would be much more artful. There's a poetry to what I do. You know how I would've killed James?"
Brian: "How?"
Stewie: "I would have electrocuted him causing a temporary paralysis. While he was still conscious but unable to move I would've reached into his anus and pulled out his lower intestine. Hand over hand, like a fancy magician's scarf trick. Then I would fashion the intestine into a crude giraffe and give it to his children as a Christmas stocking stuffer. Then as his eyes start to close in final submission to death's cold embrace I'd point to the ceiling and say, 'Is that your card?' And stuck to the ceiling is the card that he picked earlier. Oh, I forgot to tell you, he picked a card."
Brian: "Wow, you're an artist."
Stewie: "Oh, thanks, you're nice. I screwed that up."

68,8 sec


Then, the scene with Tom and Diane can be seen on DVD.

73,7 sec


New scene in a dark Room with Dr. Hartman and Shamus joking about the fact that they both have their voices done by the same voice actor (Seth MacFarlane).

Shamus: "Be careful. Muriel could be in any one of these pantries."
They go in different directions, then a small scream by Dr. Hartman can be heard.
Shamus: "Dr. Hartman? Doctor? Okay, quit messing around. Dr. Hartman, this isn't funny."
He goes to the door, Dr. Hartman jumps out of it with a knife, humming the Psycho melody and pretending to stab him.
Shamus: "You bastard!"
Dr. Hartman: "You should've seen your face."
Shamus: "That's so not funny. Now I gotta empty my pants."
He does it, wood splinters fall to the floor.
Dr. Hartman: "What's that?"
Shamus: "Acorns."
Dr. Hartman: "Acorns?"
Shamus: "Acorns, that's what I said."
Dr. Hartman: "We sound too much alike."
Shamus: "I know."

63,5 sec


Before Derek arrives with the cell phone, Peter talks to the people and everybody announces their stupid team names.

Peter: "Let's do a count, make sure we're here. Check in by team name and I hope you all came up with cool team names.
Quagmire: "The Bushmen are here.
Shamus: "The Pirates here."
Carl: "The Tigers are here."
Adam We: "We're also the Tigers."
Tom: "We're called Bad News."
Stewie: "We're Lilo and Stitch."
Herbert: "We're Boys II Men."

13,8 sec

Alternative Footage

In the TV version, Derek says "I'll be back" before running away.

In the DVD version, Jillian says something and even announces her pregnancy.

Jillian: "I'll come with you."
Derek: "No, it's too dangerous. Especially with Derek Jr. on the way."
The people ie Leute sind gerührt bzw man hört ein allgemeines "Aw!"
Derek: "Ha, ha. I know. It's a little early to announce it but you're all friends. Except one of you who's killing us. But everyone else is our friend."
Lois: "Oh, congratulations, Jillian."
Jillian: "I know. I'm eating number two now."
Derek: "Eating for two, honey. I'll be back."

DVD version 21,1 sec longer

Alternative Footage

The first change that can be seen as some kind of censorship.

Before Quagmire says "We're short one vagina in this room", he moves his hand in a sniffing fashion on DVD.

no difference in running time

TV versionDVD version

Alternative Footage

In the TV version, Carl joins and says: "She could've killed Muriel."

On DVD, Adam West first says "We don't know how long she was unconscious" before Carl joins and says: "She could've killed Muriel."

DVD version 2,1 sec longer

TV versionDVD version


They discuss the Golden Globes longer.

Consuela: "Is very important award."
Stewie: "No, no. Actually, if I can clarify this, it's not a very important award. Okay? Here's how the Golden Globes work. Want a Golden Globe? Take a member of the Foreign Press to lunch and they'll vote for you. Hmm? That's all you gotta do. And there's only like 30 guys in the Foreign Press. So it's relatively easy to buy one of those things, okay? You with me, America? You with me? So let's all shut the fuck up about the prestige of these things because it's just... It's a sale, you know? You might as well walk into a Zales and say: 'File me up one of these and I'll pay you the price of a bacon burger.' Okay? We all clear on what the Golden Globes are? All right? Now, that said, if anyone from the Paris Observer would like to have lunch, it's on me. Ha, ha."

39,7 sec

Alternative Footage

In the TV version, the group moves to the side. The following animations starts a bit longer.

The DVD version features Peter talking while they move: "Guys, uh, we're stopping at the bathroom first, okay? So if you're not comfortable with me as a person please circulate yourselves to the uh..."
Now they can be seen on the toilet standing in front of Peter: "Right, here we go. Stand back, I got a full bladder."
Quagmire: "I gotta go too. You wanna have a sword fight?"
Joe: "Ooh, I want in on that."
Carl: "Me too."
Consuela: "Is okay, I clean."

DVD version 14,6 sec longer

Audio Censoring

Quagmire swears differently.

TV: "Oh, God."
DVD: "Oh, Jesus."

picture for orientation


More talk after they solved the case.

Adam West: "Nice work, Swanson."
Joe: "Thank you, Mr. Mayor."
Dr. Hartman: "It just goes to prove even the most trusted member of our community can snap and become a psychopathic killer."
Herbert: "You never know who's lurking out there in your neighborhood."
Shamus: "When we all see each other at school on Monday are we still gonna be friends?"

15,4 sec

Alternative Footage

When Stephanie's corpse falls out of Quagmire's trunk, she is wearing more in the TV version.

no difference in running time

TV versionDVD version

The credits at the end run significantly slower on DVD and the still frame can be seen longer.