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Silent Hill

New York Ripper, The

War and Peace


Special Unit 2

1.02 The Pack


  • UK-TV
  • uncut
Release: Jan 15, 2015 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
When "Buffy the vampire slayer" became more popular, it was only a matter of time until people would try to emulate its success and copy it. Even though Buffy changed channels from The WB (now The CW) to UPN (now The CW), UPN still managed to create "Special Unit 2" - a show with which UPN jumped on the bandwagon. Similarities with Buffy are mainly on the surface, as it stops with both fighting supernatural creatures. Where Buffy has them as demons, vampires and werewolves; SU2 calls them "Links", as they're the missing links between the modern ape/monkey and the modern homo sapiens. And while werewolves do exist in SU2, vampires do not - and the mere concept is seen as ridiculous. But the series never takes it too seriously, so there are some monsters that are ridiculous - like the fatmonster, which somewhat resembles the Golgothan from Kevin Smith's "Dogma" if was made of bodyfat instead of fecal matter.

Unfortunately, the series found its end when the creators of "Bureau 13", a Pen and Paper RPG, saw similarities between the show and the game. And as UPN and the creators couldn't settle on something, the show was discontinued - and never saw a DVD release.

This is a comparison between the cut UK-TV airing, represented by an airing on cbsaction, with the uncut version, represented by an airing on Pro7 (Germany).
Due to 11 cuts there are a total of 127.08 seconds (2 minutes and 7,08 seconds) missing.

The thief takes a look at his flesh wound while the female victim observes him. When he thought he heard something, he pulls out a knife and takes a look around.

8.4 seconds


The lycanthrope rages a little longer in the van.

3.44 seconds


Nick tries to defend himself against the lycanthrope in human form. He gets pushed on the ground and gets audibly bitten. The bite is also referenced in the cut version shortly after.

12.8 seconds


The UK airing shows a mirrored shot due to continuity problems that arose by cutting the succeeding fight scene.


As mentiond above, a fight scene has been cut. Also some banter before the fight.

Lycanthrope: Nice.
Nick: You sure you're up for this?
(the lycanthrope smiles before putting on his men - which is the headgear, you perverts)

75.56 seconds (1 minute 15.56 seconds)


Two lycanthropes get shown, one of them is obviously Nick.

8.12 seconds


The lycanthrope fights a SU2 agent. A different agent sees this and shoots the lycanthrope. Only the 4th shot is seen in the UK version.

3.76 seconds


After another lycanthrope gets neutralised, the SU2 agents get closer to him and check if he's alive. The cut isn't apparent, as the following scene mentions another kill in sector 5.

SU2 Agent: This is Charlie-10. We got another kill in sector 4.

7.52 seconds


Lycanthrope Nick fights longer with the other lycanthrope.

2 seconds


Same again.

3.32 seconds


The UK airing shows 3 shots while the uncut version shows 5.

0.48 seconds


5 shots by Kate are omitted, only the last 3 are shown.

1.68 seconds