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The Last House On The Left

Drawn Together

1.06 Dirty Pranking No. 2


  • TV Version
  • US DVD
Release: May 18, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV version (MTV) and the uncut US DVD.

In order to be aired on national television, the TV series "Drawn Together" had to be edited every now and then. These edits include censored sexual characteristics, the shortening/deletion of precarious scenes, or the alteration of dialogues.


TV: 21:31 min.
DVD: 22:05 min.

Xandir hops through the room a little longer. Then follows a short statement by Captain Hero.

Captain Hero: "I figure what the hell, make the gay kid happy. Besides I know a certain pointless super hero, who has a few choice words from Mr. Claws."

8 sec.


Spankys penis was pixelated.

No difference in time.


Alternative scene

Spanky's penis was pixelated again.


Clara shows Spanky the money.


Clara covers her face with her hands a little longer and then shows Spanky the money.

No difference in time (6 sec. each).


Spanky's penis was pixelated.

No difference in time.


Alternative scene after Clara kissed her father.


The king moves to the side and the camera pans to Spanky.

1 sec.


Clara kisses her father again - this time the kiss lasts way longer and passionate. Then the king steps to the side and the camera pans to Spanky.

10 sec.


When Toot sits in the carriage both versions use alternative footage.

In the DVD version you can see parts of her pubic hair.

When she then spreads her legs, the TV version blurs her pubic area.

No difference in time.


After Clara said goodbye, there's a missing sentence:

The doorbell rings.
Clara: "Well then, I guess that's the door bell.

3 sec.


A part of the dialogue was cut out. After the king opened the door there's a cut to Clara.

Clara: "Well then, I guess that's the pizza man.

3 sec.


Both versions offer different music when Spanky and Clara dance.

In the TV version you can hear "I Have The Time Of My Life", while the DVD version includes a duet sung by Clara and Spanky. The lyrics make fun of having to replace the song due to copyright issues.

"This song is supposed to be, just like that song from Dirty Dancing, the one when they talk about having the greatest time, while they set the dirty dance floor on fire. So this is our version, though the courts are not quite the same and the melody is different, its even kinda lame, but hell its the best that we could do. We had to made something bit, so give it a seat, its fitting even if it sounds like..."

No difference in time.


Clara and her father hug a little longer.

1 sec.


The credits are slightly different.

No difference in time.