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Profile in Anger

original title: Wu ming huo


  • Hongkong VCD
  • Hongkong DVD (Joy Sales)
Release: Jun 04, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Hongkong VCD by Joy Sales and the uncut Hongkong DVD by Joy Sales

- 21 cuts
- Cut duration: 96.3 sec (= 1:36 min)

Several master errors with a duration of < 0.5 sec were not listed.

The rough Hong Kong thriller Profile in Anger was already in our focus due to the report on the US/Chinese DVD. There, the many harder scenes remained untouched, instead a soft sex scene was removed and the ending was downplayed. The Hong Kong DVD from Joy Sales, on the other hand, should be uncut.

Curiously, the VCD also released by Joy Sales with the same cover (in the series 'Legendary Collection') is censored by quite a few violent bits. Also a previous VCD from Deltamac and e.g. the Taiwanese VHS were cut by violence. Maybe this is the old Hong Kong theatrical version. Hands off in any case, although either way the DVDs are nowadays the more obvious choice for most interested parties.

Runtimes are arranged according to
Hongkong VCD in NTSC / Hongkong DVD in NTSC

Additional reference to Fortune Star as a start at the Joy Sales' VCD. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

+ 36 sec

Throughout the film, the VCD shows partial inserts when characters first appear.

Hongkong VCDHongkong DVD

Disc 1: 09:27 / 08:51-08:55

The ladyboy can be seen a moment longer and the following long shot also begins a moment earlier.

He says the following according to the subtitles. Sounds harmless, but maybe that was the reason for the cut: "For what? For your mumsy?"

4 sec

Disc 1: 18:25 / 17:53-17:54

Unlike the China/US DVD, the sex scene with Ah-Fai (Philip Ko) is in. However, the last shot at the end is missing a few insignificant frames, which is probably due to a role change.

1 sec

Disc 1: 25:29 / 24:58-25:01

A longer pan shot on Wong, so that the bleeding arm stump can still be seen there.

2.7 sec

Disc 1: 27:52 / 27:24-27:27

The boss grabs Wong's arm stump at the end of the shot and pulls on it in an additional shot. Wong then also screams a few frames earlier.

2.3 sec

Disc 1: 33:34 / 33:09-33:13

Ah-Man (Michael Wai) stands on Lam's hand in close-up. She reaches for the bottle next to her.

4.3 sec

Disc 1: 37:23 / 37:02-37:11

Ah-Man drags Lam away to the side. There he punches her in the stomach and in the face in slow motion.

9 sec

Disc 1: 37:42 / 37:30-37:38

When the head is pushed through the glass in slow motion, the shot is actually much longer. The follow-up shot of the fingers on the pane also starts a bit earlier.

7.6 sec

Disc 1: 42:51 / 42:47-42:51

Leung gets another kick in the stomach and Ah-Man holds the gun in front of his nose. He goes for the punch.

4.6 sec

Disc 2: 01:11 / 48:31-48:42

Leung hits the guy in the head with his club in close-up and blood spurts in slow motion. The guy grabs his head in pain, whereupon Leung grabs him and hits him again on the chest with the club.

11.1 sec

Disc 2: 01:23 / 48:54-48:57

Leung kicks the guy in the chest again and he spits blood.

3.1 sec

Disc 2: 01:35 / 49:09-49:17

The drill approaches the hand for a longer time. After a cut to Leung, blood splashes into the guy's face. From below, you can still see through the hole that the drill has meanwhile pierced the hand.

7.9 sec

Disc 2: 01:43 / 49:25-49:29

The guy is pulled up on the hook and still hangs there in additional long shot.

3.9 sec

Disc 2: 09:55 / 57:41-57:42

After the explosion, a few insignificant frames are missing to finish the scene.

0.7 sec

Disc 2: 17:36 / 65:23-65:28

With Jumpcut, the middle part of the shot is missing. The guy walks away from the woman he just had sex with with the words "Try it out first". At the same time, he hands her a piece of wood, which is probably supposed to replace his private parts. She looks at the piece of wood and says: "Better than nothing."

5.6 sec

Disc 2: 18:42 / 66:35-66:40

The camera pans longer to the side and you can see that the leader is holding the woman by a chain. He pulls her to him, then the VCD is back in.

5 sec

Disc 2: 20:34 / 68:31-68:32

The knife hits Leung's knee in close-up.

0.6 sec

Disc 2: 20:36 / 68:34-68:38

Another shot of Leung with knife in knee. The leader grins.

3.4 sec

Disc 2: 21:12 / 69:13-69:18

In the same shot, Leung takes another swing with the burning piece of wood. The hit is seen in slow motion, shortly after which the VCD resumes.

4.7 sec

Disc 2: 21:24 / 69:30-69:38

Leung rams the stone on the head of his opponent. Blood splatters and you see the dead guy again from a closer perspective.
The camera moves towards Leung at last, and here the VCD starts in the middle.

7.9 sec

Disc 2: 27:15 / 75:30-75:36

After the blow to the head, Leung presses the board into Ah-Fai's stomach. In close-up, the tip bores through the skin. Ah-Fai cries out.

6 sec

Disc 2: 29:14 / 77:35-77:36

As Leung drives away in the car, there is a jump cut.

1.1 sec

After identical credits, the VCD still has a reference to Star TV. Not included in cut duration/quantity.