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Release: Sep 15, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the TV Version and the Uncut Version, both available on the German Blu-Ray by Edel Germany GmbH.

Real-estate agent Jonathan Harker travels to Count Dracula to transact the purchase of real estate in London. Dracula turns out to be Vlad Tepes, a vampire trying to establish himself in London. In Mina, a friend of Harker's fiancée, he sees his reborn wife and takes the road to London in order to spread fear and terror. Mina's fiancé Arthur and Professor Van Helsing set against the Count.

The TV Movie from 1974 is close to the source material written by Bram Stoker and is incredibly atmospherical. The main character Count Dracula is played by Jack Palance. Even though he neither has the charisma of Bela Lugosi nor the dynamic of Christopher Lee, he plays his part quite convincing. Also interesting is the fact that the actual connection to Vlad Tepes is being made here for the very first time. Francis Ford Coppola did that as well in his interpretation of the Dracula saga in 1992.

Besides the restored Main Version, the German Blu-ray also contains a TV Version of the movie in which a few bloody scenes have been replaced by alternate footage.

Furthermore, the TV Version lacks the blue filter during the scenes at night.

Basically, the German Blu-ray is very recommendable. It looks like it is based on the US Blu-ray by MPI. Besides the TV Version, there is "Dracula's Curse" available in the bonus features. A rather trashy vampire flick from The Asylum.

Comparison of the images:

Uncensored Main Version:

TV Version (Open Mate):

Running Time:

Uncut: 97:54 min.
TV Version: 93:33 min. (PAL)

Lucy spits blood when Van Helsing is staking her.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 1 sec
TV Version: 2 sec


Lucy dies. In the TV Version, there is no blood around her mouth.


Uncut: 7 sec
TV Version: 7 sec


In the Uncut Version, Lucy has a blood-smeared mouth when Van Helsing is dabbing her off with the cloth.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 4 sec
TV Version: 4 sec


Same as before. In the Uncut Version, Lucy's mouth is blood-smeared. In the TV Version, it is not.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 5 sec
TV Version: 4 sec


Slightly extended shot of Dracula in the Uncut Version.

Uncut: 1 sec


Slightly extended shot of Mina.

Uncut: 1 sec


Again, no blood in the TV Version when Van Helsing kills one of Dracula's brides.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 1 sec
TV-Fassung: 1 sec


In the Uncut Version, Dracula spits blood after being staked by Van Helsing.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 4 sec
TV-Fassung: 4 sec


As before, there is blood in the Uncut Version but no blood in the TV Version.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 2 sec
TV Version: 3 sec


Same here.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 4 sec
TV Version: 4 sec


Dracula dies.

TV VersionUncut

Uncut: 9 sec
TV Version: 9 sec